Friday, December 07, 2012

Tram Hunter v Tram Tracker

Tram Hunter is an Android app that was developed by someone who saw the need and it is available for free. It gives real time tram arrival information. It is simple and it works. I can find the arrival time of a tram while I am waiting at a stop in about three or four seconds.

Tram Tracker was released quite a long time ago as an iPhone only app. Only recently has Yarra Trams made an Android version available, way too late in my opinion. While it does more things and can give you more information than Tram Hunter, it is very slow and quite complicated. I demonstrated it to R, who uses Tram Hunter too, and he said, don't bother putting it on my phone. I will stick with Tram Hunter.

Tram Tracker does indicate if a tram is low floored and easy to get on, and if the temperature is over 25 degrees, a snowflake appears next to the arrival time, indicating that the tram has air conditioning. Because I know the tram types in Melbourne, I can tell with Tram Hunter, which displays a stylised picture of the approaching tram, whether the tram has air con.

I think it is great to have all the extra features that Tram Tracker has, but it needs to do the basics, that is what time is the next tram, fast. It does not, so I consider it over engineered and a fail.

Praise to Andy Botting, the person behind Tram Hunter.


  1. That seems like a great app.
    I'll stick with a paper timetable and waiting though. I'm not about to buy an i-phone just for the apps.

  2. River, guarantee in a couple of years you will have smart phone.

  3. I'll check back with you in 2015.

  4. I've got one of them, but I never use them!! The train one gets a go from time to time

    1. Fen, I prefer trains to trams, but we don't have one nearby, until the Metro Tunnel is built, and I might be dead by then.

    2. Just looked, I've got Hunter!