Sunday, December 02, 2012

The Solar Rays

In arguing against the move, the Solar Council of Australia has ranked every electorate in the nation for its penetration of solar panels and solar hot water services.

The figures show that climate advocate Malcolm Turnbull's N.S.W. electorate of Wentworth has the nation's lowest take up of solar panels.

But Julia Gillard's working class electorate of Lalor, in Melbourne's western suburbs scored the Number 2 spot; 25,000 households installed solar PV or hot water systems.

Mortgage belt and marginal seats where families are sensitive to rising electricity prices have embraced solar panels.

But in a case of "do as we say, not as we do", federal electorates with more Greens voters have lower solar panels than anywhere else in the country.

What to make of that? Well, I am green inclined and I can't have a solar panel in or on the Highrise. The roof has been investigated by the Body Corporate Committee for its appropriateness.  Victor, what about you? You are a decent bloke who cares for the environment. Where is your solar panel? Ah, same problem.

The essence is that many Green voters do not have the right property to install solar panels. Even if they do, they possibly rent rather than own, especially given the age demographic of Green voters. The above clip is really a lot of nonsense, but perhaps believed by some who will quickly use to take a potshot at a Green voter.


  1. Our roof does not contain solar panels. However because of our prominent position overlooking the harbour our roof does contain equipment that monitors the security of the entire Sydney Ferries system (for which the Body Corporate receives an annual fee) and our roof also contains equipment that provides regional control for Ausgrid (the electricity service) for which we received a one off fee. Had we not accepted that arrangement with Ausgrid we would have faced the forcible placement of that equipment without compensation which is apparently their legal right.

    1. Fascinating Victor. Re the Ausgrid matter, that sounds like the mobile phone towers. The sites had to be negotiated, but at the end of the day, the companies had the right. That it could be forced onto a private property is another matter again.

  2. No solar panels for me either, but if I ever have the chance to build again, the entire north and west sections of roof will be covered in solar panels and a solar hot water system.
    It will probably never happen but I like my dreams.
    Scrolling down, I see I have some catching up to do......

    1. River, in the not too distant future I will post about a friend who has installed solar panels. He was just telling me last night about how his west panels don't generate as well as his north panels. It seems like he only has to pay the service charge now.

  3. I would have thought the west panels would be just as good, but now that I think about it, the western sun on its way down toward the horizon may not generate as much heat. So on my dream home roof the water heater part will be on the north facing roof.