Monday, September 03, 2012

Be anything but a hypocrite

I recall Jane and Lance some time ago mentioning a difficulty about the holding of the annual gay pride march in Budapest. Many countries, including Australia, now take such things for granted. The hoops with the authorities have to be jumped through, but there is never a doubt that a gay pride march will go ahead.

Not so in Budapest. Each year an application is made to the police to hold the pride march and each year the police deny permission. The pride march committee takes the matter to a local court and the police are overruled. The march goes ahead, although the marchers are subject to taunts and harassment from fascist, right wing, anti all but the mainstream, neo nazi thug types. I think it was 2008 when Molotov cocktails were thrown. That's really not the sort of pride march that we are used to. I hope Hungary can move on to a state of more acceptance of diversity.

I've done a little superficial research on the matter, as I do, and I have been finding some very amusing things. Well slightly amusing, but they could have had quite serious repercussions.

No doubt people who attack Hungary's gay pride march are supporters of the the far right political party known as Jobbik. Jobbik is the usual glad bag of extreme right wing types, including being anti-Semitic. You've got a feel a bit sorry for one of the leading lights of the party when he finds out he is part Jewish, Jewish enough to be officially classified as such, especially as he known for his anti-Semitic rants.

The caption said, 'former hard right Hungarian politician Csanad Szegedi', so I guess he can no longer be a member of the party. Our hearts are not bleeding.

He is not the only one who has left the party for reasons of incompatibility. András Királywas was openly against gay rights and a supporter of the party line against gays. Here is a quote from him as to how he occupies his time, "Prayer meetings in the evening, bible readings, attending mass, family activities, sharing the love of my family...". Nothing wrong with that I suppose. It does make him sound a little boring though but just the sort of clean living chap who should be Jobbik party spokesperson, and so he was appointed. He is no longer a party member either. He got a little carried away while on a 'research trip' against the evils of homosexuality.

I certainly hope he repents and sees the wrongs of his gay ways. I would not want anyone to be gay who has so little dress sense, such a bad haircut and beard and not a skerrick of style at all. For some reason he reminds me of a young Eugene Terre'Blanche.

Oh, should I pick so much on Hungary? Let us travel to the US for a fine example of something similar.

Try the man with one of the best collection of pornographic gay magazines and dvds in the States. Not only that, he is often to be found in S & M dungeons, saunas, at orgies, all the while researching his favourite topic, the evil GAYS, with his speciality being 'kinky practices'.

His name is Peter LaBarbera, head of Americans for Truth, a bible believing christian organization whose only intent is to expose the gay agenda. If I were his wife, I'd be asking him when he arrived home for his apple pie and cream, where his mouth had been all day.


  1. Well I am horrified, Andrew, to see that photo of Hannah Barbera... he bears an uncomfortable resemblance to a relative of mine.

    That aside, I think he must have an enormously strong faith in his God, or else he wears a clove of garlic around his neck and avoids chefs. Homosexuals are well and widely [and justifiably] known for their ability to convert the most wholesome, god-fearing and upright men to their evil purpose.

    I tried to make a donation to support him in his fine work using the handy, prominently-placed link on his website, but my Visa card was rejected.

  2. The hypocrisy is breath taking.

  3. Hello Andrew:
    You have clearly carried out a great deal of research for this post, all of which is entirely accurate.

    We are sorry to say that the influence of the far right does not restrict itself to Gay Pride or, indeed, gay people but is slowly infiltrating throughout society with Roma, and to a lesser extent Jewish, people as a very easy target.

    Only last week the 'new' National Party, previously banned, were permitted to hold a march and demonstration where, combined with Jobbik, they made something of an impact with their racial taunts and physical violence, to all of which the police turned a blind eye.

    We remain very concerned about the move within the country to the extreme right. Increasingly we note similarities to the Germany of the 1930s and are alarmed.

    Thank you for this post and, of course, for the link.

  4. If I were his wife, I'd be living in a completely different house, with a divorce decree framed and hung on the wall. Well, technically, that would make me not his wife, but you get the idea.

  5. FC, love your work. All gay men know there is only half a dozen tinnies between a straight bloke and a bloke with his legs high in the air. Gay men leave straight men with this fantasy.

    Pre the first Mardi Gras, hey Victor.

  6. Me too River. Scary bloke with an unhealthy interest.

  7. JayLa, thanks for you approval. The information was easy to find. Hungary's history, its buildings and quite a bit of the present is wonderful. But this rising of the hard right is disturbing. Often these parties are bolstered by failings of ruling governments.

    Surely no county would go down the path of Germany in the thirties. The history is there to be learnt.

    I came across something today, long after I wrote the post, about the rise in the number of skinheads in Hungary. For many it is a fetish, but an uncomfortable number take on board the traditional skin head attitudes.

    It is good that you live in Budapest and have a civilising influence by your presence.

  8. From where I sit in my ebony tower, the whole of Europe has moved so far to the right it now occupies a great portion of what was once the USSR.

    Now that I have this to ponder upon I promise NOT to whinge about Australia for 24 hours. Well, I'll try.

  9. It all seems to personify the saying 'thou protesteth too much', doesn't it?

    Crikey..... And Jobbik sounds like an unwanted turd: "Who left the jobbik on the door mat?"

  10. FC, people want someone or something to blame, quite justifiably. It is all very well to tell them they elected the politicians who allowed such a situation to develop, but it does not help. And our country, our rules, we can whinge about it.

    Kath, a good call. Yes, something distasteful to be scraped off one's shoes.

  11. This near-delusional notion among homosexuals that non-homosexuals are easily turned is a failure to know how repulsive these practices are to non-homosexuals. You claim homosexuality isn't a choice but go on to say that it is.
    I know that any homo making advances on a straight bloke drunk or not risks a punch in the mouth. I've seen it happen.

  12. RH, since when do you take me so seriously.

  13. Several women of my acquaintance have been friendly toward homosexuals. Like Wilma Hedley, a middle-aged barfly at Her Majesty's who had a little house in Ralston street South Yarra where a homosexual was battered to death one night. She described herself in court as "a poet and student". Do you know the case?

  14. I do take you seriously or wouldn't bother reading here.

  15. Ralston Street I know of but not really where it is. I don't recall the event you mention.