Saturday, March 24, 2012

R's birthday timeline

6.00 R opened the birthday card I left for him sitting on the bench.

10.00 I sent sms, fan/light installed. All good.

10.05 sms reply, Good

10.15 I sms 'of course happy birthday too'

10.20 Ta

12.14 I sms call me when you are not busy.

12.30 He calls. I say I have made an insurance claim for my bed, but with the $500 excess I am not sure I have done the right thing. An upholstery restorer will come and will fix up the bed dampness and I won't get a new bed. Can you advise?

R Cancel the claim, which is what I was thinking.

1.00 R calls, you want to look at beds in town tonight?

1.05 I buy bottle of Drambuie and some gorgeous flowers for R. $90.

4.00 R arrives home.

5.00 We are in Myer looking at beds.

5.15 We are in Domayne and I bought a new bed and so did R. Both our beds are very old.

5.30 Walking up and own Bourke Street to find a pub R has a vague memory of. Buying beds is thirsty work.

6.00 Thirst is slaked with two Blondes while watching the passing Bourke Street people/cars/trams but our investment of $5 each in gambling machines has not paid for the new beds, not even dinner.

7.00 @Rice is across the road. R has dined there with a friend but it was my first time. Good food, good service but atmosphere, quiet. $60

8.00 Home watching tv. R drops off to sleep in the lounge chair.

10.00 Me, Where is birthday card from your sister? You haven't put it up on the shelves.

10.01 R, There are other cards there too to put up. Not been much of a birthday. I'm going to bed.

Of course his birthday has a long way to go yet. Birthday dinner with friends on Saturday night and a family gathering on Sunday for his and Mother's birthdays.

Friday, March 23, 2012

Copperwitch is unwell today

Being 'unwell today' is a euphemism for having an extreme hangover. I seem to recall it appeared as a replacement line in an English newspaper when a regular columnist did not submit copy. Hence, Name Name is unwell today.

If you have been missing posts and comments from Jah Teh at Copperwitch then consider some scenarios.

1/ She has been on a Bombay Sapphire Gin bender.

2/ She has finally found the right toyboy and he has whisked her off to somewhere warm and luxurious to have his wicked way with her.

3/ She is at war with technology and could possibly quite happily shoot our Minister for Communications and the Google bloke. Perhaps she has assistance from a friend.

Witchy will be back. We don't get rid of her that easily.

Girls I'd turn str8 4

There is something about a bob haircut of dark hair and bright red lipstick that works for me. River's father used to call bright red lipstick 'harlot red'. Among our gay male friends, we call it c**k sucker red.

I absolutely adored Uma Thurman in Pulp Fiction.

Then for a long time there was no really attractive lass with a bob haircut and bright red lipstick until Miss Phryne Fisher came along, played by the brilliant Essie Davis. If you have not watched Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries on our ABC, then you are missing some brilliant television. I doubt the similarity of the poses is such a coincidence.

The Yarts

We were going into town to consume some consumer consumption. Instead the trams stopped at the Arts Centre. We did not have the energy to walk on. Instead we had a cup of coffee in the forecourt of the Arts Centre and went back home. The world famous Spiegeltent has returned to Melbourne. Well, one of them. I believe there are ten. Marlene Dietrich performed in a Spiegeltent, and each tent claims her as their own yet she only performed in one. The first time I saw the Spiegeltent, I was entranced. Now it just looks a bit shabby.

The Tram Bar is back too, but I am sure the tram had wheels last time it was placed there. It certainly does not now. When the opportunity arises for a display tram, the route number is always 69. Fortunately tram destination rolls only show Kew or East Kew. Far Kew is not on the destination roll.

I think The Mad Square exhibition has moved on by now. What a great poster from I assume a great piece of art.

Thursday, March 22, 2012


A friend sent us and others an advance warning of her birthday celebrations in September. She is so organised. She suggested we diarise the date of the celebration. Grrrr!!!! I am not one for office speak at all.

Three Myth Busts

My father was very clever yet he fell for one myth, that you should not swim for at least half an hour after eating. You get stomach cramps to such a degree that you will drown. I think he made us wait an hour before we could swim again. It is nonsense.

See which way the water swirls down your plug hole? You just know it swirls the other way in the opposite hemisphere don't you. Rubbish.

Don't use aluminium saucepans. The aluminium gets into the water and will cause you to get dementia. After all these years, not even close to being proven.

I did say three myths so I can't add a fourth but let me assure you, I am not blind and I don't have hair on the palms of my hands.

Wednesday, March 21, 2012


I could complain, except I have no-one to do so to. I shall do it here then.

For those who have picked up the nuance, things have been tense in the High Rise. It is softening this evening after a loud and very stressed outburst. Yes, I am the most unreasonable and uncaring person in the world.

But tomorrow is His birthday. I have bought a card, which I will leave for him to find in the morning, but a gift? Well, I've not done that. A vase? I did that for christmas. A kitchen appliance? I did think of one of those grinding spinning blade things that you hold in your hand and pulverise food stuffs. I am not so bad to buy for. A book or a bottle of something vaguely alcoholic will always do me. R does read, but never quite gets lost in books like I do. He is not a cereal packet reader at the breakfast table like me.

