Saturday, October 06, 2012

Lady Bird

Lady Bird, Lady Bird, fly away, dredged from some deep past memory. No Lady Bird, do stay, just in case we get a dose of thrip. On a dying and heat affected cyclamen, this is perhaps a little unlikely. But the day this is to be posted, snow will fall in dem de're hills.

Mediterranean Back

 Mediterranean back refers to southern European immigrants who regularly claimed back problems and went on to injured workers benefits and compensation. I wish it was that easy.

With some smugness, not so long ago, I mentioned about my siblings and their sporting injuries that are nagging them in the older lives. Me, not being at all sporting, does not suffer from such injuries.

And then something happened. I arose from bed and felt a pain shoot down my right leg. Five weeks later, it is getting worse. I have been to my doctor who gave me anti inflammatory medication and recommended physiotherapy. I attended physio and was recommended some exercises, which I have been doing, and given some manipulation. No more than ten minutes sitting at a time, a bit hard in my life.

A week later for my second physio session, it was pointed out to me that the pain no longer was shooting down to my calf, but only in my thigh. This is a good sign.

I asked Bone Doctor about it and she said, about seven weeks is the correct time to heal with care for yourself.

Seven weeks later, it appears to be getting better but is far from gone. The worst is getting in and out of the car and driving is not too great either.  Sometimes it almost seems gone, and then I get a stab of pain from the lower back to my thigh. The physio wants me to make a Work Cover claim as she sure my job is aggravating the problem. She also want me to take two weeks off work. I do have holidays in a couple of weeks anyway, so I shan't bother with the claim even though she wants me to take time off immediately. I am probably being foolish about this and possibly should have stopped work earlier, but I do hate a fuss.

It seems I have one of the pads between discs squashed out. Who knows why it happened. I don't. The physio cheerfully told me it will never be quite right, but manageable.

Worst is, here I am telling you about it and I am sounding awfully like my mother.

Friday, October 05, 2012

The Gog

Jewish New Year has come and gone. Though still without a tripod, this is the best night photo of the synagogue I have yet taken when it has been illuminated..

Wobbies World

The very last building remaining building at Wobbies World is to be demolished. The remaining building amid a plant nursery is slightly castle looking. Wobbies World was a cheap, yet overpriced young children's attraction. Of course such a place is far below the dignity of Highriser, yet hard copy photographic evidence proves otherwise.  I suppose we took the now 24 year old Non Dreaded Newphew there was he was a kiddie. Perhaps we kiddies went there when my siblings were reasonably young. I can't remember. R was with us, so I clearly was not a teenager. You know what though, we had fun.

Wobbies World's demise was sad to me yet it became a very sad place. I guess Wikipedia nails it. The park was quite small in area and mainly targeted at the simple expectations of young children. You can read that as pathetic.

It is now to be the location of the new Forest Hills police station.

One of our television shows had a few cracks most cruelly at the Wobbies World. The thing is though, the parody is not so different to the real television ads or the real experience. I shall save my memories of the similar Carribean Gardens children's attractions for another day.

Thursday, October 04, 2012


(Written ages ago, just getting rid of it. I stayed up until 2am?)

Nothing ready to post for tomorrow. What about this one I wrote a while ago. It is now 2am, so it will have to do.

As in real life with friends, blog mates come and go, often somewhat quicker than in real life. I adore my long term blog mates. I miss a few who no longer write and publish. (I started to write a list, but it was becoming very long) I feel it is a character defect of mine to become attached to blog mates and feel loss when they disappear.

But what about active loss. That is when someone keeps on blogging and although they used to comment on your blog, they stop. You are at a loss to understand why. You seem to have common interests and you admired them continued to comment on their blog, until it became clear nothing recipricol was happening.

Some people like to sprinkle comments around blogs in the hope of getting more interest in their own writing, but this wasn't like that. I suppose I feel genuine hurt. The person must hate me and I don't know why. I can only guess I wrote something too extreme or I was too risqué for the person's  tastes or that I was just boring.

