Friday, September 21, 2012

Phone boxes poll

I cannot remember the last time I used a public telephone. It was years ago. While there are not so many phone boxes around now, there are still quite a few but do you ever see anyone using them?


  1. The mobile phone was the best invention. No more trying to find a public phone that works.

  2. Hello Andrew:
    Looking at the results of the survey so far, it would seem that the 'so long ago' are carrying the day.

    Strangely, only the other day, passing a public telephone kiosk with, sadly, the glass shattered, we wondered to what extent they are used these days and if, anywhere, they are being installed.

  3. Colin6:00 pm

    To try and find a public phone booth here in Brisbane and I presume all over Australia that works for a start, is like trying to find "hens teeth". The Telstra mob or whoever was in charge of them just got sick to death of the vandalism (note another "ism",and then we have the "ists")!
    The one on the Albion Rail station has survived the Crusades, World War 1, the Blitz of WW2, and 9/11.
    As this blog is public, I shall refrain from other things I have seen done to it! Lets just say, if you had to use it, then put on disposable gloves!
    Now off to feed my pigeons!

  4. I've used them overseas when I haven't had a mobile. Not sure how I would have telephoned without them...

  5. They're used as urinals in London!

  6. Diane, you must be almost of an age where you would remember 'push button A'. Or even a roll in the slot model.

    JayLa, I doubt they are being installed anywhere. More likely is that they are being removed.

    Colin, while I consider pigeons to be unclean, they sound cleaner than the Albion Station public telephone.

    Yes KN, but did you use one on your last trip? I think not.

    Fen, how delightful. I posted a photo of one in Edgware Road, a modern one, with a nice looking guy in the advertising panel when I wrote about our time in London. It smelt ok.

  7. It must be nearly 20 years since I heard a chap say his job was removing public phone boxes.
    I can't remember the last time I even saw one.

    A great aunt once came back from the phone box fuming. She didn't grasp the concept of lining up four pennies and only rolling them into the slot if the phone was answered. Anyway, a metro postage stamp was only 3d and mail delivered twice a day, so phones were mainly emergency only things.

    There is a great episode of Dad's Army where Captain Mainwaring took his troop through the A B phone box procedure. Needless to say, just as well they never saw a hun they had to report quickly.

  8. FC, I so want to see that episode of Dad's Army. Mail was more reliable back then. It did not take three days to get to adjacent suburbs.

  9. I did Andrew- a few times. It took me a couple of days before I worked out where to buy a mobile from and for it then to become 'active'. So I used a phone box to ring up my friends and make arrangements for meeting them...

  10. There's not too many public phones left around Adelaide. I hardly even use my mobile phone, preferring email, where I have more time to think about my words.
    I remember quite clearly doing the rounds of public phones in Port Pirie with my brother in the early hours of Saturday and Sunday mornings and pushing the "coin return" buttons in hopes of getting a bit of pocket money. We never did get much and soon gave it up.

  11. I'm one of the public phone recent users. If you're travelling remotely, there's often times when mobiles just don't work. A lot of outback/remote towns have public phones, and many caravan parks do to!! I don't use my mobile to make many calls on the road - I use a public phone if there is one!

  12. Series 3 Ep 3 The Lion Has Phones

  13. Ok KN. A foreign phone box would probably do my head in.

    River, I too like email and text messaging as you have time to think.

    Red, very useful. I think some outback public phones work via a satellite, do they not?

    FC, I had forgotten how well that show was made.

  14. Yes, probably. I don't care how they work, as long as they DO work!! For all the talk of NBN changing the world, there is still no talk of bringing some rural/remote areas into the 21st centurty with actual communications, let alone improved ones!!

  15. There is Red. Even the most remote rural will have satellite access to the net, subsidised. They will pay the same as city folk, although satellite is not quite as good.