Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Fed Square

Melbourne's Federation Square recently turned ten years old. Its architecture still divides opinions. I quite like it and 'the people' seem to like gathering there.

It was quite early in the morning, so not too many were about.

This small area often looks pretty dead.

People were seated while listening to an outside radio station broadcast in celebration of the anniversary.

The foot of yours truly. Don't step on my black suede shoes.

A construction by an apparently well known overseas weaving artist.

Needless to say there is a lot of work in it.

There are wedding cakes and then there are wedding cakes, and The Forum is a wedding cake.

Table numbers on these cute 'thingies'.

No Tardis though.

I think it would be a fair call to label John Faine Melbourne's as Melbourne's premier broadcaster and also ABC Local Radio's premier morning host. He is learned and has a wide range of interests and is, as used to be said, sharp as a tack. He is chatting with Jill Singer and her husband. Jill was a presenter of a current affairs tv show on Channel 7, among many other things, and is memorable as she had a fainting fit and left her desk while on air when management apparently spiked a story at the last minute about the controversial Kennett government in 1990s. I can't believe it is not on You Tube, well I can't find it. Her husband, Peter Davidson, was the principle? architect of Fed Square. He suffered a very serious stroke and has not fully recovered. When he did speak, he seemed ok, but watching him trying to begin to get the words out was sad to watch. He often looked to Jill to give him a lead. I like Jill.

I've stepped down to the terrace about the river bank now. After our severe drought, I never fail to see beauty in green grass.

Looking up from the terrace.

 Federation Walk. I have no idea what this was all about.

I was partaking of a delicious cup of coffee at Riverland in cool but ok weather.

A gust of wind arrived carrying a brief light shower and a plastic blind slowly lowered. It gave me a bit of as start.

I did not know Australian Aborigines used rocks when constructing shelters. It occurred to me that any open sided shelter would not face the direction this one is, into the cold prevailing south westerly winds.

As I was writing this, the wind has just changed from a northerly, bringing hot air from inland Australia, to a southerly coming in from Bass Strait. The temperature dropped from 27(80, just for you Rubye and Dina) to 19(66) in fifteen minutes. I love Melbourne's weather.


  1. I'm surprised the Jill Singer fainting fit is not on you tube as you know it was a big news item for quite a while. In answer to your question a couple of posts back. Asbestos is removed and the building renovated if that's the cheaper option.

    1. Indeed Windsmoke. I am sure if it was a few years later, it would have been. About what I thought re asbestos.

  2. I love the inside of Fed Square and think the galleries, restaurants, book shop, exhibition space, glass art etc are ideal.

    But the outside is horrible in summer, boiling hot and unprotected. And worse in winter - wet, stony and unprotected.

    1. Hels, yes, not the place for a baking hot day. While I like the way the paving works visually, it is not very forgiving and it is hardly disabled friendly.

  3. I think that Fed Square needs to add some fully grown trees (hang the expense) to add shade, shelter and softness to the gathering spots. It's a freezing place in winter and unbearably hot in summer. Big trees in enormous pots are done rather well over here in Switzerland and they make a big impression.

    1. Kath, the loss it runs at, a couple more thousand for a few mature trees would be nothing.

  4. I always imagined from the photographs I saw that Federation Square was a very large area such as Darling Harbour in Sydney and was surprised to find when finally I visited in 2011 that it is a comparatively small area. Otherwise it is an interesting location with quite a few attractions.

    1. Victor, not at all like Darling Harbour. Darling Harbour is good, but there is really no connection to Fed Square, apart from them being public spaces. Fed Square is a good place for a large number of people to gather to celebrate.