Saturday, December 08, 2012

What to do with your old computer.

This is our old computer. It sits in my wardrobe for an occasion of 'just in case'. We now have a quite decent notebook computer for emergency use. When ABI Brother booked his christmas cruise trip, he did not know that he really needed internet access. He used to have very dodgy DoDo internet access but after his computer broke down, he cancelled. it.

I will give him our old one. I don't advise ever doing this. What you need to do with your old computer is pull out the hard drive and put a big and deep scratch across it. Nevertheless, I cleaned up the hard drive as best as I could. It is a clean machine for him, but it in spite of me removing so many programs, emails, pictures, videos, history and evidence, it is not the fastest machine.

It had not been plugged in for a couple of years and would not start. After much plugging in and unplugging, it did eventually, with a message about a flat CMOS battery. I guess it had to be plugged in for a bit for that thing to charge up, and then it started. The time was wrong and I was not about to go to the effort of connecting it to the net to fix such things, including updating the virus checker. About one and a half hour was spent cleaning it of our stuff, scanning for errors and defragging. Our big machine at home runs on Windows 7, but the old one, uses Windows XP. It is a bit slow and a bit tired but still works. Rather like me, really.

Meanwhile, ABI Brother has signed up with the big company for ADSL in a phone bundle. If he has his new modem by Sunday, we should have it up and running for him quite quickly. Famous last words.


  1. Colin2:30 pm

    Having recently a major PC problem, I had my expert in to find where everything disappeared to. He took the hard drive or as I call it the "Black Box" and corrected it all.
    Prior to this IT specialist coming, I had an "IT" expert mate from Council days to fix something earlier. He found what he was looking for. Not only that he found EVERY e-mail, report that was on this hard drive - thousands upon thousands. I was horrified, I told him I deleted all e-mails after I am finished with them. He couldn't stop laughing.
    All I was doing was moving them from seen to the unseen section. They are all there. I asked could he remove the thousands of thousands, yep, he said, it will take at least a week, but I will only move them out of "B" into "C". Then he told me, verified by my own "IT" man that if you see any police investigation going on and the "suspect" could be a criminal etc., why do you see the Police or Security people marching out with the "Black Box" of the computer???
    So if you are getting a new PC and you want records transferred to the new hard drive, get an expert to do so and with the old one, don't dump it - smash it to pieces.
    You never know who looks around rubbish dumps.

    Oh - I also have got the information for QR translink - the tourist smart card (SEEQ) - 20 pages!!!!!! 5 day card - $129.00, if lost no refund. Advice to visitors, pay $30 for an ordinary one - register it, top up if you just like travelling from A to B, B to A etc.
    The tourist one is a major rip off. What a joke this is, a money ripping off scheme. Avoid like the plague. Also no discount is mentioned in the 20 pages for pensioners????

    1. Colin, yes no matter how we delete, it always remains. The only way to overcome it is to have a programme to write over whatever is there. Otherwise, crush and destroy.

      We too have a tourist card, but it does even come close to the rip off of yours. I expect there are extra benefits with the tourist card, but will they use them?

  2. I still have my old laptop which runs on XP. if I remove the hard drive, can a new hard drive be put into it so someone else can have the computer? It's just sitting in its box in the wardrobe.

    1. River, I think yes. A new hard drive can be inserted, but the operating system, XP in your case, will be lost too. Just not worth it.

  3. Another method of destroying a hard drive is to bake it in the oven, a half hour at 200*C should do it.

    1. Colin8:10 pm

      But River that costs money! Either gas or electricity, nope exercise is better - swing an axe!

    2. Hehe.

      Colin, I am sure River would only do it after she has used the oven to cook a roast.