Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Jack being butch

Jack is anything but prim and prissy little dog. An hour before he was collected my his Mummy after his recent visit, he discovered Little Jo's teddy bear on the spare bed. Fortunately he did not damage it in the short time he gave it a good shaking and chewing.

Jack slept on R's bed each night. While I arose long before R, Jack ignored me and stayed on the warm bed with R.


  1. Hello Andrew:
    We can see absolutely no reason why Jack should wish to leave the comfort of his bed!

  2. Nathan really wants us to get a dog and I like the idea of having one but I'm also a bit apprehensive about dogs and apartment living. How was Jack with 'accidents' around the apartment?

    1. AR, one thing I've learned the hard way is that when you first arrive home with a dog, it is important to take them straight to where you want them to do their business, even if you have to wait forever.
      Next, take them outside every hour, or if they look like they are about to do their bits, and back to the same spot.
      If you say something like "do your bits" at the very time they are doing their bits, they will learn to go on command.

      Time consuming, but only for a week or two. By then the whole apartment should be their nest and they will be very reluctant to soil it. Well, that's the theory that has worked for us.

  3. What have you been doing to that poor little goggie? He looks terrified of you.

  4. Love the picture of Jack with the teddy!
    R's quilt cover is lovely and colourful and the sheet is the same as mine.

  5. Indeed JayLa. Why would he.

    AdRad, my sister's dog is house trained but she had an accident when she was here. Jack only had to be taken out twice a day. He was quite happy to wait until we were good and ready to take him out in the morning, and he marked every tree and post he could. In the evening he would do the same and do the other as well.

    FC, pretty much what we did when we had dogs.

    Jah Teh, he wasn't terrified of me at all, but he had a strong attachment to R because R fed him and took him out. Many develop a strong attachment to R. They should try and live with him.

    River, I have one set of bedding, washed, dried and put back on the same day. R has three sets and this is the brightest.

  6. all little dogs need toys. go to opshop and buy a plush anything the same size as doglet. he will hump it till he's silly.

  7. Fruitcake always says the right thing. when jack is pissing always emphasise the same words, something that won't embarrass you in public
    ie " lets GO Jack", then when you NEED him to go, he will know when he hears you say that.

  8. Ann, he came with toys. He was very fond of an indestructible squeaky ball that we had to keep throwing. We only threw it once each time as he never brought it back. With our dogs, we used to use the word 'quickly' and that is what we wanted them to do outside when it was cold.

  9. Jack.'s a smart wee dog, he knows the right spot to be on a chilly morning..

  10. Grace, he also found the brief morning sun to lie in too.