Monday, September 17, 2012

Rumours of retirement were unfounded

I came home for lunch during my extended meal break and R's car was not there. Bit odd, he didn't send me a text to say he was going out. There will be note then. He wasn't out. He greeted me when I walked into the apartment. I forgot, he was up early and took his car to be serviced at City Mazda and caught trams home. I made a minor forget. He made a major one.

He was about to leave to get trams back to collect his car.

Do you want me to drive you there dearest?
No no. I'll get the tram.
Are you sure my sweetness?
Well, it would be nice, but I can catch the tram.
No probs. I'll drive you hon.
Are you sure?
If you prefer to get the tram, that is fine my love.
No, it would be nice if you drove me.
It will be my pleasure, darling.

Bastard. That was at least half an hour out of my break to take him when there are perfectly good multiple trams to get him there.

Still forty five minutes before R's car was ready to be finished its servicing. No rush. Then the dreaded telephone instrument rang. 

Hi R, why aren't you at work starting your new job?
This Monday? You said next Monday.
No, this Monday. I should have told you a date.

Panic abounds. Fortunately it was an adjustable orientation couple of hours. R thought he was starting next Monday but no, it was this Monday. Tomorrow's lunch with old workmates has been cancelled. Mother's Thursday outing will be cancelled.

I drove R to get his car and he went on to his new job, only a couple of hours late starting his new job.

While his new job is still in the caring profession area, it is sounding like it is a very good place to work. CoPP, if you know what that means.


  1. R should take his car to the RAC for it's service, the dealers are such rip off merchants and with RAC you don't lose your warranty! I shall return later to find out what CoPP means. Good luck to R hope he enjoys his new job..what's going to happen to Mother on Thursdays now Andrew!

  2. I would like to know what CoPP means to.

  3. Anonymous10:51 am

    Certified Old Peoples Playground?

  4. Grace, I don't believe our RACV service cars. We have a good local garage to take the car to, but R prefers to use the dealer.

    CoPP. City of ??

    Good one Anon.

  5. City of Philandering Philistines? Ha ha.