Thursday, November 15, 2012

Off on a tangent. What's new

I asked of Hels why did Jewish people leave Russia. Actually, I might have asked why so many Jewish people ended up in London. Who really knows what I asked. I am hopeless. Hels kindly offered to guest post, by way of explanation. I liked the idea.

I have an interest in matters Jewish, and I don't know why. Jewish people were not in my life until I was about 21. R had a Jewish friend back then, Miriam. She was the best fag hag a gay guy could ever want. She was so glam and lived in the same apartment block he lived in. Melrose Place comes to mind. Later, he had another Jewish friend, Eva. Absolutely everything she said, I laughed at. She did army service in Israel and the tales she told....

Not long after, I saw a couple of American Jewish movies. They were very good and entertaining movies. I have looked a good bit, but I cannot find one particular song on You Tube that amused me. I have posted the lyrics before. Can I find them now? Got it.

Life could we wonderful, in Amsterdam
Life could be beautiful, in Amsterdam.

When Moses led the Israelites, across the desert sands
He told them there was job for Jews, in the Netherlands
The job was diamond polishing, but what he didn't tell
Only twice a year they're out of work, but in two six monthly spells.

Life could be wonderful, in Amsterdam
Life could be beautiful, in Amsterdam.

If Missus Schicklegruber, Mr Schicklegruber's missus
Had one night said 'Nein, mein heir', to Schicklegruber's kisses
He might have fallen fast asleep, and Adolph, the crazy nut
Would have stayed where he belonged
In his father's you know what.

Then life would be wonderful, in Amsterdam
Life would be beautiful, in Amsterdam.

I think it was from a movie called The Lucky Star.

To me, Jewish people have always been terribly normal, from the wealthy married Elsternwick guy who wanted very basic interactions, to the young Jewish lad who no sooner started his gay life and wanted to experience double penetration. Who am I to deny a young lad's coming out experience?

But there are the extremes of the religion, like the two guys who are often at the corner of Hotham Street and Balaclava Road. One is dressed like a court jester and the other bounces around on springs. I really have no idea of the point they are trying to make, but I expect it is not directed at me anyway. I feel a bit sad for the young lads who have to wear weird clothes, have long curls at the side of their heads and bits of string hanging out at their waistes. It seems to me that their parents have very firmly set their paths for life and no deviation or options will be allowed. God forbid should one of them turn out to be gay.

Gee, I have issues with all religions. Even the one closest to the way I was raised is mired in a terrible mess that has now brought about a Royal Commission.

I meant to write a brief intro to Hel's piece and instead, I have blathered on, so I won't sully her work by including it here. Possibly Saturday. I recently listened to a BBC podcast about the clash in Israel between the ultra orthodox and average citizens. It was quite alarming to learn how quickly the number of ultra orthodox is growing and the friction between them and non ultra orthodox. The podcast is about half an hour and you can find it here if you want to listen to it. The link is about two thirds down the page. It's a good listen.


  1. Melbourne is a seething mass of 4 million people. So belonging to a strong community within our huge population is wonderful, be it a religious community, a trade union or the boy scouts for that matter. As long as the individual is valued and not anonymous.

    But mandatory religious belief or ritual is really scary, and not just in Iran.

    1. I get what you are saying Hels. While I am not religious, I have seen so many times how people's faith helps them. It is not for me, but I understand the need to belong.

  2. I look forward to Hels guest post :)

    1. Jayne, Saturday morning. I have to type it out by hand as the formatting won't work. I could fix that, but it easier to type out.