Friday, September 21, 2012

The phone wars

When I were a lad............

Well, the battle among the yoof, after which team you supported in Australian Rules football, was which brand of car you were loyal to. You were either passionate about Holdens (GM in the US), or Falcons (Ford in the US). There was an occasional odd bod who was passionate about Valiants (Chrysler in the US). Japanese cars were arriving into Australia, but they were generally despised as being junk. Didn't Japan have the last laugh!

My family was Holden. 'No front end in Fords', I recall my father saying. 'Weak diffs', I remember my uncle saying. 'Fords wander all over the road', said someone else.

I don't think the yoof is so passionate about cars brands now. I suspect they now direct their passion towards phones, Apple or Android.

While Apple with its iPhone is probably winning with the yoof market, there are more Android users in total.

For no logical reason at all, I have always disliked Apple and I cast my lot with Microsoft, not that I like that very much. But for phone, I am with Android and I feel slightly superior about being an Android user rather than the common iPhone.

This is not an opinion about whether iPhone or Android is better. I don't know.


  1. I'm with you on this Andrew. If I could afford either, I'd choose the Android. I also have always had a thing about Apple. Kind of like Apple people don't really have the brains to use anything else.

  2. I've never used an iPhone, other than to fiddle with friends phones. I love my android device a little too much unfortunately.

  3. Colin8:41 am

    As I don't use the things, I really don't care. I still use my pigeons - ha ha!
    Now on another matter for assistance - what is the number code for food produced in Australia using only Australian products - it is all the numbers down the side of the can, bottle etc. It is like an international phoning code. I think Australia is
    9 300 etc or 9 3100. The produce must also state either Made in Australia or Product of Australia and if imported ingredients are used, then the country from where these extra ingredients has to be shown. Assistance would be much appreciated. Thanks.

  4. You are sooooooo right about the cars. My dad was a clearly defined Holden man during the 1950s and 60s. I cannot remember why, but he certainly would.

    When I could afford to buy cars, it was always a Saab or a Volvo. My generation were more "sophisticated" than my parents' generation ha ha.

  5. My phone is a Nokia with neither system. I didn't even know I was connected to the net until I got a bill, and someone suggested my teenage son [hysterical laughter] must have logged on to a porn site. [Didn't ask how he was so confident of the user's gender].
    I told em to switch off everything except local calls and texts.

    At first I thought the android apple thing would end up like the Beta/VHS battle, but it seems neither system is going to disappear. Good.

    Colin, I can text crap without having to keep pigeons.

  6. Colin1:52 pm

    What's wrong with my pigeons?
    They are well trained and toilet trained - ha ha!
    Cheers from moi and my pigeons.

  7. Rubye, perhaps it is the smugness of Apple users that we have a problem with.

    Fen, at least you will have learnt a lot about using it.

    I don't know Colin, but I scanned a local product and it had the same beginning numbers, as you say, as a fully imported item.

    Hels, people were so passionate about the two different cars. Oh no, not a Volvo. Saab is acceptable.

    FC, don't they always like to think the worst and make such assumptions. Yes, I was worried about Android being the Beta, but it hasn't. Haha, young people wouldn't know what Beta was, perhaps not even VHS now.

    Toilet trained pigeons indeed Colin.

  8. My dad favoured Fords when he could afford them, but I like Toyotas now. I loved the Kluger my daughter used to have.
    Phones? Nothing fancy, if I want the internet, I'll come to my computer.

  9. River, you might be surprised how useful the internet can be on your phone.

  10. I was Nokia and Microsoft PC for years but turned to iPhone two years ago.

    After initially rejecting the lure of Apple and leaving two of its expensive products untouched in a drawer for several years I now have converted fully - with a MacBook, iPad, iPod and iPhone to my name.

    I'm not smug about it, I've just grown used to the product.

  11. Yes Victor, that is the thing, you get used to things and don't want to change.

  12. I cannot believe this. I NEVER look at anything to do with cars normally, but the day after your post, I saw the book My Dad Had One of Those in a book sale.

    "Good old Dad and his good old Dad's car. As solid and dependable as the man himself, if a little less balding, Dad's car was almost a member of the family, whisking you to exciting days out, or just to visit boring relatives in distant parts of the country to the chant of 'are we nearly there yet?' Like the man behind the wheel, Dad's car made you feel safe and secure, because it was as reassuring and sensible as he was. Maybe in an idle moment Dad dreamt of driving something rakish and fast, but the demands of family life meant soft tops, hard suspension and anything even remotely sporty were off the cards. Dad was proud of the family car.

    Spanning the 1950s to the '80s, this is a celebration of the heyday of the Dad car. This is a celebration of simple, honest cars that were as flawed and as lovable as your Dad himself."

  13. It's a lovely blurb Hels and translates perfectly from England to Australia.

  14. Haha, I remember the schoolyard chants: 'Holdens are only just 'holden' together'; and FORD = 'Fix Or Repair Daily'.

    Or was that just my school??!!

  15. Red, I can only remember FORD. Found on rubbish dump.