Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Do we always have to be sensible?

In reference to electric fixed rail transport, possibly the planned trams, sorry, light rail, for Sydney, I read this,

not all make financial or environmental sense.

No they don't, and so? Does everything have to be boiled down to such base basics? Cannot convenience and governments doing things to please the people come into the equation?

I don't mean electric rail lines should be constructed if there is not a significant usage factor, but by golly, there were plenty of electric trains and trams retained that carried virtually no one, only for political reasons.

Sometimes you have to forget about the dollar and cents and invest money in  convenience and pleasure. How wonderful it will be for Sydney people if the suggested light rail plans go ahead. Will the light rail make a decent return on the invested capital? Possibly not, but I can only repeat myself, it not always about money.

I just hope the NSW government is planning to act once this proposed line is in action. I can tell you, it will be mega successful if it is done correctly.


  1. It may not make a decent return on invested capital immediately, but leave it in place for a generation or three and see what happens. Things like this need time. As our roads become more and more congested in the future, it's possible oldies such as myself, and tourists would make great use of a light rail system. During holiday times, families might use them to take their kids and visitors sightseeing with grandma and grandpa etc. the usage will catch on and people would begin using the light rail system to get to work and home again.
    Build it!

    1. River, you only have to look at how successful your tram, or light rail is, to the point when at times it can't cope with the numbers.

  2. Colin4:52 pm

    Now before you all get in knots and tangles,
    I think Hels comes from Adelaide.
    Now Adelaide if so, or even Melbourne, is not Sydney.
    To uproot the streets of Sydney to put in this tram track business, should have been done "donkey years ago". The cost would now put the NSW Treasury into debt for years. It would NEVER be paid off. It is fantasy land, like Mayor Clover Moore, she with the dog chain around her neck, trying to get "Rainbow" street crossings in Oxford Street for the Mardi Gras mob! My God, they can dispense money in the strangest ways.
    Also while in my "pulpit" - Tullamarine Airport verses Mascot and the extra revenue that Victoria gets with this 24 hour open airport. Read the papers on aviation today.
    With this Joyce fellow as the CEO of Qantas, Qantas will go down the path of the other airlines that Joyce has been in charge of.
    I wish they would pay him off and he could return to Ireland, that's if he is welcome back? And he can take his "Kiwi partner".
    Sydney's Mascot is doomed, if it will not be opened for even a few extra hours. Why??? - well one of the main flight approach and take-off runways flies over the electorate of the one and only Albanese! You must protect your voters???? Nah, you protect your parliamentary pension.
    Then we have the rat-brained idea of a fast train track from Canberra to Sydney.
    Try catching the present XPT from Sydney to Melbourne or the Country-link train to Canberra, the so-called fast trains, at some stages, a bloody snail would go whizzing past.
    The NSW government can't ever keep that maintained.
    Ah politicans and their promises etc. Rubbish to the nth + degree.
    My usual "humble thoughts".

  3. What I assume is one of those Tradies sitting in Chapel Street in your photo appears to be enjoying post coital style cigarette.

  4. I don't know how my comment above ended up in this post, it was meant to be in your South Yarra post.

    My fault I assume.

  5. Colin, the usual way to finance infrastructure was through borrowing the money, at a very favourable rate for governments. I don't see why that can't be done now.

  6. I wish Governments wouldn't only see public transport in terms of paying its way.

    Governments should be providing some services even at a loss because that is one reason why we elect Governments.

    Besides I feel Governments focus too much on short term gain and do not take sufficient (any) account of long term cost benefit.

    That is my simple view about Governments.

    1. Astonishingly simple Victor. Why don't they get it?