Saturday, September 29, 2012

Little Jo and the Grannies

For each of Little Jo's birthdays Bone Doctor has made up a cd of music Little Jo liked or connected to over the preceding year. Upon Little Jo's arrival this evening, Little Jo wanted to hear our copy of the cd. We popped it on while we had a very, for us, early dinner.

"That's a good song Little Jo, but I can't understand the words".

"Andrew, that is because it is Russian. It is is the Russian Grandmothers".

"Who are they?"

"They were on a tv show, a singing competition show."

"X Factor or Australia's Got Talent?"

No proper answer.

I googled Russian Grandmothers. Ah, Eurovision. Now I remember. They were Eurovision competitors and I seem to recall, they went down quite well. But I had not seen them or heard them perform.

When I am no longer working, I may devote time to watching Eurovision, perhaps only the final. 

I was sent out to buy ice cream and meanwhile, with R's help, Little Jo had found a clip of them on You Tube. But Eurovision protects its property rights strongly and they couldn't find one showing the performance.

I am reminded of a period in my life when I became very fond of balalaika music.

"Andrew, it has cooking in it."

Eventually I found the official Eurovision You Tube channel and the clip. 

"Little Jo, do you know the Russian name for grandmother?"

Blank look.

"It is babushka. I will show you some net photos of babushka dolls".

"Andrew, I have babushka dolls at home."

R said, "She does, in her room."

Well, short of a full sized aeroplane, she has everything else, so why not babushka dolls.

Have a look and listen to the Russian Grandmother's performance. It is bright, boppy and great fun and you can see where the cooking came into it.


  1. I've come to love the Little JO stories. You should compile them into a book for her.
    AND, those Russian Grandmother's! Who'd thought. I can see why she likes them. That was fun.

  2. What is the song about? A recipe for cookies....or maybe Borscht?

  3. We never miss the grand final of Eurovision :) Everyone is given a pen and paper, and all nations are scored.

    The biggest thrill is when Israel or Britain win (because we lived there) or Russia or The Czech lands (because the parents came from there).

  4. Oh can you not know about the Russian grandmothers? Tisk, tisk. The next Eurovision party is at your place!

  5. Anonymous1:32 pm

    What a chirpy number! V.

  6. It's a nice idea Rubye. Mood lifting clip hey.

    Victor, unless I get a Russian speaker onboard, we shall never know.

    Hels, who could forget Dana International.

    AdRad, if I watch next year, will I get an elephant stamp on my gay card? I am ignoring your last sentence.

    Isn't it V. I don't think an average of their ages would be so high.

  7. oh yeah, definitely at your house next May Andrew.

  8. Fen, I just glanced out the window and a pig flew past.

  9. I had a beautifully hand painted set of Babushka dolls when I was very small, have no idea what happened to them. I later bought a wooden set for my girls. Now they're available in plastic or china as measuring cup sets and I plan on buying a set for my grand daughter this Christmas.

  10. The Russian Grandmothers were ROBBED!! Watching the Eurovision Final is a must-do event on our calendar! It's even better now they've streamlined the voting!!!

  11. River, the old ones were very beautiful and I think I have seen some in second hand shops.

    Red, I am surprised at the diversity of people who are Eurovision watchers. You reckon the grannies should have won?

    1. Musically, maybe not, but they are the real spirit of Eurovision!! I think they had the universal appeal that cut through the voting along political lines that normally takes place!!

    2. They were very much a construction by someone. But aren't most Eurovision competitors the same?

  12. Come on and boom. boom boom!! They are too cute I would have voted for them for sure.

  13. Grace, I wonder if they will be back next year.