Wednesday, September 26, 2012


Apparently IOS6 is something to do with the latest iPhone. I suppose it is an operating system. No longer is Google Maps to be found on an iPhone. Users are acquainting themselves with the new Apple built maps included with the phone. But things aren't quite right in the new map system.

Many have contributed faulty maps and directions to the Tumbler website, ironically called The Amazing IOS 6 Maps. I did not read them all, but I did see one that had the Queensland city of Cairns misplaced.

The lack of accuracy of the map system has become rather a joke. In Pants old stomping ground of Hackney Wick, the station staff are ever so helpful. Photo from Going Underground's Blog.


  1. I don't have iPhone but have iPod- have just bookmarked the page to Google Maps and can use it via Safari:-)

  2. TOH has an iphone but I wouldn't have a clue how to use it. Apple don't like google or adobe products which can be a nuisance at times.

  3. I prefer to rely on maps I've bought at newsagents and my local street directory.

  4. I updated all my Apple products with iOS6 and it is true that the new Maps is less informative and less accurate than the Google Maps it replaced. On the other hand I was very impressed how well it tracked my trip home on the train from the football last Saturday.

  5. Diane, that's the thing with Apple. They don't like working with anyone they perceive as a competitor.

    River, I too like proper maps, but you don't always have one when you want one, whereas your phone is always with you.

    Victor, did you check that the footy ground was not in the middle of the harbour?

  6. I just checked, Andrew. It's in the correct position.