Wednesday, September 19, 2012

And they wonder why

US presidential candidate Mitt Romney:
“As we watch the world today, sometimes it seems that we are at the mercy of events instead of shaping events,” he said at a campaign rally in the battleground state of Virginia yesterday. “A strong America is essential to shape events.”

"The Middle East needs American leadership".

The arrogance of the man in his 'I'm right, you are wrong' world is unbelievable. No damn wonder people of the Middle East get so cross.


  1. After the election everybody will be asking Mitt who?, because President Obama will walk it in.

  2. Hello Andrew:
    It is indeed the kind of arrogance which makes us very fearful.

  3. I can't work out why they come up with such dud candidates, look at that mad woman last time, strangling turkeys or something. Maybe it's because they're so closely examined, which is a good thing, or is there engineering we don't know about, a higher order ensuring a particular incumbent stays in power?

  4. At the risk of incurring a lot of Yankee wrath, there is a lot of "Americans are the best" in the media. Said or inferred by the Americans themselves of course.

  5. Windsmoke, three weeks ago I would not have agreed with you, but I do now.

    JayLa, fortunately, or perhaps not fortunately at times, what is said by campaigning politician and what happens are two very different things.

    The turkey strangler. Fantastic RH. I would have thought Bush Jnr was dud candidate but look what happened.

    And River, as you would know, there are a lot of nice, modest and questioning Americans in the blog world. The thought of the world judging us by MrRabbit is awful.

  6. Colin7:04 pm

    Good God! USA population: 314,397,000 and they come up with the Sarah Palins etc. and now this Romney fellow. Obama is completely out of his league, Bush (Jnr),what a joke! Landing on an aircraft carrier and making the most stupid of statements ever made.
    Surely with a population of the above, there must be some person of International, Economic and Rural and 'real' city life experience of the USA who knows something, who can be elected as President.
    What's the saying in the good ole US of A. " It's money, that gets you into 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue!
    Thank God, the incompetent President of the 4 year period, selects mostly a good Secretary of State who knows that the World is not the 4 square - Seattle/Northern Maine/Key Biscayne/San Diego and then back to that terrible city called Seattle. Avoid Seattle like the plague. Thank God, Hillary Clinton, who may be considered by some as incompetent does know that the World is round.
    Should be an interesting scenario on the first Wednesday of November, who gets front page news - the Melbourne Cup winner or the USA Presidental results.
    I think in sports crazy Melbourne I would back the cup winner and the USA elections on page 2.

  7. Colin, your knowledge of the US is impressive. What was her name, Clinton's Sec of State? Albright. Madeline. Or was she someone else's S of S. No matter. The Rice woman did ok. Err, why are they all women? Better negotiators?

    Melbourne Cup, US elections and Reserve Bank interest rates. Only one is exciting.

  8. Colin9:23 pm

    I thank you for the compliment.
    Madeleine Korbelová Albright was the Secretary of State for Bill "Keep pants buttoned up" Clinton.
    Cornelia Rice was George Bush (JNR) second Secretary of State after General Colin Powell!
    If Romney had one ounce of sense and he wins, then his best choice of another go at it would be C. Rice as the chosen one.
    As for being better negotiators, that could be so - time will tell.Phone Hillary and ask her!!!!
    As for your last reply - dollars to peanuts - the Melbourne Cup by the whole length of the Flemington straight!

  9. There's a great scene in this new TV show. An American newscaster is asked by a young student why America is the greatest country in the world. He's then influenced by a sign held up in the audience that says "It's not."

    The newscaster hesitates, because he worries about getting in trouble (I guess? Not sure of his internal motivations).

    But then he finally answers the girl. Says America is not the greatest country in the world; and then goes on a fantastic rant about it.

    That being said...I do personally think America is better than most Muslim countries. I wouldn't say Muslim countries need American leadership. But I might quietly say I wish Muslim countries were more like America.

    And then I wish America was more like Sweden, Australia,France, and other countries like that.

    So...perhaps we could say Muslim countries need some American influence. And America desperately needs leadership/influence from other countries (like with maternity leave, healthcare, etc).

    Really. We all have our negatives; and it would be wise for us to learn from each other's positives.

    We ALL have at least a few positives.

  10. Ah yes Colin, Powell. That didn't work out so well.

    Dina of course Middle Eastern countries would be better if they were a bit more like the US. As you say, every country has its merits, even the poorest. I suppose if we put all the good qualities of every country together, it would be a pretty boring world.

  11. Colin8:23 pm

    Andrew. Collin (I think he had the two "lls" in his Christian name)Powell could probably be now the first Afro-American President instead of Obama. His wife would not allow him to stand. I think she was terrified he may be assassinated. He had an illustrious military career and the thought of the bullet from a "nut case" (presently the World has many) stopped any idea of him to stand after George (Jnr).
    Actually in response to your reply to Dina, I would prefer the World to again become a boring place. Far safer, than the present situation which is on the "tinder box". I ponder which match and from where will send us all up the "gurgle"?

  12. Colin, apparently two lls make it pronounced as Colon. He lacked the charisma and possibly the financial backing to become President. Please do tell me when the world was a safe place? Not in my memory.

  13. I agree with Colin.

    I want the world to be a boring place.

  14. Colin6:40 am

    You are correct with the pronunciation of Colin in the USA, they do pronounce the name as COLON! It drove me up the wall, trying to get them to pronounce it as it should be. Also it is not a very common name in the USA, thus my surprise when "Collin" Powell appeared on the scene as Sec.of State. Sometimes his name appeared in the US papers as with one 'l' and then even on occasions in the same article with the two "ll's".
    Bit strange eh?

  15. Dina, I am trying to think of a boring country, and none come to mind. Odd about Powell. There must be a right way to spell his name.

  16. Colin9:03 am

    Sorry I forgot to answer one of your questions! The World was a safe place before the "isms" took over. And "isms" then gets to the more dangerous "ists"!

  17. I can't believe that they could elect Romney yet I can believe that they could elect Romney - if you get my drift.

  18. Victor, I would have said the same about Bush Jnr.