Thursday, November 22, 2012

Vizard and Oliver

Clendore, at 18-20 Fitzroy Street, St Kilda, corner of Park Street has recently been sold by Steve Vizard, best known as a comedian and tv show host. The asking price was around $8 million and it sold for around $7 million.

Vizard was investigated by the Australian Securities and Investment Commission and the Commonwealth  Director of Public Prosecutions and both found Vizard did not have a case to answer over allegations of insider trading when he was a member of the board of  Australia's privatised telecommunication company, Telstra.

ASIC did take civil action against Vizard for breaching his duties as a director. The case was settled with Vizard paying a $390,000 fine and agreeing not to take a company director's position for three years. In spite of the agreement, a Federal Court Justice ignored it and disqualified Vizard from holding a company directorship for ten years.

Allegations were made that ASIC and the DPP had gone soft on Vizard, with both ASIC and the DPP denying that they had.

I rather dislike dishonest people. I particularly dislike rich people who take advantage of their positions to benefit themselves. As a person, I have never liked Vizard anyway. He has always seemed smarmy to me.

I wrote the above some time ago. We now have a jockey, Damien Oliver, confessing to betting a substantial amount on a favourite horse to win in a race while he rode the second favourite in the same race. Guess what? The favourite won and Oliver came in sixth. If it looks like a duck............ The paltry penalty was a ten month suspension from riding.

Our only weapon against cheats is to think badly of them and place their names in the shame files. I do.


  1. When i first laid eyes on Steve Vizard i thought the same as you smarmy and he's not real funny either, down right hopless in fact. Poor Damien Oliver had a brain malfunction and is paying the price dearly with no mounts for ten months that will surely put dent in his bank balance.

    1. Windsmoke, I saw him in his comedy tv show a couple of times, and I agree with you. Just not funny.

      It will only be a tiny dent in Oliver's bank balance.

  2. Colin8:25 am

    As for Steve Vivard - no comment. I never liked him from day 1. Very much the "know all".
    As for Oliver, brain malfunction, you have gotta be kiddin'!!!
    He just got caught, he sure ain't the first and he won't be the last.
    As he loves surfing, well with the money in his bank accounts, the beaches of the World beckon - ha ha.
    I also think I read in the sporting pages that Oliver is having marital strains. So that will be an added headache.

    1. Colin, there will certainly be marital strains now, with him under his wife's feet all the time.

      I am a bit surprised that horse racing is still quite corrupt.

    2. Colin3:16 pm

      Andrew! My dear man.
      There is no way in a gambling industry with so many 'bucks' flying around that this will ever stop. For legal reasons, I will not name a few of "the corrupt of the corrupt", still doing what they do. This is the tip of the iceberg, aka, the one that got the "Titanic".
      Just look what a mess that Nathan Tinkler of Patinack Farm is now facing! He refuses to pay his bills, so his assets are being "frozen/isolated". It is about time that authorities took stricker action, however, I think this business has been swept under the carpet for too long. My dear old Granddad, who loved his racing, told me of the corruption way back when I was a kid and went to the races with him in the early 1950's.
      One thing I can tell you is that "Hall of Fame" trainers, Bart Cummings, David Hayes and Lee Freedman are clean!
      I have my horse records here:
      I stopped betting on a weekly basis on 5th September, 1992.
      Horse: Super Impose - odds on favourite. Jockey: Chris Munce,
      (well he did a stint in a Hong Kong jail after he left Australia to ride in the then colony).
      Trainer: Lee Freedman.
      Lee was LIVID over the ride.
      The Freedman Inc. brothers never put Munce back on one of their horses again after this Sydney Carnival.
      I am sure that a film was made of the cup ride of Damien Oliver when he won the Cup on Media Puzzle.
      Diane Bohlen's, SIL's brother I think played the part of Damien Oliver.
      I now only have a bet in the Melbourne Cup - $24! Ah, just to win and retire to a paradise.
      One can but dream.

    3. Colin, I am pleased to hear you are a reformed gee gee gambler. In my limited experience, it always ends in tears.

  3. Smarmy? Tick.
    I think Vizard appealed to a different generation. Was it Fast Forward where he did his poofy airline assistant character? 6 year old non-humour.

    Fancy a lawyer breaking the law.

    Vizard's tonight show was based on Letterman's format so closely there was not one original idea in it, and not an ounce of creativity.
    Beware any person who smiles all the time or too easily.

    The only justice we've seen in years was the demolition of Solomon Lew's pool. What a hide building the thing on public land.

    As for Damien, I'm sick to death of people claiming they are not responsible for their actions because alcohol impaired their thinking. Or that they are not responsible for drinking in the first place because their marital woes drove them to it. His wife has a lot to answer for.

    Some think a tough on crime approach reflects a brutal society, and doesn't permit rehabilitation. It would be nice if adults knew their actions will have consequences.

    1. About consequences...I think what I'm trying to say is that while we must allow for people's history, circumstances etc there is no clear certainty of what the punishment is for any crime e.g. how come Julian Knight only copped 27 years? Or the casino bouncers kill someone and walk free [money involved there for sure]. We are always shocked by court leniency because there is no certainty.

      Except for delegated or local authority, e.g. parking tickets, fare evasion. These organisations are a law unto themselves.

    2. FC, I quite enjoyed seeing Sol's pool demolished. That's one for the people.

      Many were surprised at the bouncers' acquittal. Knight should have been 'the term of his natural life'. He wouldn't be causing issues now, and no doubt angst to survivor's and those who lost someone.

  4. A friend of mine is a sports Journo and he said you wouldn't believe the amount of corruption there is in horse racing. There is a movie called "The Cup" about Damien Oliver and Stephen Currie played the part of Oliver. He is our daughter's brother in law.

    1. I remember the movie Diane, but I did not see it. Seems there is a good bit of fame in daughter's husband and his family.

  5. I'd completely forgotten about Steve Vizard, now he's going to be in my mind for at least a couple of hours.

    1. River, the best that can be said about him is that his house was very grand.