Saturday, October 27, 2012

Election Rant

I cannot remember a council election like this one. Aside from the friction between candidates, its administration has been poor. The Victorian Electoral Commission is responsible for running the election and it has failed.

We crossed the mighty Kingsway to the girls school known as MacRob where there was a polling booth. The distance from home might be 300 metres. Why are all these people handing out Junction Ward leaflets when we are in Emerald Hill Ward? It was a voting booth for Junction Ward residents of course. I had checked on the VEC website and the list gave no indication of which booth was for which ward in the list I looked at.

No, we were supposed to travel on a further kilometre to South Melbourne Town Hall to vote. We didn't have time for a long walk, nor time to return and get the car from home, and so chose to vote absentee, meaning we had no pamphlets about each candidate. I would have like some to reassure myself, but I knew who I was voting for. R did not, and so randomly numbered candidates.

Surely someone at the VEC looked at a map and thought about hundreds of residents in the nearby highrise apartments who might want to come and vote at the by far closest booth to where they live, rather than pass it by, on to a booth much further away.

Further, I understand from a person I spoke to that the 'system', had crashed and the back up system would not do what she needed it to do. Everything she had to do had to be done manually.

This farce just tops off the ridiculous amount of electioneering rubbish that has turned up in our letter box for  wards and municipalities that have nothing to do with us.

And how is this for a nice piece of reverse racism? Ad Rad, who was born and grew up in Australia and does not read Chinese,  gets election paraphernalia in his letter box in Chinese only because his family name is Chinese. There are disgraceful assumptions going on here. Even our friend Manny in Malaysia, who is Chinese Malaysian, does not read Chinese.

Someone at the VEC needs to do a bit of stomping with a heavy boot and keep things under control in the future. The VEC also needs to use some common sense when choosing the location for voting booths. This election, VEC fail.


  1. Colin4:21 pm

    Andrew - in between watching the races at Cox Plate Day - have you heard of MR (Marketing),
    HC (Human resources), PR (Public Relations) and God forbid, the useless PC mob (political correctness)??? A load of lunatics with not a clue of what really goes on in the REAL World!
    Please take a good look at them, they, especially the "femmes" are dressed a la Gillard and the "Rotweiller" with beehive hair and VERY red lipstick and the flower in the lapel- that is Bronwyn Kathleen Bishop!
    You will please excuse me - the greatest bitch put on earth since the famous Italian family, of years ago, starts with B - Borgia?????
    Now I will have nightmares, thanks!! ha ha.

    1. Colin, I know someone who works in MR and another who works in HR. They are as bad as you suggest. Fortunately I don't know anyone who works in PR, the worst of them all.

      The Rotty only just stopped short of becoming a gay icon, I suspect. It must have been about her perfect grooming and her bitchiness.

  2. This is only a side issue, but an irritating one.

    On the front of our letter box, in big metal letters, is the sign "no junk mail please". Yet the letter box was filled with electioneering junk mail, and so was the drive way and front garden. Thieves would have known within 5 seconds that we were away for a few days :( I wonder if election literature is exempt from the normal No Junk Mail request.

    We both postal voted before going away, by the way. I did the same as R - I marked the first three people I really want to win, then put the others ( 4-5678 ) in numerical order.

    1. Political flyers are among the categories of items are are considered exempt from "No Junk Mail" letterboxes.

      Here's a link to Australia Post which talks about it.

    2. Hels, your area was quite an interesting municipality. Interesting is not always good. I guess the only alternative is to seal your mail box and have a PO box.

      As David says, political stuff is exempt, as it is for the 'do not call' register.

  3. Do not wish to sound flippant [but why not?] - Isn't the expression "political junk mail" a tautology?

    It's hard to take council elections one tenth as seriously as the candidates take themselves. Same as State elections actually. Or federal.

    After working at a polling booth on the last State election day, I have decided I will only ever vote postal again. The last two hours of polling day, there were hundreds of people queueing up to vote absentee, and it was a really lengthy and tedious process.

    1. FC, it ought not to be a tautology. I do read the rubbish, if it is relevant.

      I don't feel I can complain about our elected unless I vote and take the matter seriously.

      I was surprised to hear that our city is one of very few who still do physical personal voting. After today's shemoz, I doubt we will again.

      What is the cut off time for voting? 6 pm sharp, or as long as you are in the queue by 6pm?

    2. Yes, everyone who got through the door by 6 got to vote, but by that stage people were looking at the absentee queues and giving up.