But me being the person who always protects their emotions, I tell myself that my blog is my public online diary. Harden up Andrew. No need to get all emo. People are welcome to visit and comment whenever they want, without obligation and I will leave it at that.

The Indefatigable VCAT at St Kilda Junction

This is looking towards the south across part of St Kilda Junction. Can you see the tan building? The evil VCAT, against the wishes of locals and Port Phillip Council, has approved a new development for what is predominantly a low rise area.
Image from The Age. The replacement eighteen story building will blend into the neighbourhood very nicely, not. VCAT is just unreal. What were they thinking! South of the Junction is not highrise at all, with a couple of exceptions a good distance away, equally overly large, but this one will really set the precedent. VCAT must really detest inner city residents.

Speaking of VCAT, Banyule Council voted unanimously to reject subdivision of the grounds of Banyule Homestead. Good news, but of course we know the decision will be appealed at VCAT and we know we know how its decisions usually fall. I am so annoyed, I can't finish this now. I will cool down and return.

I have separated the rest of the happier photos for another time. In the photo above taken from a different location, can you imagine a very tall building sitting there.

Wednesday, October 03, 2012

Close by balloons

A basket floated past the window with people in it. It gave me such a fright. The photos make the balloons further away than they actually are, but we are talking less than twenty metres, I should think.

Too Much Missy

I was listening to the wireless and I heard of people complaining that their electric bills were around $1000 per quarter. They must really be doing something wrong. Our electric is about $300 per quarter, I thought. How could you use $1000 worth of electricity in three months?

Then our electric bill arrived, $600+. We knew it would be a bad bill. It covers the period our air con wasn't working and for about three weeks we had two small electric heaters running. I can see how a family's electric bill could get to $1000 per quarter. While we don't stint with heating or lighting, we certainly don't overheat and nor do we leave lights on in rooms if we aren't there. Air con and fridge are what chews up our power.

We don't get a  gas bill, as the Owner's Corp pays that and it is only for stove hotplates. The OC gets a very large bulk discount price.

We receive a normal style water bill, but that is only for cold water.

We receive a bill for gas used to heat our hot water in the buildings two boilers, but the Owner's Corp pays for the water that is heated, again heavily bulk discounted.

As far as I know,  our meters are read remotely and they don't require anyone to visit each floor and unlock the doors to the service core so I assume we don't get estimated bills, which makes the gas hot water bill very puzzling. It can vary by a huge amount and we cannot understand why. For years it was around $70-$80 per two months. Now, it can be anything from $110 to $150. We scratch our heads each time a bill arrives and try to work out why there is a big variation. Ok, holidays away for two weeks would make a slight difference. R not working for a while meant less clothes washing, so less hot water, another difference but neither can explain such a large variation. R not working probably meant he took longer showers in the morning.

I am expecting the next bill to be high, with reason. The building's two boilers have been playing up and for a while, the hot water temperature was down to about 50C or less, meaning the same water pressure in the showers, but little if any cold water needed to be added. I think there also may have been a pump problem too as we seemed to be waiting longer for hot water to arrive.

The two boilers are going to be replaced by ten smaller ones and the whole hot water system rebalanced. It will cost tens of thousands but the old ones have reached the end of their life spans. However, ours is only about fourteen years. Check out the contender for the oldest boiler in Adelaide.

Tuesday, October 02, 2012

Jones, the Evil

Did I hear someone say that Alan Jones said that US Jewish performer Annie Sprinkle was so bad, he wished her parents had been sent to the gas chambers? Maybe true, maybe not. I can't verify it easily.

What an appalling man this Jones is. I hope when I die that a few people think kind thoughts about me. Apart from his band of fossilised, Abbott voting listeners, who will think well of him when he is dead.

Sign the petition.

Discussing dudes with Mother

Phone conversation:

Andrew, have you been watching Farmer Wants a Wife? There is such a nice bloke in the show.

