Thursday, October 25, 2012

It is all great fun...

It is all great fun, until someone loses an eye.

This is very disturbing and similar to things I have written about in the past. It is no good at all to have regrets after an event has occurred and  people have died. We place our trust in these organisations to have things safe and it is appalling that they put us all at such risk.

Melbourne’s underground rail Loop is a disaster waiting to happen and the city’s busiest railway station had no effective fire plan until very recently, the state’s public sector watchdog has said.
In a report that has harshly criticised the Department of Transport for failing to act after years of warnings, acting Ombudsman John Taylor wrote that the department took ‘‘little effective action’’ to fix a host of safety problems in the Loop, despite receiving seven detailed engineering reports between 2001 and 2011.


  1. This seems to be a news story that pops up every now and then - like news spakfilla.

    It's appalling, isn't it? Partly, it's the length of the political cycle that's to blame. Long term planning or projects sacrificed for short term approval, and shiny new stuff makes better news than maintenance.

    But there is no excuse for not having a displan. Maybe a succession of people have decided it's impossible to make a sensible plan for a loop that's a lost cause. So long as we can blame Henry Bolte [or whoever].

  2. FC, such things should be at as distance from government and the responsibility of a government statutory authority. Perhaps that is how it is already, but clearly it is not working.

  3. This reads a lot like not installing pedestrian crossing lights until "X" number of people have been killed by vehicles.

    1. Kind of River, but when you are crossing the road, the responsibility is solely on you. When you travel on a train, you had over power to someone else.

  4. I own a bit of the loop. All CBD ratepayers were slugged $3000 every year for about 10 years to fund it, yet it brought no customers past our shop.
    Whenever I am struggling up a 3rd raft of escalator at Parliament Stn or Flagstaff, I always wonder about evacuation. First The power fails so it is dark, yes the escalator becomes stairs but panicked people are going to trip and other panicked people are going to climb over them ... etc etc

    It is an absolute fact that the designers and the loop profiteers DO NOT USE THE LOOP.

    When the LON underground had that fire, I believe it was fuelled by LITTER accumulated under the mechanism. going away to check.

    Of course any of us can die in a flash from an aneurysm, so just relax and live every moment as best you can.
    peace and love

    1. Em Stacks, cheers for your Loop financial contribution. Much appreciated.

      In an emergency, emergency lighting will come on and should give enough light, assuming it is regularly checked and maintained. Our lift lighting was not and when power went off and I was stuck in the lift, the light only lasted a few minutes. Fortunately Mrs Famous Bearded Media Person and resident had her laptop to give us some light.

    2. Oh yes, Kings Cross fire was it? Cigarette butt in an accumulation of litter and fluff started the fire and set the timber escalators alight.