Tuesday, September 18, 2012


There is a chap at work, a tall older bloke. I noticed the other day that he has a dandruff problem. Dandruff is also known as scurf. I like the word scurf. It sounds much filthier.

Around the collar and shoulders of his jacket is a greasy looking ring of scurf. How can someone be so unaware of their personal appearance?

There are very effective treatments for dandruff but even if you don't use them, how can you not notice the ring of greasy white sitting on your collar? Why, when you hang your jacket up after work, would you not notice it? Surely you would brush it off if you noticed it. Lordy, do we go down the old widower who can't care for himself road?

I hate dirty people.


  1. Having had an icy cold shower this morning I am feeling very smug.

    Does the guy stink or does it just look grotty?

    A workmate once said to another [WHO REALLY DID PEN AND INK]"*** Lou, lift up your shoe... no, must be the other one..."
    Lou was obliging and oblivious.
    "Why, what's wrong?"
    "Well Lou," my friend said, "I'm surprised there's nothing on your shoes, it smells like you must have stepped in some dogsh**."

    Very funny, but naturally didn't help. Then again, what could one say that would help?

  2. What FC? Holiday house does not have hot water? No, he looks ok and does not stink.

    I've never been brave enough to say it, but often thought, 'man, you need a shower'. But you can't say that to strangers who stink.

  3. It might be a more serious problem on encezma and not just dandruff. He probably doesn't want well-meaning mates to tsp him on the shoulder and tell him it is a serious issue...

  4. I'm surprised at how many people just keep on wearing the same jacket day after day, week after week, year after year, and never even look at it, much less bother to get it cleaned. They take it off the hook, put it on, go about their business. when they get home they take it off and hang it back on the hook and never give it another thought.
    I notice it mostly in smokers. They go outside to smoke now, so grab their jacket which then absorbs the smoke. Next time, grab the same jacket, which then absorbs more smoke, and so on, until months later the reek just about kills me at the checkout.
    Same with jackets and other clothing covered in cat or dog hair, it just keeps building up and the person wearing the jacket doesn't appear to even notice it.
    The same stinky, hairy, grubby problem extends to "green" shopping bags and it's getting worse.

  5. Dandruff was a much more common problem, or perhaps I should say visible problem, when I was younger. Nowadays people seem more attuned to hygiene and appearance.

  6. Sadly you are not the first person to be faced with a colleague who has major ickiness of smell, dress, personal habits etc. I once shared an office with a bloke who ate like a pig and left food bits all over the office :(

    Most companies/government departments have a Human Services staff that deals with this sort of problem every day. Rather than saying to your colleague "get your stinking head and shoulders out of here", they will find a nice way of suggesting he changes shampoo or sees a dermatologist.

  7. Could be that MC, but it looks like plain dandruff to me. Whatever it is, he should clean it off.

    River, some of those shopping bags look filthy. I would not want to touch them. I suppose people can't smell their own smells. Reminds me, must get my jacket dry cleaned.

    Victor, it was. It is unusual to see it now.

    Hels, that would be hard to tolerate. It is good that a disconnected person has the delicate task. It is very embarrassing for someone to mention such a matter to workmate, for both parties.

  8. ugh bad personal hygiene habits, don't get me started. I may or may not have grumbled loudly at stinky people in the past and yes, dandruff is very treatable. As are more serious issues such as psoriasis of the scalp. There really aren't a lot of excuses for bad hygiene in this day and age, it's just bloody laziness.

  9. Fen, such grossness I recall was not uncommon thirty years ago. You just don't see it now, but there are exceptions.

  10. Maybe you should just let him know you have a blog Andrew and he can read all about it himself..but I bet you he wouldn't dream for a minute that you were writing about him haha!

  11. Grace, I barely know him. I don't even know his name.

  12. Dirty smelly taxis are the pits too

  13. They are T, but I have never come across one.