Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Pride March Pt 1

I have missed some Pride Marches but we had a fine old time at this year's, the only disappointment being Little Jo did not attend, the first she has missed since she was born. What was Monroes in 2011 became Soul Mamas in 2012, reverted to Monroes and now has new decor and brand new name, Rococo. The staff, mostly girls, were fabulous and really made our lunch memorable. Mind you, our bill was a few hundred dollars, for eight people, so the restaurant did well out of it and the staff received a decent tip.

 Pedal power with a little motor assistance every so often and loud music pumping out. What fun.

An out gay Australian Rules footballer from a regional team accompanied by two straight AFL players led the march. I missed getting their photo. Following is Beyond Blue, not my favourite institution.

Ah yes, of course City of Port Phillip staff must march.

Victoria's Leader of the Opposition, Daniel Andrews and Labor Party cohorts.

The Greens, of course.

The Police Pipe Band, followed by friendly coppers.

It should be no surprise to you that I am against school chaplains in schools.

Liberal Party marchers with local Prahran member Clem Newton-Brown.

Go West is an initiative of the City of Hobsons Bay.

City of Darebin.

Rainbow Families, missing Little Jo.

The boy in blue with the fisher hat on was the most gorgeous kid you can imagine. He was so happy and excited, laughing, smiling waving. His joy at marching was very obvious.

Argonauts, a gay and lesbian rowing club.

Bendigo Queer Film Festival.

Bent Cranks, a gay cycling group.

Melbourne Rainbow Band. Excellent.

Metropolitan Community Church Melbourne.

Of course there must be the occasional drag to add colour.


  1. Drag is the cherry on the cake!

  2. Hello Andrew:
    Gay Pride here is a heavily guarded affair, often banned at the last minute, and where you are more likely to see tear gas than anything else. All so very sad.

    1. JayLa, as I have posted before. It is unfortunate but I'm sure in time things will change.

    2. or they will be forced by the EU, because when they entered our system they signed an agreement on human rights.

    3. Great point people. I think that works. It starts with enforcement and then becomes the normal.

  3. The kid in the blue hat is a happy looking chap. Might have stolen little Jo's heart...

    1. FC, I am sure she would have palled up with him, if she was there.

  4. Anonymous1:43 am

    I am very curious as to why you specified that Beyond Blue was not your favourite institution?

    1. Hi Tristan. I disliked the homophobic comments by its former chairman Jeff Kennett (who when was State Premier probably drove people to mental anguish and certainly cut funding to mental health programmes)and although it may be addressing the matter better now, Beyond Blue seemed to be completely ignoring gay youth suicide, which is a very serious problem.

  5. Blimey when you guys do a parade, you go all 'out' ! Good times Andrew.

    1. Grace, we don't get out often.