Monday, September 17, 2012

Twitter Absurdity

I am not very experienced with Twitter. I rarely tweet and slightly more often, I read tweets from those who I follow, which is not many. I hope I don't sound superior and smug. I just don't have the time. I make time for my blog, but the rest of socialising over the net is very optional for me. But there is more to Twitter than just socialising. It is also a very useful tool.

People and media are thundering about censorship of Twitter. Oddly they want it censored, rather than the usual of pushing for less censorship. Our Treasurer is annoyed because he can't find a phone number on the Twitter website to call and lodge a complaint. No one else seems to be able to find a phone number either.

What a lot of nonsense. Twitter gives you means to communicate with who you want and when you want. I hate myself for using such grown up words, but it is a facilitator for communication and nothing more.  It offers a format for communication. It does not ask you to join, to participate or to add followers or follow others. It only offers the facility.

The thought that it should be censored or is to blame or be responsible for what people say is ludicrous. If you are quite computer literate, you have a damn site better chance of finding out who says something nasty about you on Twitter than you have of finding out who sent you a nasty letter through the post using words cut from a magazine.

While the principle of people being responsible for their actions remains, Twitter users are responsible for who they communicate with over the net. Twitter doesn't do the evil, people do (I am aware of my inconsistency with 'guns don't kill people...'). A good tradie doesn't blame his or her tools.


  1. As you know Andrew, I post spasmodically on Twitter and my 'comments' (which include the occasional football or bridge results) are so inane that the only censorship they could inspire would arise from boredom.

  2. Do tweets get deleted?

  3. Nothing to do with snobbery, Twitter just doesn't make sense to me but I am old. Also, I am happy with only 4 or 5 main people in my life and so have no need for the twittering. I suppose those who Twitter must have many many friends who need them.

  4. Colin8:01 am

    I agree 110% with Rubye Jack.
    I watch the workers passing by on the way to the train station. All are busily "twittering", many have ear phones on - they neither look one way or the other when crossing the road. I suspect I will very soon, and how it hasn't happened already is a bloody miracle, be the sole witness to a fatal accident. The car driver who comes around the corner at a legal speed will get my full support.
    Re: Prevous blog on the riots.
    On the Ch.7 news this morning, for once Gillard and Abbott agreed. Went something like my favourite saying - "When in Rome etc."
    The NSW Commissioner of Police likewise and the analyists.
    Also I wonder about the Martin Place, it has a cenotaph. That may have been the object they were after???? Desecration????

    Not sure if this is flattery, but I only comment on about 8 blogs, your blog being one of them and also only on subjects that I am interested in. I am VERY selctive.
    Me a blog - ha ha!!! NEVER! Good try Andrew, the others tried that one also - ha ha.

  5. I to just make time for my blog. Believe me you are not superior or smug in my books.

  6. Like Windsmoke, I make time for my blog. Other than that I surf around the internet looking at this and that, reading other blogs, looking up stuff, but never Twitter or Facebook. I'm sure those who are on there enjoy it and see it as a way of keeping in touch, but really who needs to be in touch 24/7? Is it really so important to be constantly accessible, constantly updating, does anyone really care that you spilled your coffee two seconds ago?

  7. Yes Victor, I don't think they will be after you, or even me.

    RH, you have control of your own tweets. You can delete them.

    Rubye, it can be a very useful tool for many things. Journalists use it a lot when researching. But I not really keen on the social aspect of it.

    Colin, the cenotaph is very Australian. Surely we are not really their targets. Yes re phones and other distractions. I've done it myself, walked across a path when a bike was approaching while I was studying a map on my phone. Ok, I was in the right, but that is small consolation if you get hit. I am flattered. I'll be extra flattered if you are around this time next year.

    Windsmoke, I just would not want to spend any more time with the internet than I do already.

    River, I do use Facebook, but not very much. More to keep up with what nieces and nephews are up to.

  8. Colin1:52 pm

    "Colin, the cenotaph is very Australian. Surely we are not really their targets".
    Then please explain why the riot occurred.
    We are the target, all the Western democracies are. They want World dominance.
    I had a little smirk on my face re: Saddam Hussien and also the tyrant, Gaddhifi (names of the two tyrants probably spelt incorrectly maybe I will become a target? ha ha!) - both had homosexual sons, yet homosexuality is taboo in Arab countries.
    It is a World gone mad - pity we are part of it.
    Yep I will hopefully be still around come this time next year, if not I will e-mail you from the Christian "paradise". I am sure St.Peter won't mind that.

  9. I'm a narcissist, so I tweet! My choice, don't care who reads it, nor do I care who replies. I have met some very interesting people via twitter who are now real life friends. I don't use FB that much.

  10. I tweet but mostly to humans and friends. The interaction is more one sided when it involves large corporations (news media) that pumps out pr and news and do not expect you to respond or care. It's like a flowing RSS feed for me and I would happily drop them when it gets too 'noisy'

  11. Hello Andrew:
    We fear that we consider Twitter, for the most part and in general, to be utterly meaningless and consisting mainly of tedious rubbish. But if it makes people happy, then....!!

  12. Colin, wasn't the target the American Embassy? Martin Place is an open area, ideal for a gathering crowd. There are plenty of homosexuals in Arab countries. Before the US invaded Iran, under Sadam things were fine for gays. Post American invasion, the country has become reactionary and gays get a pretty hard time now.

    Oh Fen, are you twitter friends better than you blog friends? Where do I sit in the hierarchy? Note to self, should make an effort to meet Fen.

    MC, noisy describes things well. I am not keen on noisy, that is multiple tweets all in a row, unless about a specific matter.

    JayLa, I thought along those lines until one of Australia's premier ABC radio broadcasters described how useful Twitter is to him. He needs detail for a story, maybe something he can't quite recall, and he goes to Twitter and asks those who follow him if they can remember or to fill in the blanks. People respond and he follows up. Yes, Twitter can be quite frivolous but also a very useful tool.

  13. No. One group is not better than the other, some of my twitter friends crossover into blogging friends. And yes, I do think we should catch up some day :)

  14. I read your Tweets Fen, thank you. and Steve Martin's, Jenny Eclair's and some other funny people.
    Twitterers are fast to attack anyone 'using' Twitter, as QANTAS found out, and now Waitrose has just found out, when they tried to promote themselves the same way as QANTAS, they got a stream of the same vicious but hilarious insults. Just Google Waitrose+Twitter for examples. X X

  15. Qantas faces Twitter backlash | The Australian IT was meant to create goodwill, but instead Qantas handed disenchanted consumers a stick to beat it with when it launched an ill-timed

    Qantas attempt at Twitter promotion a PR disaster | Herald Sun Nov 2011 – A QANTAS social media promotion has turned into a PR disaster › Technology › Twitter 1 day ago – A social media stunt by upmarket supermarket chain Waitrose failed spectacularly when people were asked "I shop at Waitrose because..."

  16. Ann, I reckon the Waitrose one works. Publicity like that cannot be bought. I don't think it matters much that tweets were sending the store up.