Monday, December 10, 2012

The Myki Machine

While the Highrise Myki cards are dealt with online, we also have a card for Little Jo. We don't have the details of the account and it is quite some time since she has used it.

What happens if you don't use your Myki card for three months? Well, I will tell you. The government will steal your money and you will have to add more money to it to travel again, and that could take days to register.

Not so, of course. Whatever balance is on your Myki card remains there. The only issue is when you top up your card online and then don't use the card for three months.

I thought there was a machine at Domain Interchange, but apparently not, so I remained on the tram to Flinders Street. I popped Little Jo's card onto the reader and quickly the balance showed in a positive enough way for future outings. Just for the heck of it, I added a dollar. The screen remained static. Why?

Firstly I had to do the Myki machine bend over. Secondly, while not in direct sun, I could not really see the screen very well. It is not bright enough. I had put on the appropriate distance spectacles. I lowered myself further. Oh my aching sacroiliac. Ah, I see. I have to press the OK button.

I have no issue with the machine function. It did as I thought it should.

R worked in the field of disability education for over twenty years. I have full sympathy for the disabled and I know their issues back to front. I note shops that are inaccessible to the disabled as I walk past them. I note carparks where roofs are too low for a mini bus used to carry disabled people. I note many areas where things are made harder for disabled people for no good reason.

But, should the majority be so disadvantaged by the height of these Myki machines for the benefit of a tiny percentage of people?

Melbourne under the evil Kennett empire bought cheap trams from Europe so that the disabled can access them, if there is a raised platform stop. The tram floors are low to the ground, at the expense of smooth riding and cornering. When they turn a corner, the wheels don't swivel but stay straight ahead. Imagine how that feels inside the tram and imagine what it does to the steel rails. You can actually see the bits of metal ground off when you cross the road at a corner where these trams run.

Disabled people do need to be able to get on and off trams, but not by buying rubbish trams and the whole tram does not need to be low, only the entrance or entrances. Nor should Myki machines have a screen two feet off the ground.


  1. Colin8:15 am

    Well obviously they rip off travellers in Victoria also. The rail station masters, oh sorry now to be called supervisors it is not "sexist", have told ad nauseum the "powers to be" of the constant complaints of travel patrons that the GoCard machines on stations:
    1. Cannot be seen with sun shining on them
    2. Rain pouring over them
    3. Put some of these machines under cover - that falls on deaf ears.
    ******** It is #3 that is the money making machine. No that is wrong, call a spade a spade, the robbery machine.

    It is called legalised robbery. Who in God's name in a rain storm is going to stand and try and see if the card clicked on or off. If not, the penalty is $10 the non-seniors and $5 for the seniors.
    If you come up with a solution in Victoria, please share it with we from other states - Good luck!

    1. Some pretty basic stuff there Colin. How hard can it be to get these things right.

    2. Colin2:13 pm

      Ask the so-called "experts"!
      The "PR, MR, HR and PC" mobs, they employ. All bookwise with degrees and not an ounce of common sense!
      One thing we can all be assured of is that Mme. "QLD FLAUNT" is in one of this mob.
      I had a good talk this morning with our station master re: the 20 page report. I told him that if I wanted to summerise it I would need a legal advisor and an accountant. Funny thing, he was besides himself in laughter.
      Bloody ridiculous isn't it?
      So I am doing an Admiral Farragut of the US Civil war, "Damn the torpedoes, full steam ahead"!

  2. I remember a few years ago visiting Melbourne and using trams to get around. I noticed that many Asian students jumping on to the trams never used any cards or paid any fares. I couldn't work that out. Are they allowed to travel for free?

    1. Wil, there is a very high fare evasion level by overseas students. Without it being a justification, Victoria is the only state where they have to pay an adult fare, rather than a student concession. Also, many would have valid tickets, validated earlier in the day. While you were supposed to re validate each time you boarded, not too many did. We rarely bothered.

    2. Colin1:19 pm

      My goodness Bill
      You aint'seen nothin'!
      Here the ferals, the duggies, Pacific Islanders, the aboriginals, the Asians coming down from the northern lines to the city, jump off at Bowen Hills and then walk (good exercise??) to the Valley.
      The ones coming from the Ipswich area jump off at Milton and walk!(More good exercise or maybe they partake in a mugging for good fun??)
      It is a joke. The QR "nits" of the upper echelon brigade and Translink which is now all chiefs and not an on the ground person to be found are still having meetings on this subject - more staff and barriers on these two stations, I think on your line into the CBD it is Park Road.
      I don't think you require the brains of Einstein to overcome this problem.
      However I have a confession ( a mea culpa of sorts) in 1974 with a couple of Yanks we visited Nymphenburg Palace in Munich and to get there and back, we caught trams sans tickets. I feel that it is a black mark on my good upbringing. I must admit I was terrified of being apprehended, after all Dachau is not far outside Munich and it could be re-opened for terrible tram jumpers as I!!!!

  3. Sunglare on machines makes life hard enough without the two foot bend down, Andrew. I sympathise with you but couldn't help smiling at the mental image that came with your description!

    1. Kath, probably not a pretty sight.

  4. I'm not sure what I am about to say is correct, but I think our trains have those slide out ramps that come out from under the door and rest on the platform for wheelchair users and mums with prams. Buses have similar ones, but they fold out. The driver gets down and folds out the ramp then puts it back before the bus takes off. I don't know about the trams, I haven't stood around to watch them.
    It does seem silly to have all the Myki machines down low. Although it would be okay for me, at 5 feet tall, someone such as my brother-in-law would have enormous trouble. He's 6 feet 3 inches.

  5. River, our trains have the same. Buses, while they can lower to create less of as step, I don't think they have ramps. From memory, your trams are low floor and you have raised platform stops, so they should be pretty well level with the tram floor. I think even you might struggle with the machine height, never mind your bro-in-law.

  6. Colin8:48 pm

    Jeff Kennett's reign as Premier of Victoria, to be compared to all the present mobs of Premiers, I'll take Jeff any day.
    The present crop are #@%@*&@# (naughty words) hopeless, the whole lot of them.
    Tell me one since the Kennett days in any state who has had any gumption or brains, except to fill their "superannuation" baskets!
    Over to you.

    1. Colin, without at all praising present Premiers, Kennett was cruel and evil and Victoria still suffers from his legacies.

      Kennett has tried to reinvent himself as a caring person, but he is less successful than Big Mal who is now viewed as such a reasonable bloke.

      Kennett ruled by fear. Fear for your job. Fear for the economy. Fear for our state's finances. Fear for he future of your children. He was a very nasty man, never mind the extraordinary profits he poured into his mates' pockets from privatisation.