Thursday, September 13, 2012

This crazy life

R has a cold. It is not quite man flu, but close. Today he took Mother to her optometrist in Lang Lang. I could write several sentences about why Mother has an optometrist in Lang Lang, but I'll save you.

He is normally quite patient with Mother, but once home today, he was exasperated. He admitted his tolerance level was low because of his cold.

Last week when at Mother's, I became exasperated with her. Quote I, 'You obsessively check your blood pressure and adjust your medication as you see fit. It is for the doctor to do. He prescribes things for you and advises you, and you won't take the medication or do as he advises. Then you complain that he is not helping you? How can he help you if you won't do what he says?'. Mother ignored me.

We feel as if we have been on a roller coaster, the only thing keeping us going is the end in sight. From being extra sociable because the Thai lads were here, from meeting up with Manny a few times while he is here, from offering to taking him the airport to depart when we have a birthday party to go to and organising costumes for, we can do both, to R's odd working circumstances, looking after Jack, which takes time, to now looking after Little Jo on Sunday.........and we fit this all in between long working hours, it has all become a bit much. I think by Sunday night, there is nothing on the horizon. Thank god for that.

Well, there is the Round the Bay bike ride that Sister and Bone Doctor are doing. I think in October we are catching the train to Geelong and they will pick us up at the station. We stay the night and look after Little Jo and they will end their bike ride the next day near the Highrise and bring one of our cars down for us to drive home.

While it must be awful to be old and lonely, I am in the mood to feel slightly looking forward to it.


  1. Hello Andrew:
    No High Life these days for the High Riser then, Andrew? This must be a sign of something....surely being run down rather than getting old. Well, that is how we think of things when we suddenly feel that to be in bed by 9pm is a good thing...!!!!

  2. Old and therefore exasperating?

    I do wish R a speedy recovery.

  3. Sounds like it is time to sit Dow and make a list of things YOU want to do for yourself and not for others and have some ME time?

  4. I love your Mum Andrew!! Old is not good, being alone is soooooo and then!!

  5. Nicely put JayLa. We try to adjust life to our pace, but it doesn't always work terribly well.

    FC, you called it.

    Yes MC, but the more me time I get, the more I want. Things will calm down after this weekend.

    Grace, I've parcelled her up and she is on her way to you. Good luck.

  6. Oh aren't we being coy now! Busy has always been your life for goodness sake! Fortunately it holds. Increases! You know quite well there are thousands in this city with no one interested in them, that'll never be you.

  7. Maybe the blog me is interesting RH, but I am personally quite uninteresting.

  8. It does sound like you need a week or three of peace and quiet.
    I hop you get it.

  9. Anonymous7:44 pm

    You need to say 'no' sometimes. God knows I know how hard that can be. Try practising it beforehand. Hope R and you feel better soon. V.

  10. It's hard to be patient sometimes, especially with certain people.

    It's very nice of you guys to try though.

  11. We are River, we are.

    V, it is ok. I often remind myself that I will be dead for rather a long time.

    Dina, I am too controlling. I like to know in advance and be organised. I get stressed if it doesn't happen like that. Actually, R gets stressed, and then I get stressed because I have to ensure things work out ok.

  12. I'm glad you're busy, it gives us lot who have no lives something interesting to read :)

  13. There is that Fen. I might not have much to write about.