No Mother.

Andrew, what about House Husbands? It is good and there an actor who is great.

Mother, I watched the first episode and it did not grab me.

Andrew, the bloke in it is so nice. You know the one. He has been on tv before.

Mother, do you mean Gary Sweet?


I could have said it but I didn't, no that it would have mattered. Mother, never mind boring old balding Gary Sweet in House Husbands, what about Mr Hotness himself in the show, Fariss Dirani. Mother, would it be ok if I had his Aussie/Leb babies?

Monday, October 01, 2012


It was surprisingly difficult to work out when a certain modern feature was added to St Kilda's Palais Theatre and I still haven't but note in the recent photo, there are modern windows above the front canopy and they aren't there in the older photo. While the addition is somewhat sympathetic, they still grate on me. I hope they can be removed when the Palais is eventually restored.

Sunday, September 30, 2012

It just goes on and on

Dear Michael (Danby),
Some time ago you promised to get back to me with further information about live cattle transport and the very inhumane killing methods of Australian grown cattle in Indonesia. I have not heard back from you. A week or so ago, we saw the appalling treatment of breeding cattle sent overseas, now we see absolutely awful treatment of sheep in Pakistan.
There is no way sheep and cattle bred in cool climates should spend longer than a bare minimum of time it extremely hot countries unless in a cooled building. Exposing un-acclimatised animals to such extreme temperatures alone is surely extreme cruelty. 

There really is no solution other than to stop live animal exports for slaughter and if animals are sent for breeding purposes overseas, their welfare needs to be closely monitored. If that is not acceptable to the purchasing company or country, then they simply are not sent.

While we may not have any direct influence over animal welfare in other countries, the least we can do is set a good example by how we care for our animals.

For Senator Ludwig to even suggest that the live animal export regulations are working is an appalling joke. They clearly are not.

What has happened and continues to happen is to Australia's shame and I call on you as my representative to stand tall and be counted.

A Slice of Life

It is late at night now, late for me to be up.

Chain Saw Niece and her tinted Islander partner are slumbering away in the spare room and R had just gone to bed too. Reading between the lines, I expect the TIP asked Chainsaw Niece if she would like to stay in town as a birthday present and CSN suggested we can stay at the gay uncles' place.

TIP flaked soon after we returned from a night on the town. Well, not really a night on the town. We had a great meal in China Town and then a walk in the city streets. Riverland was not 'going off', but closing when we arrived there for coffee. I am well aware of the effects of excessive alcohol consumption and TIP has passed our from excessive glasses of water consumption. He is such a nice and soft guy and does not really drink at all, yet CSW says he has anger management issues.

Apparently 'hang' is the modern word for the younguns. CSN asked if they could hang with us at the weekend. Oddly we had nothing planned except the usual Saturday morning shopping and a Sunday night birthday dinner, and I was not working, so we were free to hang.

They arrived halfway through the Aussie Rules football final and got straight into watching it on tv with much hooting and hollering, to use useful American words.  R then accompanied them down to have a swim, spa and sauna.

Once home after dinner out, I rang Mother as Sister was going to stay with her on this Saturday night as ABI Brother could not as he was attending Tradie Brother's football party.

I called Mother to make sure Sister was not suicidal about her football team loosing. 

During the week there had been an assault on the train to Mother's suburb. Mother had called Sister and told her not to come by train. It was too risky.

While Sister was probably relieved at not having to do Mother duty, I was quite surprised for fit and strong Sister to say she would not walk the less than one kilometre from the station to Mother's, but get a taxi.

After calling Mother and a brief chat, I handed the phone over to CSN for a chat with her Nanny Fud. CSN's  job is about public gardens and  Mother does know about plants, so they had a good chat.

Except for me, the Highrise is asleep. Where shall we take Chain Saw Niece and her Tinted Islander Partner tomorrow for breakfast? Probably South Melbourne Market.