Friday, October 12, 2012

Ten Years On, We Remember

Hindu, Christian, Moslem, Buddhist, Jew and non believer. It mattered not and nor the country they came from matter. Ten years ago in an act of terror, extremist Moslems blew up two bars in Bali and a further bomb exploded at the American Embassy. The bomb did not discriminate.

While Bali is not Australia, many of us feel very connected the Indonesian holiday island of Bali. More Australians died from the bomb explosions than those from any other country. Two hundred and two people were killed, ninety one of them Australian.

It is difficult to be solemn at Melbourne's Bali Memorial with skateboarders flying around. In spite of my complaints a few years ago, City of Melbourne does nothing to enforce its own bylaw. Nevertheless, I took a few photos.

Australia's larger cities have memorials to the bomb victims.

by Jim


by Grace



 Melbourne's Lincoln Square.

There is a water jet for each Australian who died.

The Australian victims names are inscribed on this post. Below is the text of an inscription near the water.

Later edit: Odd, the Bali Memorial Fountain is turned off on Bali Memorial Day

 On October 12, 2002 our lives were changed forever.
We lost our loved ones, our precious sons and daughters, wives and husbands, mums and dads, brothers and sisters, our companions and good mates. We are left with our profound sense of loss. We will always treasure our memories of their youth, their love of life, their spirit, their warmth, and beautiful smiles.
We will always feel their presence. They will forever shine in our thoughts.


  1. I put a note into blogcatalog, giving the details of the original bombing and a reminder about the memorials today in Bali and in all Australian capital cities.

    Normally each blogcatalog entry receives 25-250 responses, even if it is juvenile or commercial. Yet NOT A SINGLE PERSON looked at the words on the Bali catastrophe and of course not a single person responded. I am stunned beyond words.

    1. Hels, that is curious. I am not familiar with blogcatalog but I had a look and still nothing there. I think it is a very significant date in Australia's history.

  2. Hels,

    Wow. I wonder why that is? Are they avoiding sadness? Tragedy?

    Maybe it's ignorance? They don't know what happened in Bali?

    What do you think?

    1. Dina, if they did not know about the anniversary, they must live in a different world. Its been in papers, tv and radio.

  3. Hey Andrew. Thanks for commenting on my brief post re the 'Bali girls' I nursed. 10 years on and my respect and.admiration for these girls and their amazing friends and family grows. Nicole's book helped me in so many ways. I guess that is what I needed... To read their story and know they are getting by. I can safely say I have hate in me. Hatred for those terrorists to my core! The bastards!

    1. Cazzie, I guess many medical staff had contact with the many victims. It was terrible for the dead, the injured but also for the Balinese who were so affected.

  4. I used to work right next to that memorial and the fountain things always looked great at night.

  5. Fen, could you see the tiny light spots too?

  6. Yep i could, like little constellations

  7. Thank you for sharing photos of the Square. I can't see the fascination for skateboarders myself .. It is all flat??

    1. Carol, there is a lot of flat surfaces and nice seats for contemplation.