Saturday, January 26, 2013

Coupla bits

Isn't google's Australia Day home page cool.

Home from the Bellarine, exiled from the Bellarine so that some Canadians with children could be accommodated, and once home R wanted fish and chips fro dinner and had the energy to go out and get them. He returned.

Me: "I was hoping for a younger delivery boi".
Him: "I see you've warmed the plates and put out serviettes, not".
Me: "I thought you would want a shower before we et".

That humorous bon mot went down really well.

Him: post dinner: "I will shower now".
Me: "You'll feel like a new man after a refreshing shower, but alas I will still be here".
Him: "Yes".

And then the fighting started.

Last line credit to Fruit Cake and who could really fight when Doc Martin is on.


  1. You fought?
    I don't believe that for one second.
    Loved that "new man...I'll still be here" bit!
    Mmm, fish'n'chips.
    I'm dreaming of dinner but can't be bothered getting up off my bum to make it.

  2. No River, we didn't really fight, not this time anyway.

  3. Haha! I must remember that line when P arrives home the next time we have it he will not.... And then the fighting will begin!!

    1. Grace, it is such a great trailer line.

  4. ha ha oh now I want fish and chips. Damn you.