Thursday, December 06, 2012

Am I stuffy?

Comedian Matt Parkinson is fill in morning host for Red Symons at ABC Melbourne radio. This morning he spoke to ex Prime Minister Malcolm Fraser's wife Tamie (Tammy) about the death of Dame Elisabeth.

Matt is nearly fifty and Tamara Fraser AO is 78 and I was taken aback when Matt called her by her first name and not Mrs Fraser. Do they know each other? Was it pre-arranged?

Don't think I am great fan of Tamie. The only thing I liked about her was when she criticised the Queen, or rather her staff I guess, after being served a luke warm gin and tonic on board Britannia.

Do you think I am being an old fashioned stuff shirt? 

Photo from the Weekly Times.


  1. Colin6:44 pm

    Nope, not stuffy. I think Tamie would get a good laugh. She was a true "trooper", called a spade a spade. Not only did she have something to say, unheard of way back then to criticize HM and/or her staff about the "warm gin and tonic" on HMS Britannia, but she hit the roof when she and big Mal arrived in Montreal for the Olympics (1976) at the airport and the route to where they were staying was festooned with Kiwi and Canadian flags. Thank God we never won Gold at those Olympics, the "Canuks" probably would have played the Austrian National anthem.
    Thus after that debacle the Australian Institute of Sport came into being.
    Acually I believe all our "First Ladies" have been great assets to their respective husbands, I can only recall from the Dame Pattie era.
    One who I do really feel sorry for is Hazel Hawke. How he left her, was the lowest of the low.
    I am not sure that the "de facto" present first "partner" would hold a candle against, Pattie, Zara, Belinda, Margaret, Tamie, Hazel, Annita, even "Lady MacBeth" Janet Howard, and finally Therese.
    Just my humble thoughts, but I think they all did Australia proud.

    1. Colin, no gig for Sonia? And who was Belinda?

    2. Ooops - and to think I was doing so well with the names.
      Belinda, should be Bettina Gorton.
      I must admit that I had a suspicion Belinda was wrong and should have done a Wikipedia check. I will be more careful in future.
      Sonia, how could I have missed her out? Maybe still dazzled like Nixon was, and wife, Patrica, wasn't, at that White House reception and that white dress!
      ha ha. Actually, and I am sure
      this time I am correct, "THAT DRESS" is on display in the archives section of Old Parliament House. My apologies to Sonia, she was the one who made poor old Big Ears last as long as he did.
      Maybe she should go to the top of the list of PM wives?
      Another subject:
      I don't know what was in the Melbourne papers, but Dame Elisabeth Murdoch got an 8 page eulogy report in the Sydney Telegraph and front page and pages 6,7 and 8 of "The Australian".
      A truely remarkable person.

    3. Colin, it would not have mattered anyway, as I don't recall Bettina.

      Roughly the first 8 pages of the Hun were about Dame Elisabeth, plus a twenty page lift out supplement, plus two pages of letters and emails from the public. Bit over the top. I only know because I flicked through when out having coffee.

  2. Maybe the name thing was sorted out beforehand, I certainly hope so at least. If not, then he should have begun with Mrs. Fraser and asked politely if he may call her Tamie.

    1. River, start with Mrs Fraser and she should say, please call me Tamie.

    2. Colin1:11 pm

      Andrew and River
      I bet, using the old lingo before dollars and cents, "pounds to peanuts", Tamie would say, call me Tamie.
      I bet that all of them as listed and now corrected would say the same, even "Lady MacBeth" Janet Howard. I wonder what Janet insisted that Peter Costello and his wife, Tanya, had to call her???
      Then again they were never invited to dine at Kirribilli House. Strange and bizarre relationship??

    3. An interesting time Colin. Btw, I don't know whether it is Jeanette Howard or Janette, but not Janet.

    4. Colin4:24 pm

      Thanks - I "wikipedea-ed" her - that is the Australian version of "Lady MacBeth" - her full name is Alison Janette (nee) Parker.
      Not that is is of importance, of them from Pattie Menzies to this present "male partner", she was the odd one out. She was the female rebirth of " "Machavellianism".
      Enough said, but "QLD FLAUNT" is following brilliantly the footsteps of Niccolò di Bernardo dei Machiavelli - interesting character but not one you would invite for lunch.
      "Wiki" him and make your own judgements.

    5. Ah, Janette was a Parker. There are Parkers in my family, on the posh side. What is the PM's partner called? Prime Ministerial Consort? I am well aware of Machiavelli.

    6. Colin9:16 pm

      Partner, as in "Howdie Partner".
      You know, the good old American Westerns.
      I wonder what the producers and directors of those old movies would think about the term "partner" now, certainly has changed over the years???
      Anyhow, as she PM Gillard seems to change "partners" pretty well, whoever he is, he will disappear into a dustbin - hopefully not reappearing to cause her any more dilemnas.
      Re: "Lady Macbeth" Janette (nee) Parker, I would keep that information on the QUIET side, and she did come from a 'POSH' side.
      Oh how I hate that term POSH.

  3. Er, slightly stuffy perhaps. I hate, as an adult, having to call anyone else Mr or Mrs.

    1. Opposite Kath. I feel uncomfortable calling older people by their first name if I don't know them.

  4. Of course you are not stuffy. Life wasn't meant to be sleazy.

  5. I was gunna say the same as Fruit Cake life.... because that was the first thing that popped into my mind.

    1. Windsmoke, I guess for people who don't know, ex PM Fraser once suggested that life wasn't meant to be easy, when quizzed about some government action.

  6. Different generations Andrew. I can't imagine someone interviewing former Prime Minister Whitlam and calling him Gough but it probably happens naturally with others.

    1. Colin9:05 am

      Maybe some would call PM Whitlam, Gough, but certainly no one called PM Menzies, Bob!
      They would have been put in their place quick smart.
      Maybe I am old fashioned, but I do think PM's deserve to be called Mr and in case of Julia, Ms Gillard, until they are told be the PM to call them by their christian name.

    2. Nor I Victor, or even Howard.

      Colin, given we mostly hear or see pollies in the media, I think they should start, say, Welcome Prime Minister Gillard or Prime Minister Julia Gillard, and henceforth, as you say, Ms Gillard.

      I don't want interviewers to be too palsy with their interviewee, especially where politics are concerned.

    3. Colin1:13 pm

      Polite, proper and correct.