Saturday, September 01, 2012

Double Deckers

Double decker buses are returning to the streets of Sydney but for use on longer outer area routes where there is little short trip travel.

This great photo from the SMH is Sydney's Queens Square. As you can see, the trams are disappearing and the buses are taking over. I believe this photo is from 1950 and the tram from Watson's Bay to the Erskine Street Wharves has been cut back to terminate here or is about to be, no longer running along King Street. Long had King Street shop keepers and police argued for removing trams from King Street.

It was a marvellous time in Sydney, when those slow and shabby rattling old trams that constantly blocked traffic were replaced by buses and Sydney's traffic problems were forever solved.


  1. '...and Sydney's traffic problems were forever solved.'

    Nice joke, Andrew.

  2. Oh. Victor got here first. With my line. Hmpf!
    I like double decker buses for the view from the upper level, but the extra swaying motion as the bus rounds the corners isn't much fun. It brings back memories of childhood car sickness.

  3. Well Victor, we kept our trams and are no better, or worse off, with traffic.

    River, I am scratching my head now. Have I been on a dd bus? I've been on a dd tram, but I don't think I've been on a dd bus. The swaying motion around corners sounds interesting.

  4. Love those old cars also, what a great image Andrew. It's also very unnerving in the double buses that are attached by a concertina sort of arrangement, dodgy going around corners. Hope you have a good weekend Andrew, looking forward to seeing that 'refreshed' fruit bowl hahaha!

  5. Many beautiful European cities, like Melbourne, kept their tram systems and modernised them. Even Adelaide retained its longest tram trip. Poor old Sydney - great trains but lots of stinky buses :(

  6. Hello Andrew:
    We wonder where the buses were manufactured? They do closely resemble the London double deckers of the period.

  7. Grace, we have single level buses with the concertina part in between the two sections. They look like they will collapse in the middle. London is getting rid of their 'bendy buses'.

    Hels, it is pleasing to see that Europe, in spite of its financial woes, is still spending money on tram extensions. Trams have a civilising effect.

    JayLa, I think they were made here, but probably to an English design. So few were kept, now if companies want to set up a double deck party bus venture, they have to get the dd from HK.