Thursday, November 22, 2012

The bus fillum

The funny thing about the bus racist video is that the victims were French. The bus scum will not know of Rainbow Warrior or Moruroa Atoll, and so have no reason to hate the French. They certainly won't know about their English antecedents hatred of the French or the wars against them, or the residual English dislike of the French.

Now, if the victims were black or Indian or Moslem or Chinese looking, Jewish even, I could understand it. They are surely fair game for that type of bus traveller.

But chaps, you really did pick on the wrong people. They are kind of like us, except they don't wash too often.

Right or wrong, you lot are now known world wide. Minimal impact on your lives I suppose. You were unemployable anyway,  a waste of space.


  1. I agree with what our premier Teddy said last night on the channel ten news find 'em and throw the book at 'em.

  2. What an amazing tragedy for Australia. It is bad enough when people think and speak in a racist manner. It is even scarier when they behave, in public, in a racist manner.

    I wonder if it is more dangerous to be out at night these days than it was years ago. It certainly FEELS less safe.

  3. Windsmoke, so that should be done, but is there a crime of being a nasty wanker?

    Hels, I wonder if the same fuss would have happened if they were black and male? Just wondering. It doesn't matter whether it is or isn't safer, it is about perception. If you feel less safe, then that is a problem that needs fixing.

  4. Hels, there are few places in Frankston where I feel safe at night, and I'm not too sure about trains at any hour.

    Andrew, I think the word 'male' is part of an answer. The 'C word' was flying around rather freely. As a female I would have been terrified by the possibility of assault and not just because of the venom.

    The word 'prick' just does not carry the same level of threat or degradation [as if there should be some sliding scale of offense in these matters]. The word prick addressed to a male in such circumstances would immediately make me think in terms of a testosterone excess, and a slightly less threatening bit of argy bargy between males who would stand at least some better chance of defending themselves. The threat of being punched back is surely some deterrent. But again, this would only be 'on average'.

    If memory serves, wasn't there a case a few years ago in which a tram driver stopped a tram and refused to go anywhere until some obnoxious prats either left the tram or pulled their heads in? I believe she was subsequently in hot water for threatening the timetabled flow of trams.

    Wasn't there also some brouhaha in state parliament about putting an end to foul language in public?

    Ted's response in this case did not provide any great encouragement of better behaviour but focused instead on finding a book to throw at them. Nothing will change without an initial admission that this sort of behaviour is widespread rather than an aberration. There is no great sense of community left in this country or at least in parts, simply taken-for-granted, divisive alliances.

    Ironic, too, that this was directed at someone French when the French seem to have become virulently anti-Islam. The adage that 'the enemy of my enemy is my friend' is something else these brain dead parasites are probably unaware of, and even incapable of understanding.

    As for the pram and the youngster in tow, oy. Obviously a local who should contemplate the mysteries of frangers.

    1. FC, I don't recall the tram incident. With Teddy at the helm, the number of socially difficult people like those featured will grow. Yes, targeting the French was rather an own goal. Prats.

      Just noticed this in The Age.

      In 2010, three men were the first in Victoria charged with inciting racial hatred, accused of verbally and physically assaulting an Indian man on a bus between Frankston and Rye. All three had charges against them dropped last year.

  5. I'm just glad that this sort of thing doesn't seem to happen on the buses I travel on. I have never yet feared for my safety and don't want to start now, that's for sure.

    1. River, I guess you are not out and about at night. I have since learnt it was a train replacement bus and that the replacement service was not working well and people were grumpy. Still, no excuse.

  6. the people singing were not grumpy though.
    the very small pusher child should not have been out with drunk parents at 10pm at night.
    The guy with a knife reminds us all that many people around us actually do carry vicious knives.
    That bus had a two-way radio and I still cannot understand why the driver did not alert help, especially if it was a replacement bus there would have been another front or rear.

    The worldwide publicity will only attract all the Yank racists who said they would come here if Obama won the US election.

  7. No Ann, not grumpy, on holidays. Of course a child should not be out at that hour in Australia. Indian and Asian immigrants need to be informed of this.

    The bus driver informing whoever via two way radio, they informing the police, the police coming........well, quite a time line.

    For the yanks, don't come for our christian male prime minister.