Vouchers between us are silly. I am thinking a bunch of flowers and a bottle of very fine Scotch. While I may get a new bed via insurance, R has long wanted a new bed. Should I buy him a very expensive bed shop voucher?

Seems like there will be 18 people at R's birthday dinner on Saturday night. Three of the people we won't even know until the night. Thanks for that BAD. We could round it off to an even 20 if you want to come along. Send me an email. It will be in a St Kilda bordering on Balaclava hotel.

Then on Saturday it is Mother's birthday. Tradie Brother who lives in the swamps of Langwarrin is doing a barbe for us on Sunday. The plan was to go on and then see the Frankston sand sculptures but there is an event in Frankston, some sort of fun run thingie, so we shall avoid Frankston and instead go to Royal Botanic Gardens, the Cranbourne branch. We have been there before and it is good. All native plants. If I was more together I would link back to my post when we went there.

Bone Doctor and Little Jo are staying Friday night. BD is lecturing in the City on Saturday so R will look after Little Jo on Saturday. Sister will arrive by train Saturday afternoon. They are among the guests for R's birthday dinner and they will then go and crash at BD's father's place in Oakleigh. Bone Doctor's parents live kind of separately sometimes. One lives in Oakleigh and the other in South Gippsland, except it is interchangeable and often the same place.

Perhaps that is the relationship R and I should have. Could we love if we lived in separate abodes?

Any suggestion for what to buy for R will be considered. Ah, what about a sat nav for his car?

This law is not for me #79

I get all these warm and fuzzy feelings when I watch this video. Note that there are also traffic lights that have been disobeyed.

Shadenfreude is a marvellous word. I felt the same pleasure once when a Mercedes and a BMW collided right in front of my eyes in the salubrious suburb of Armadale. To make it even better, one was 4wd/SUV and both were black.

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Not Funny Headlines

None of these are funny nor amusing......yet.........well, it seems Yahoo rather likes the tabloid style headlines.

Grand Canyon bride plunges 300 feet to her death

Mum Can't Recall Drowning Her Sons.

Man chops off boss's head with cheese knife

Trust me. I'm from the government.

Half of Victoria and perhaps Australia think we live in a nanny state. Maybe we do. But look at the drop in work place accidents. Look at the drop in the road toll. There are many such examples.

Generally we trust the authorities with our health and safety. We trust that trains are not going to bang into each other. We trust that at intersections opposing traffic will not have a green light when we have one. We trust we are not going to get a zapping when we switch on a power point. We trust that the water coming out of our taps is clean. It should be so.

We should also be able to trust that when a dangerous situation is pointed out to a government authority, it will be dealt with expediently.

Seems though our Civil Aviation Safety Authority has failed though. Eight separate reports to CASA about a small plane being flown recklessly and dangerously were ignored. Can you guess what then happened? Yep, it crashed and the offending pilot was killed.

Now CASA are also there to ensure the safety of our large passenger jets too. How can we have any faith in CASA at all?

It is quite disturbing. Here is a link to The Age story.

Monday, March 19, 2012

Wetting the bed

Oh, this is not good. My bed is very wet, the carpet is damp and the fan/light is ruined. Apparently insurance will pay, but I don't know whose. The water poured down from the light fitting and also ran down the window frame.

Poor R had to deal with it all on his own as I was at work when a pipe in the apartment above burst. A kind neighbour helped him. Calls went back and forth to various forms of management of the building. Security, plumber, electrician, building cleaner, carpet dryer and tenant above all came and went to the not so background noise of screaming racing cars and flying machines. To put in bluntly, he had a crap day.

I had to sleep in the spare room last night and maybe longer. Still, I may get a new bed out of it. The timing is bad as Sister is staying at the weekend and we need three functional bedrooms but thankfully it was not this weekend.

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Vi Greenhalf

I was going to write something about Vi Greenhalf who I was reminded of when I was writing about Dame Zara Bate. They had a similar stature and their hair styles were vaguely similar too.

But it is not going to much of a post as the internet provided almost nothing about Vi except for a YT clip. You can see her at about 2.20 in the clip.

I could say she was usually well corseted but R reminded me that she also used to wear caftans, presumably uncorseted. Actually R said muumuus, but I don't remember her in a muumuu. Mother wore mu mus and they were quite revealing. I can't imagine Vi in one.

In my memory Vi hosted a morning tv show, of the type that can probably be seen now on your tv should you be that way inclined to watch morning television (steady Andrew. You are sounding snobby). The show was called Time for Terry and I can just remember it. She also had her own morning? show called Vi's Pad.

I recall Vi's voice very clearly and it had harsh and gravelly tone to it. Clear yes, broad, not particularly. Her husband owned the up market restaurant in William Street in the city known as The Walnut Tree.

Vi was a quite important person in Melbourne and it is a pity more is not about her online. I last saw her in Hawksburn loading her groceries into her very small car and then heaving her considerably proportioned self into the driver's seat. I suppose she died sometime in the nineties.