Wednesday, September 19, 2012


No, not Queensland Rail. I wonder how their shares are travelling? I considered buying some when they were released. Maybe Colin or Diane are up to speed with them?

I mean QR code. I first noticed one in our daily newspaper a couple of years ago. I did not have a clue what it was. I expect many don't know now. While I know what it does, how to put it into words? I will give you a couple of examples later. At one time, I read something about your phone being able to read it. How can that be? I tried taking a photo of one with the phone, and no information was forthcoming. I knew it wouldn't but I had to try.

I was aware my current phone had a facility for reading QR codes. After owning it for over  a year, I think, I decided to look at it. Ah, the QR code reader is a trial version from Telstra. I take that to mean they will want me to pay at some point. Barley that Charlie. I looked at Application shop with my phone. Goodie, a free one.

Downloaded and installed, now to try it. Oh, I don't have any QR codes lying around the house. I think I saw somewhere that they can read bar codes. The first things that came to hand was a box of Barbeque Shapes, kept only for visitors of course. It worked! It told me the Shapes came from Officeworks and cost $3.86. Well, they didn't. They came from Coles supermarket and cost $2. Never pay more than $2 for your Shapes and always send an email to the manufacturer about how much less spicy stuff they put on their Shapes.

Being a person with a great focus, I promptly forgot all about the QR code reader. A week or so later we were meeting a friend for lunch in town. As we waited in the building's foyer for her to come down from her office, we examined the sculptures on display. There was some information about each work and also a QR code. There was one work I particularly liked, so I whipped out my phone and read the code. It gave me a link to a website and there was all the information about the work, including the horrendous price of the work.

I have read some writers waxing lyrical about QR codes. While they may be vaguely useful, if they haven't really taken off by now, I doubt they will.


  1. I've never used the reader but I understand you can also use it to get extra material behind some newspaper and magazine articles. Mostly a marketing exercise I suppose.

  2. Colin7:59 am

    Andrew!!!! Are you trying to give me nightmares even before I step out this morning to "do battle" with QR????
    QR shares????????? If there are shares to be purchased, they would be worthless - ha ha! Good God, QR can't even afford these days to put the trains through the cleaning sheds.
    Now be warned, should I have a terrible time on my trip to the CBD today, the blame with be laid squarely at your feet! Don't worry you will hear/read about it.
    Now where is my scotch to fortify me before the battle royal with QR?
    You need something stronger than that strange coffee with the Italian meatball name - ha ha!

  3. Puzzle solved! Thank You.

    They've had one of these things inside The Age since Adam was a pup. I thought it was just another one of those things I'll never know about.
    Now they are everywhere e.g. you can use them to buy village cinema tickets if you are heading to the flicks and don't want to queue up.

    Ah, a phone app. Of course. Why didn't I think of that?

  4. Back thanks to QR!
    1.Trains in and out on time.
    2.No ferals on either.
    Regretably trains (both) have not been washed now for almost 2 years!
    Windows - very difficult to see out of.
    This for your readers is a rarity -#'s 1 and 2.

  5. It's more like a gimmick. As it is, not a lot of people (tech savvy) care much for it.

  6. Victor, it has the power to do a lot of things I guess. Yes marketing really.

    Pleased your trip went ok Colin. I know there are such things at automatic train washers. I wonder why they are driven through one.

    FC, I said a couple of years but I think it may have been in the paper much longer.

    MC, yes, nothing is abuzz with chat about QR codes.

  7. Some writers wax lyrical about QR codes?

    Geez, surely there must be better things to write about...

    I've known what they were since I first saw one, the information was right there-"scan this with your phone". Well, I didn't because I realised that I'd need one of those fancy Iphones with all the available apps on it; don't have one, don't need one, not buying one.

  8. River, I should have said used to. They have stopped now. I will put money on you having a smart phone within two years.

  9. It was a bit of a novelty for me when they first came out, but I don't even think on this new phone of mine I have a barcode reader!

  10. Fen, I am clearly behind the times with my QR post, yet, as I suspected, some people don't know about it.

  11. yep I'm one of those. I've never heard of a QR code.

  12. There you go Diane. As well as the theramin music for Midsommer, I have now edjecated you about QR codes. You so needed to know about QR codes, but knowledge is never a bad thing.

  13. Moi aussi Andrew, oh sure I've seen them but not for one minute did I ever wonder what they were, now I know and nothing will change!

  14. Grace, I am sure I can remember when they were to be the best thing since sliced bread.

  15. As a techno-dinosaur, they've passed me by ... but I'm reminded of a recent app that friends used to try to identify the song and artist while listening to the radio. The app misdiagnosed the song pretty badly - sometimes there just is no substitute for memory!!

  16. Red, funnily, last night someone asked about that phone facility. So it is not perfect.