Tuesday, September 04, 2012

Touch Off

There seems to be five different announcements that I have heard on trams recently, coming from the control centre.  One is quite a dire threat about fare evasion. Another is about standing in the doorways and blocking people getting on and off the tram. Two are about not having to touch off with your Myki card on trams if your trip is not solely in Zone 2. What is the fifth? I forget now, but I am sure there is a fifth.

I've heard these announcements a few times now, yet after I have heard the blocking the doorway announcement, people on the tram still crowd the doorway. It is one of my pet hates. R often gives people a bit of a shove if they are standing in the doorway as he is getting off a tram. I am more inclined to stand behind them, pretending to think they are getting off, which usually elicits a 'sorry mate'.

Worse, they still feel the need to touch off with their Myki card. During a recent tram trip, the voice from above said loudly and clearly that you do not need to touch off with your Myki on a tram, yet one lass left the tram then came back and stood in the tram doorway while trying to touch off. The traffic lights changed to red while she did so and the tram sat there for another minute or so.

Meanwhile, I thought the Myki readers had been significantly quicker of late, but this week past, and maybe it is a problem with individual units, they have been painfully slow for me. I recall watching people use their smart public transport cards in Singapore and they were lightning fast. People did not even break their strides as they held the card up to a reader.

For the price our government, that is us, have put into the Myki system, it should work very fast.

But please, you don't need to touch off on a tram and even if you are still going to, don't leave it until the last minute.


  1. 'What is the fifth? I forget now, but I am sure there is a fifth.'

    But who's on first?

  2. ... and MYKI is the FUBAR we didn't have to have. Having said that I think (when working as intended - therein lies the rub) it's a fkn ace system.

  3. First comment, obscure LS.

    FUBAR also unknown. You knew I would have to ask. I am happy enough with MYKI. I wish the validator machines would work faster, that's all.

  4. Sedgwick, the resignation of Peter Costello was one of life's greatest disappointments. What's a nitwit without a straight man?

    FUBAR, Wiki tells me, is a superlative form of SNAFU. A great improvement, thanks for the new word of the day.

    Andrew, I have succumbed to fear beyond all reason. Forget fare evasion, I'm just avoiding PT altogether. Still have a couple of metcards I'm terrified to use in case there is no way to validate them, and without a myki, have no idea how to catch a bus to get to a station that sells myki tickets so I can use PT.

    Just another good reason to downsize to Jindera is its location on the other side of the border.

    But tell me, just how close do you have to stand behind a doorway hog to get their attention... hmmm?

  5. Oh FC, you will put those Metcards into a validator and bells and whistles will sound and you will dragged away by the Gestapo.

    Some great new words I have learnt too.

    I look up Jindera on the electric map now.

    It depends on their sex and attractiveness as to how far behind them you stand.