Friday, September 14, 2012

Curious Car Name

I suppose the car name Fluence is supposed to induce to your mind a feeling of fluidity and smoothness, or from confluence where things meet. I am afraid neither work for me at all. All I think of when I see the word Fluence, is effluence, surely not a word Renault would want associated with its marque.

It perhaps is not as bad as the name Nissan dreamt up for one of its cars, the Cedric.


  1. Hello Andrew:
    We must be very gullible indeed as the first thought which came to mind was, in fact, fluidity. Clearly we are Renault's target market!! Depressing!

  2. Both names really don't float my boat either.

  3. Walking past a clothing store in Lygon St a few years ago, an Italian friend nearly collapsed laughing. The store's name? CESS. [think "cesspit']

    Nonetheless, fluence sounds a little more sophisticated than cedric.

    A quick check of online French/English dictionaries provides a definition I can't really understand but sounds hi-tech. But just in case the word was not quite what we are looking for, the dictionary helpfully suggests we might have been looking for 'flatulence'.

  4. definitely not fluency in car nomenclature here. Umm ... to follow 'Bird Flu' we now have car flu? ah but wait -
    In physics, fluence is the flux integrated over time.


  5. JayLa, as one moves towards middle age, as you are, the sporting motor car offers little in the way of back support and they can be difficult to climb into and out of with a semblance of dignity. Having said that, I think you are better off being seen on a Budapest tram or a Brighton bus than in a Renault.

    Really Windsmoke? You don't want anyone saying Windsmoke drives a Nissan Cedric? I don't blame you.

    FC, cess, as in pit must be a Latin word then. Even I would find a shop called cess disturbing. The dictionary suggestion was appropriate enough, given what I was thinking about the word.

    Ann, bless Wikipedia that explains things to us with such clarity.

  6. Yes, some people don't appreciate the connotations of a name in other cultures.

    When I lived in Hong Kong I was regularly waited on at a restaurant by someone who took the name Sampson as their Western name. This Sampson was a petite, lightweight young woman.

  7. Victor, Asians taking a western name and their choice of names is a big subject. I kind of like Sampson as a girls name.

  8. I've something fascinating to say about this. Later, in a hurry now.

  9. Thanks for the definition Ann.
    Reading about flux integrated over time is a little like watching Julius Sumner Miller, really. Many will have a Eureka moment.
    A few of us, constantly bewildered, will be left annoyed. Why call a TV show "Why is it so?" then not give us the bloody answer?
    Hopefully there's some equation in physics that describes brain density.

  10. 'Andrew patiently waits while RH goes about his Saturday morning duties'.

    FC, given some thought, I think someone could come up with a quite humorous brain density equation.

  11. Thanks old boy, I went to Fairfield to view some abstract paintings done recently by the lovely Andrea. A while ago there was a proposal financed by a well-to-do friend for her to knock up some bogus aboriginal paintings which I was to sell to the suckers in New York. It didn't proceed.
    I thought the Cedric was the car once featured weekly on a funky music and laugh ABC television show but after seeing it on google I'm not sure it's the same car.
    Just for a laugh I tried to buy a Toyota Tiara at Mannheim Fowles years ago and got it knocked down to me but the vendor then wanted more for it. It was a 1964 job with column shift, white duco, and the appearance of looking for somewhere to break down.
    I've a weakness for wanting funny looking vehicles but when I've got them I lose interest soon after. The most recent thing is a postie bike (Honda CT 110) which I haven't ridden for three months.

    "Affluence" was my first reaction. Why did no one else think of it?

  12. RH, while I am very familiar with 60s vehicles, I never experienced a Tiara. I have heard of it. I can't recall the name of the show, but it was Roy and HG who talked about the Nissan Cedric. I am an experienced Honda 90 rider with step through, but I do know how to do motor bike gears as I have ridden a Kawasaki 175.

    Affluence? Your obsession and focus on wealth is not becoming to you.

  13. Good heavens man, everything I want costs money; if you've got money you don't have to steal.

    I've got a BSA Bantam 175, gear shift on the right (wrong) side. First time I tried it I fell off while turning. Jon Munn in Seaford has about 300 classic bikes for sale, that's where I got the Bantam, $3,000

    I'm curious about which ABC show featured the Cedric, if that's what it was. We're going back about fifteen years here but I remember it being bright red or pink and the show's compere was one of those girlies with long dark hair and a mouth like a horse. Typical.


  14. Sheets Afyre, she was part of a singing duo, The Nissan Cedrics, with Louise Anton on ABC-TV comedy show, Club Buggery from 1995, which was hosted by HG Nelson and Rampaging Roy Slaven...

  15. Thanks Em Stacks. It would have come to me eventually.

  16. If we're still on icky words, whenever I buy chicken from Lennards, I say to Aimee, I need something from the poultry shop and if I want to really gross her out I mention the word 'moist', works everytime haha!

  17. Thanks all. I think that's the show. Roy Slaven is a very funny bloke, sending up sports commentators, they take it all far too seriously.

  18. Grace, I guess everyone has their own icky words. I know I do.

    RH, he is great. Well, both are.