Wednesday, October 10, 2012


When I first heard the title Citizen Journalist, I never imagined Citizen Journalist would be replacing proper journalists, but that seems to be what The Age is looking for. They want Citizen Journalist to go through government papers to find 'interesting things'. Extraordinary.

I have spent far too long sitting at the computer today. My latest foray was to find out about candidates for the forthcoming local council elections. I found a girl running for the Emerald Hill Ward. I'll vote for her. Women are usually more sensible and she wears glasses, so she must be smart.  Once again, The Greens have leafleted our building with flyers for the Junction Ward candidate. I sent them a message about being wrong and it being such a waste of their resources.

Today as I was about to step out to get on a tram at the Franklin Street tram stop, a car sped along the bike way at about 40km/h.  The driver had clearly ignored traffic signals and no vehicle access signs. I held my hands upturned at him, indicating 'what are you doing'. The tram driver smiled at me and nodded sympathetically.

That reminds me, I sent a letter of complaint to City of Melbourne about when I saw a crane truck go along the lowered tram tracks and break off a bit of granite edging. They have not gotten back to me.

I did receive a response from the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission about my experience at a Melbourne Airport Duty Free shop where I think I was forced to pay a credit surcharge because EFTPOS would not work. The reply was somewhat ambigous and not really satisfactory. Here are some snips. I took it as far as I could with the business, that being a state of stalemate.

Your complaint has been recorded on the ACCC’s complaints database. Each complaint is assessed against the ACCC’s Compliance and enforcement policy to determine whether ACCC action is warranted; either because of the seriousness of the issues raised by the particular complaint or because the conduct may be part of a pattern of conduct that is causing widespread consumer detriment. The ACCC usually does not confirm whether or not it will investigate a particular complaint. You will only be contacted if further information is required.

As a general rule the ACCC does not get involved in individual disputes between traders and consumers.

In news from the trains, there has been two separate pedestrian deaths within a couple of hours on the Frankston line today. Unbelievable. Time to get rid of major level crossings Teddy Bails. 


  1. Hi Andrew (waving frantically from cyberspace) - I see I have a lot of reading to catch up on!

  2. I'll never stop admiring your willingness to have a go.
    Every time I hear of trouble with a train service my heart sinks, because I just know someone's life has been ruined. Dreadful stuff.

  3. The statement from the ACCC reads to me like they will do something about your complaint if they if they feel like it, which is not good enough really.

  4. Nice to see you back Kath. I knew you had not absconded with the wealth of Switzerland.

    FC, I may not change anything, but nothing will happen if places aren't made aware.

    Windsmoke, I find it rather cryptic. It seems like they have filed it in case they get similar complaints.

  5. Not sure if it's true, but I'm sure drivers are getting lazier and simply don't care. I saw two cars run the same red light yesterday, 30 seconds after it had turned red. Scary.

    I heard recently that Sydney has (from memory) under 5 level crossings, whereas we have a zillion. Seems ridiculous.

    1. Fen, I think people are very aware of locations of speed and red light cameras, they never think of cop catching them doing something wrong, and they are most right. They don't get caught.

      You are pretty right about Sydney and Melbourne. If five a year could be done, the worst of them would be done in a couple of years.