Saturday, February 11, 2012

A Prahran Oddity

This is the old court house and police station in Greville Street, Prahran. Its style is described as Gothic Revival and I can see the Gothic for sure. It is a fine building. I am not able to immediately find out what it is now used for but possible it has a connection to the nearby Prahran Town Hall.

When I noticed the building, it struck me that in spite of its very typical Victorian bluestone foundations, it had a Sydney look about it. While I could ask why as a quiz question, I'll suggest that it the colour of the wall stone. Many Sydney buildings are built of light coloured sand stone and while I don't know if this building is sandstone, it is certainly unusually light for a Melbourne building.

Friday, February 10, 2012

Japan Waves

Oh, that could be a bit touchy. No, nothing to do with the tragedy of last year.

I've been in a wave pool a couple of times. They were good fun, but I would have liked bigger waves. Of course being of Anglo Saxon heritage, I maintained a .33 of a metre space around me. Seems it might have been pretty difficult to do in a Japanese wave pool, although they may have given the dirty foreigner some space.

Pride March 2

Ohh, my kind of lad.

More pro drags.

Melbourne Rainbow Band, a cove of gay dudes who like instruments.

Ambos, sorry, paramedics.

Many religions were in the parade, including the Uniting Church. The Gay Muslims were absent. Perhaps the Jewish religion is more tolerant as there were three Jewish groups. There was a Catholic group too. God save Daniel Mannix.

Before I go on to the next photo, this van had something to do with Shepparton. Our friend who travels the state on business remarked that these sheep or calf models are everywhere in the Shepparton area. I must investigate, but not now.

I think this is the police pipe band. There are police playing pipes, so it must follow.

I knew there was no order to this. Here are the Dykes on Bikes who opened the march.

Crowd shot, I suppose. We were in anticipation.

While I don't think the Mayor of Hobsons Bay to be forever identified as an intersex person, here he is. He looked incredibly happy, abosolutely beaming the whole time.

If you like your guys natural, he was ok.

A gratuitous last photo. Our Pride March is not supposed to compete with Sydney's Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras. Just as well. Ours is a community celebration, and I felt I was among community. That is enough community to last me until next year.

Thursday, February 09, 2012

Chong World

Melbourne would be ever so much poorer without Rose Chong's costume shop. She has operated her shop in Gertrude Street, Fitzroy for as long as I can remember. This is a fifteen minute documentary clip which I first saw at Fitzroyalty

Years later: The clip doesn't show for me, but here is a link that should work. 

Clanger #193

You dear reader, can make as many spelling errors or typos as you like. I expect more from professional writers.

It is unlikely that it is a misplaced full stop before the sentence ends as driving fast into the rear of a car would surely break something.

As prosecutor Ray Gibson yesterday told the County Court, Pasznyk, after accelerating to high speed, drove into the rear of Mr McMahon's car without breaking.

Pride March 1

C'mon Sister. Little Jo hasn't missed a march yet, including when she seven months old. This will be her fifth by my count. Bone Doctor was keen. The day before Sister sent me an sms, looks like being too hot. I kind of agreed with her, it was damn hot, and horribly windy.

We had been out the night before to Mahjong, a Fitzroy Street restaurant and had a lovely time with our dyke friend and two other girls who we know who were down in the big smoke from country South Gippsland. Unusually for our dyke friend, she was not in a drinking mood. She had been up at five o'clock to play golf, and organise the game as well, and she had to drive home.

But the other two lasses were in town and not holding back. So who were we to not join in? Consequently come Sunday we were not at our best and wondered how we could get out of it. No, we had committed. We met five friends and then Sister et al arrived and we had lunch inside at Leo's Spaghetti Bar. Unlike other years, outdoor seating at most venues seemed to be booked.

Just going back to Mahjong for a moment, sitting near us was a guy who for a moment I thought was Rob Palmer from the tv show Better Homes and Gardens. Nah, it wasn't him. I gazed past out to the street. Ha, I am on a roll now. That woman looks like Cathy Freeman. It was, with her partner/husband and baby dining outdoors at Mahjong.

