Tuesday, September 18, 2012

East St Kilda

What is in behind here?

The back door, taken with the camera held over the top of a fence.

Bit of a jungle.

This house in Balaclava Road is disappearing, with plants taking over. But, the substantial house doesn't have an empty feel to it. I wonder. What might be thought of by me at least as deceased estate, might not be.

Tram Hunter told me ten minutes until the next two trams that arrive together.  I shall walk up the Sidwell Avenue to fill in the time. Very nice Art Deco.

A little detail.

I have often wondered why Balaclava Road has so many tram users. Perhaps it is because there are a lot of apartments in the side streets. This Sidwell Avenue one is a fine example.

Waddaya reckon? $1.5 million? More? With a fantastic west facing balcony where you can take your breakfast tea and toast or evening martini, maybe it is almost priceless.


  1. Hi, my name is Robert, My father was a drunk. I am a gourmet.
    That last joint looks okay. I'd need a maid, cute little apron. White. Frilly.

    Seen on TV, huge country mansion, pommyland.

    Interviewer: "Lovely home you have here, utterly gorgeous."

    Lord Whatisname "Yes...well...keeps the rain off your head."

  2. Newsflash: D Bowen has chucked it in as President of the Transport User's Assoc.

    It turned him grey.

    Maybe you'd like the job? You get on TV.

  3. RH, surely 'keeps the rain off one's head'.

    Daniel resigned yesterday. He is an articulate speaker. I am not and I know about a tenth of what he knows about public transport.

  4. Third comment deleted. It was funny. What's the matter with you, my gay friends here have never heard those expressions. Let them laugh!!! Man you are so conservative!

  5. No. "Keeps the rain off YOUR head"

    Don't edit me.

  6. St Kilda Festival is being cancelled, you didn't know that!

    Go on, do your worst, threaten me with Rodney Croome!

    Going out now Goodbye!!!

  7. Of course I knew about St K Festival. Dep Mayor was on radio.

  8. $1.5m?
    meh...pocket change.

    Not for me of course, I'm dirt poor.
    But I'm sure someone somewhere will pull wads of cash out of his/her pocket and buy it.

  9. Topless waitresses and foxy barmaids have been put on the dole since the Spottiswoode pub closed and became a latte dive. Bald headed owner Andrew Gale wants tree plantings all around it and the road resurfaced, you didn't know that.

    Hermaphrodite Mayor Tony Briffa is considering his proposal (among others).

    Hobsons Bay Leader
    (local rag)
    Tuesday September 18, 2012

  10. Correct term is "intersex" not Hermaphrodite.

    My apologies.

  11. River, we can dream.

    RH, I wonder if people who elected Tony knew who they were voting for. We will see when the next election arrives.

  12. The next election is a few weeks away in October. Councillors elect the mayor from among themselves as you probably know.
    Tony Briffa has been re-elected by local ratepayers at least three times. During the first poll a rival named Brad Matheson (later exposed as a (very inept) crook*) attempted to discredit Briffa in the local rag by mentioning his medical condition. It seems to have backfired and I remember one letter in particular to the paper strongly describing Matheson's tactic as disgraceful.
    Briffa has since discussed his condition with The Age, Sixty Minutes, and elsewhere. He helps run the AIS support group (AISSG).

    *Matheson was head of the Municipal Association of Victoria until sacked for bringing it into disrepute.

  13. I mention Briffa and intersex simply because it's relevant here.

  14. RH, I guess if I thought it through, it is unlikely a first time councillor would become a mayor.

  15. oh i'd love to have me a lovely big house whereby I could rattle about talking to myself!

  16. A lot of cat storage space Fen.