Wednesday, November 21, 2012

A Garden Walk Pt 1

When people take a visitor to our fair city to St Kilda by tram, be it the 3a, 16 or 96, it is usual to hop off the tram right in the middle of 'the buzz'. But there is another way to do it by slowly awakening their senses.  This occurred to me as we alighted from the 67 tram in Brighton Road and walked a short distance along Dickens Street in Elwood to the St Kilda Botanical Gardens, or Blessington Street Gardens, if you like.
Elwood has many fine apartment blocks, and some not so fine ones.  This is a fine one.

You simply must click on this photo to see the fantastic balcony ironwork.

Into the gardens via the south east corner.

The roses aren't quite in full bloom.

Nothing like a good rotunda.

Ever such neat rose beds.

A nice arbour walk in the distance.

There is no getting away from it. Councils just love strappy things, which I am not fond of.

A tall featured palm.

I am so glad Rain Man has been repaired and the pond is has been restored. The glass house can also be seen. Note some very dark folk enjoying the water on their feet. It is unusual to see the very dark people in St Kilda. Making assumptions, I wonder if this scene was what they dreamt of when they left their own troubled country.

I could have never gotten in so close with the old camera. The brighter the sunlight, the more water fall,s as the pump is solar driven.

You must agree, it is a delightful setting. We exited via the north west gate. A few more photos from the day in another post.


  1. the gardens are beautiful! I must get back to our Botanic Garden and see if the roses are blooming. And I'm not a fan of strappy things either. A few in a group are okay but acres of them all together is ugly to me. The iron work on that balcony is very pretty.

    1. I must check to see where you gardens are. Adelaide City has a wonderful surround of gardens.

    2. Our Botanic Gardens are right next to the Royal Adelaide Hospital , known locally as the RAH, with the Zoo behind the gardens.

    3. I remember now River. We went there in out eighties visit, and the zoo.

  2. I was wondering when you would be out and about using your new camera and what a fine example this collection is. I reckon the very dark people would definitely be better off here than in their own troubled country which ever that one maybe.

    1. Thanks Windsmoke. The Fed Square photos were my first with the new camera. Gosh it is a complicated beast to use though.

  3. Colin1:25 pm

    Great photography, Andrew! I think that all Capital cites have magnificent parks and gardens.
    Many larger country towns, many now referred to as cities, have likewise. Even the smaller country towns, Young, Moree, Sale (Vic), and the towns of the Hunter Valley, and of course heaps more towns, take much pride in their parks. The most remarkable thing about these parks is that they appear to be vandal proof (anyone notice this?). I think people of all walks of life, appreciate nature.
    Young, for example has the whole main street and the round-abouts full of flowering plants.
    You NEVER see even one stem of a shrub pulled off.
    So if people can appreciate and respect civic gardens, why do they graffiti buildings, homes, public places and trains and buses???
    Regarding the "cacti", well they are a natural plant in Australia so I guess that is whey they are there. We are mostly an arid country. Nope I think they should be there.
    I believe that the gardeners of these cities and towns who work for councils should be applauded. They take a great pride in their achievements, and they don't sit at bloody desks!
    Yep, maybe the "dark skinned" persons sitting in the parks, ex-refugees, are thinking what you have suggested. I hope so.

    1. Thank you Colin. Generally you are right about public gardens, but our Victorian ones have had their share of trouble. Important tree poisoned. Busts of our prime ministers destroyed in another. I think they stay somewhat immune because they are dark at night. I recall reading that homes without any outdoor automatic lighting are less likely to be robbed than those in complete darkness.

  4. Oooooooohhh I love Deco buildings, especially if they have been well looked after. St Kilda and Elwood have some fantastic places.

    Sometimes Melbourne seems very blessed, architecturally. I lived in a Deco house until getting married and leaving this Wide Brown Land. I wish I could afford to return to a house like that now.

  5. Hels, how I would love to have an original Deco place, but we missed our chance. I am sure you place is perfectly nice.