Wednesday, November 07, 2012

That would be a tick

Citizens of Australia,

(insert pregnant pause)

I feel proud of you for your support of Barack Obama.


You have chosen well. Not one of you who I know did not support Obama and your faith was not misplaced.


The world will be a better will be a better place with Obama at the helm of arguably the world's most important country.

I thank you.

(thunderous applause)

As for you Americans who actually voted, well done you. It is preferable to have a party of the right in power than have a party of the far right in power. Nevertherless, Romney would have had to moderate his 'ordered' extreme policies and become more practical. But one thing for sure, he would have cut taxes on the rich, leaving the poorer to make up the difference or cut services to them.

Seriously, I am pleased Obama has been re-elected and he may be able to move the US socially forward in a few ways. But it seems he is still hamstrung by the US House of Reps.

Four years ago, who would have thought the US would elect a black president. Who would have thought they would elect him a second time. Who would have thought they would elect someone with the middle name Hussein.


  1. Hello Andrew:
    And, who knows, perhaps one day the good citizens of America will elect a woman as president?!!!!

  2. JayLa, I am sure you are aware that Mrs Clinton was a viable alternative before the last election. I'll raise you. The first black woman elected to the US Congress was Shirley Chisholm, back in 1972. After hearing recordings of her speak, she would have made a fine president.

  3. Who would have thought. Indeed!

    1. Rubye, the times are a changin'.

  4. Progress indeed Andrew, I'm sure the world in general is breathing a sigh of relief tonight oui!

  5. I think their concession/victory speeches said it all. Both were articulate and confident but whereas Romney's seemed somewhat robotic to me, Obama's was inspiring.

    Of course Romney had the disappointment of the loser and Obama the exultation of the winner but still I think it was a telling difference.

    1. Obama was quite inspiring Victor. I only heard the speech. I did not see it. Arrogant Romney said he he only written a victory speech, not a concession speech. Obama had written both.

  6. Colin2:17 pm

    An amusing summation of the US elections.
    Well, let's hope that the two US parties can now work and agree, rather than bicker, like our mob here. Obama has made the offer, let’s hope that the Republicans can agree.
    There are far too many people in the USA on welfare - and I will go so far that many of them like here are just content to stay in this position. I see them everyday here and surely it has to be the same in Melbourne?
    The latest stupidity here on my rail station: Now sit down, you’ll need to.
    Some outside seats have been moved from platforms.
    The station master with a grin a mile wide said: “You won’t believe this, Col mate.
    These seats had no video coverage and could be a terrorist target!!!!!!!!"
    I had no idea that seating on rail stations were on the agenda of any 9/11 attacks.
    Where do these so-called bureaucrats of PC, MR, HR and PC come from????
    I suspect “outer space”!

    Now onto my pet project: Live exports of Cattle and Sheep to Muslim countries to be
    inhumanely slaughtered. Pakistan being the latest.
    Why can’t country abattoirs be re-opened? It would give employment to many, it would
    help the economies of country towns. There are refugees in Young as an example who went to country towns for a better and cleaner lifestyle – out of city ghettoes. Now they are stuck in these towns and depend on welfare.
    The livestock can be slaughtered to the Muslim way, shipped on container ships as frozen and that would be the end of this monstrosity that we have now happening.
    There is a reason: The present PM Gillard’s, Minister for Agriculture, Senator Ludwig (Jnr)!! Gillard is terrified of the power of Ludwig (Snr), the Union heavyweight here in Qld, who got her the Prime Ministership.
    So Australia has a Minister for Agriculture who wouldn’t know the difference between a
    bloody canary and a bullock. I doubt if this city slicker Minister has ever stepped foot onto a cattle or sheep property. Ludwig (Jnr) showed his ability when the first Indonesian
    slaughtering practices were carried out. He conducted all engagements from the top class
    room of the best Jakarta Hotel. The Indonesian officials must have thought they were dealing with a complete "nitwit", which Ludwig (Jnr) proved to be.
    I think if anyone wants to get onto a high horse, then this business as it stands at present, should get people to their local member – be they ALP or LNP and demand that Gillard sacks this "hopeless” creature.
    Now off my high horse.

  7. Colin, I am all for processing our cattle here in Australia where it is done 'humanely'. There is absolutely no need to send live cattle or sheep. I have spent a good bit of internet time looking at this, and there is no real need at all.

    "Gillard is terrified of the power of Ludwig (Snr), the Union heavyweight here in Qld, who got her the Prime Ministership." Not something I was aware of.

    Great off topic contribution Colin, but appreciated.

  8. This week The Age newspaper conducted its normal daily poll, asking how Melbourne readers would have voted, had they been American citizens.

    Of course it wasn't a random sample of Australian citzens, but I was impressed that 88% voted in favour of Obama.

    1. Lordy, that is better than Hawke ever got. I heard of a poll in the UK that ticked Romney, as they thought he we get along better with PM Cameron. I am sure Europe is still very pro Obama.


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