Now the march. Little Jo, Bone Doctor and Sister marched with a gay family group, and then Bone Doctor alone later in another group. Little Jo looked fabulous and enjoyed the attention very much.

I probably should show you photos of all the marvellous community groups who marched, but you know me. There has to be some bois in the photos.

Every year Eltham High School marches in Pride March. It is nice to have their support.

Apart from the start of the march with Dykes on Bikes, this was the closest it got to Mardi Gras if you don't include the drag queens.

MotaFrenz are usually participants.

Worth clicking to enlarge.

I think for the last few years, MacRob Girls School has participated in the march too. Good on your girls.

Did a heap of backpackers decide to join the march? They were quite funny.

Interesting blonde hair and red shirt.


Motorised draggy.

Bent Kranks is a gay cycling group. Clever name.

What was this group? Who cares.

Performing drag queens of the mature variety.

Not so mature really.

No doubt so sci fi inclined person could could tell me who these characters are. I wouldn't have a clue.

Sorry Victor. The gay rugby player group of the variety that forms scrums.

Wednesday, February 08, 2012

Me? Sexist & Shallow?

Photos are from The Age. This is probably a somewhat sexist post. I should be focusing on the political aspirants and not their wives. But other do politics so much better than I ever could, so I just go for the easy option, women's looks.

No one could accuse Michelle Obamba of being a stunningly beautiful woman. She is very fit though. She recently out push upped Ellen Degeneres with twenty five push ups. Not a bad effort for a woman of her age. She does make the best of herself from perhaps not the highest starting base.

But the presidential challengers who battle between themselves for a chance to go against Obama both have wives. Romney's wife may well have had a little nip here or a tuck there, but she does look relatively normal in spite of the absurd sleeve cuffs.

For the really weird and truly scary, you have to go to Gingrich's third and current wife. My dear Americans, do you really want this pair as President and First Lady?

Tuesday, February 07, 2012

Overpopulating the workplace

Three new guys started at work this week. Now if 10% of the population is supposed to be gay, then the odds that there would be a gay one among the new recruits are not good. But this must be qualified by my workplace does seem to have a higher proportion of open gays than many work places would and as for the guys who identify as straight but don't mind a bit of men on men action behind their wives back, well in summary, there is a bit of a chance of one of the three being gay.

Well one is, nay two are, wait they all are. The hat trick. All three are gay. Oddly too, all appear to be Anglo Saxon.

One is on the solid side and a bit older, maybe late twenties and not my type. I never picked him as being gay.

Another is short, petite but without being skinny and has what I call 'jacked up hair'. That is, a modern hair style. He is fair and tanned and his clothes sit perfectly on him. He is my type, although while he is perhaps mid to early twenties, he could well go to seed in time if he doesn't watch he eats.

The third is certainly my type. He is tall, lean with a long trunk and long legs, pale clear skin and dark hair also jacked up. He may well be the youngest. The latter two both know how to strike a pose to look their best.

I may even speak to them at some point but at my age, I would have little in common with them except for work and a liking for c....... Still, I will observe them closely. It is always interesting to watch new work chums and how they fit in and find their place at work.


FruitCake recently wrote a great childhood reminisce about Porepunkah. I am rather fond of Porepunkah. In the eighties a work mate of R's had a caravan semi permanently parked in the local caravan park. We stayed there a couple of times, the first being on our own and the second with R's late parents when they visited.

When R and I visited on our own, I recall a struggle with the caravan gas water heater. We gave up. It was a cozy caravan with electric heating. We visited Mount Buffalo and there was snow. Back then the Mount Buffalo Chalet was still open and I suppose we had a meal or coffee there.

We went to local pub for a meal one night. I ran into an ex workmate whose father was a minister of religion. We had a drink with him. He was a nice guy, Peter Butters I think. He was as pleased to see us as I was him. I wonder if Peter looks online for his name at all ever?

