Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Because it amused me

Pumpkin soup cooling. There wasn't even steam happening.


  1. I think the crocodile that ate its way out of its plastic container on the Qantas flight to Melbourne last week found its way into your pot.

  2. I love that expression, "because it amused me".

  3. Hello Andrew:
    Gosh, we found this a little alarming. What was the ringing sound?!!

  4. Croc soup Victor or worse croc in the pumpkin soup? How disturbing.

    Rubye, rather arrogant of me to think that because it amused me, it will amuse anyone else.

    JayLa, it it the sound of metal grinding on metal as the pot lid spins.

  5. Fen, the answer being in the subject line.

  6. Colour me thick - at first I did not realise - oh well, now that I've actually played the tape [duh] ...
    That's not stainless steel at all - it's a croc-pot.

    Seriously though, Julius Sumner Miller would have gone on and on about steam and the lid spinning like that and asked why is it so... and then not given us an answer.
    So ours is not to reason why or how, it is simply to be amused.

    Let me know if you can repeat the result next time you cook pumpkin soup.

    1. Extra thick. I think I've worked it out.

      Note to self: think before engaging keyboard.

  7. FC, croc pot. That is so good. It didn't work with pea and ham soup. Yes, it did spin on congealed soup and some heat rising.