Friday, December 21, 2012

She gathers shells

A quickie from Monsieur Hulot's Holiday. The two characters are of no real consequence. They are often to be seen slowly strolling in quite a number scenes, he a few paces behind. I recall seeing at stage production of Priscilla, Queen of the Desert and a similar stage device was used with a back packer wandering across the stage at various times. Ah, the wandering actor is the sister of Public Transport Users Association VIP.


  1. He's really not a big fan of sea shells, maybe because he knows he'll end up carrying 'em all day.

  2. Windsmoke, I thought you would be the last person to carry a handbag for a girl, let alone seashells. In fact, I bet you would not be surprised to find 10 week old seashells in a handbag.

    But how would you be if you were married to Hyacinth Bucket?.. Now that I think of it, divorced might be the word.

  3. FC, funny you mention Hyacinth, because I have a slightly connected post in my head.

  4. How spooky! I immediately thought of Hyacinth and Richard as I watched this.

    1. Victor, I have noticed a few things and characters more modern film and tv shows picked up from Tati.

  5. Short and succinct Andrew, M Hulot will be in a spot of bother when they arrive home oui!!

  6. Oui indeed Grace.