The river ran along the side of the caravan park, ever so pretty.

As we were to depart Porepunkah, the ignition switch failed on the Humber. I crawled behind the dash and twisted a couple of wires together and got ignition, but not not the starter motor. Fortunately the Humber came with a crank handle. It took quite a bit of cranking, but eventually the beast started. While we stopped once on the way home, we just left the car running.

But too late, the damage was done. I am not a person who has a weak back, but I had hurt my back cranking the car and crawling under the dash in an odd position and then sitting for a couple of hours for the drive home. One or all of the above. Once home, I was couch ridden for a few days while my back healed itself.

The next visit to Porepunkah with R's parents, I remember nothing except taking them in R's quite new Mazda 626, and that is not the one I used to have, but an older one. It was our first car with air con. R's father on the holiday I do remember. He moaned on, as he did for his whole visit to Australia.

Sister, Bone Doctor and Little Jo stayed in the same caravan park a couple of years ago. They stayed in a tent and washed Little Jo's bum in the river. I can't remember whether it is the Ovens or King River and it matters little, I suppose.

Well, I was going to include the brilliant photos I took at the time, but all I can find is one of the caravan, which could have been anywhere in the world, One of R's parents sitting in the van, and one of snow on the roof of my car at Mount Buffalo. Rather a nothing post really without the photos. These day I would have taken a hundred photos, with the hope that a few might be ok.

At the foot of Mount Buffalo, Porepunkah is lesser known than nearby and larger Bright but it really is a delightful little place and you could do worse than spend some time there.

Monday, February 06, 2012

Rumpole and the Vim

You older readers of mine disappointed me. Don't you remember Horace Rumpole responding il sotto to Hilda when she complained about not having enough money? I am guessing but something like 'the money all gets spent on Vim on the High Street.'

Ever since, R and I have used Vim, as Horace did, as a collective noun for household cleaners. Eg: Shopping shouldn't cost too much this week. We don't need any Vim.

Nevertheless, although no one got the Rumpole reference, your responses were interesting.

Watering Fido

I googled something to do with Station Pier and this photo popped up. Ah, I remember that. The dog cafe at Station Pier. I think its gone now. Ok, the photo is on someone's Flickr site. Ahh, it is my Flickr site. It is my photo.


Out for a stroll

As we now have post office across the road, we don't walk down St Kilda Road so often now when we need to buy a stamp. But we did a week or so ago.

These gardens are at the front of the Kingstoun apartment building. Recycled water is used and the gardens and they are gorgeously lush. By the councils and authorities who look after parks, you are allowed to water them now. It is so distressing to see the leaf drop from exotic trees and what was a month ago green lush grass, now turned brown.

We walked past a certain flat block called Kia Ora when one Ms V who now lives in Japan once lived. Have a look at the Art Deco detail just in the doorways.

I went a bit closer, but unfortunately tilted the camera.

Sunday, February 05, 2012

Just a name

Floods in northern New South Wales and southern Queensland. Ho hum, what's new. That sounds callous. Of course I know it is awful. What can you do?

I was listening to a radio report about the flooded towns. Two towns were mentioned successively and my ears pricked my up. Flooding in Roma and Mitchell. What? Isn't there a person with those names? I thought more. Dame Roma Mitchell. No, I must have one of the names wrong. Each time I heard the name of the towns mentioned over the day, my brain started working again on who was Dame Roma Mitchell. Eventually I concluded she was a governor of New South Wales. Wrong.

Roma Mitchell was a person who was a first in many positions and she was a South Australian. She was the first woman in Australia to be made a QC (senior lawyer), the first appointed to a Supreme Court (state) and the first woman to appointed a Governor (state), in 1991.

My goodness, look at her gongs. AC, DBE, CVO, QC. I know a couple of these. QC is Queens Counsel, AC is Order of Australia and isn't DBE Dame of the British Empire? How quaint.

But after a good bit of skim reading, I can't see any connection between her and the two adjacent towns under threat of flood flooded.

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