Monday, September 10, 2012

Jack's back

Once again we are looking after Jack. The last time R was not working, but he is a bit now. R works Monday for six hours, but I will home for lunch for three hours, so he will only be on his own for a couple of hours here and there. Tuesday I don't work and Jack care will be my duty while R works. Wednesday will be the same as Monday.

Thursday R is taking Mother to the optometrist and I think he will take Jack with him. Friday, Jack's mummy will collect him Friday.


  1. Hello Andrew:
    We remember Jack from before and imagine that, despite working out the rota between you and R, you have great fun looking after him.

  2. Always love to see Jack

  3. My friends know not to leave animals in my care. The last time I took on the carer role for a pet it died.

  4. I remember Jack, he's a little cutie!

  5. aw Jack is cute, make sure you walk him lots, people like cute doggies!

  6. JayLa, we do enjoy having him but you know the saying about fish and visitors.

    MC, you have seen him before? You remember him?

    Victor, I remember. Your conscience is clear.

    River, he is such a great dog, especially compared to Sister's dog.

    Fen, R has been communing with locals in Fawkner Park. Dogs bring people together.

  7. Anonymous10:52 pm

    I've been walking Max, the golden retriever while her dad is in the States. Yesterday while out, 4 quite young kids came running up to us saying (in Japanese) 'cute dog, cute dog'. Of course, Max got excited and I was worried there'd be tears or worse but she sat on my command and stayed there patiently while the kids petted and hugged her. She made four new friends! V.

  8. Sweet V. Jack is fine with kids too but his greeting to strange dogs is, shall we say, overly enthusiastic.