Monday, December 17, 2012

Pop Up Performance

I adore Kim Wilde, or I used to. My delight with her has been rekindled. She was travelling by train to Potters Bar with her brother and launched an impromptu performance. Kim may have been a little worse for wear but what fun. How the guys in the carriage kept straight faces, I do not know. Miseries!

Thanks to Katherine Eames who was on the train and filmed and shared it, and Annie Mole who drew my attention to it.


  1. Fantastic Andrew, what why can't things like this happen when I go on the train, what a fab singalong! I just loved her guitar playing brother, how super was he. I think I saw the one guys lips move juuuuust a little towards the end, one more train stop and I think they could have got him to join in haha!

  2. Grace, she later tweeted that she was very surprised and flattered that it had gone viral on the net.

  3. I love Kids in America <3

  4. Me too, but isn't it an odd song for an English woman to sing.


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