Thursday, September 06, 2012

And now to the news

Today was long. R had an appointment in Dandenong at ten o'clock, more on that in another post, and then we went on to Mother's to do a couple of things for her and take her out for lunch and to the doctor's and the shops. Unlike the last time R took her out, this time she managed to put her petticoat on under her dress instead of over it. She only realised, and no one, including R, noticed she had a petticoat on over her dress. She passed by a mirror and realised her clothing faux pas.

It has been a very windy day. As we left Mother's to go out for lunch, a large dead tree branch had fallen off a tree on her nature strip.  Upon our return, a window on her front porch was smashed. The wind and a rotten window sill combined to do the damage. Tradie Brother may not want to waste time, energy and money on a house that will be bulldozed in a few years, but I think he has to do some patching up now.

We arrived home after five after leaving home at nine. Too much missy.

I need the internet after such an absence. Yesterday I was rereading End of Empire, the Malaysian chapter. For anyone English, I assure you I don't read it with a sense of glee. I read of a massacre of twenty four people in a Malay village by the Scots Guard in 1948. Blow me down, I look at today's electric Guardian, and a headline says, Relatives Lose for Malaya Massacre Inquiry. The world is full of co-incidences.

But if you want a cracking story about Australia, look at a foreign newspaper. Emu underpass planned for Australia was the headline. An expert suggests emus are too stupid to use such a facility. He is possibly correct. Pacing with a car alongside a road is quite pointless and burns up a lot of emu energy.  As I have never heard of this story from an Australian news outlet, I don't expect I will ever hear of a follow up.

For today, read yesterday.


  1. Hello Andrew:
    Well, we are still in yesterday, just, and so reading about tomorrow seems just about as strange as reading about an underpass for Emus. Still, all of Life's rich pattern we say!

    Glad to hear that petticoats are still worn at all...under or over!!

  2. I'm still trying to work out how possums etc know they are supposed to walk over some roads on those specially designed wires I've seen here and there.
    Who reminds them to cross at the crossing?

    It's now more than 200 years since brought our strange new world to this continent - our native fauna have had plenty of time to get with the program and adapt.

    Seriously, I suspect what that Guardian article is saying between the lines is that some Australians are pretty dumb for thinking dumb animals would do something smart.

  3. Hi, I know a chap who made money at fleamarkets from stuff he picked up on hard rubbish chuckouts. He found bits of clothing to wear as well. One day he turned up at my place wearing odd socks and I ticked him off for it, next time his socks matched but his shoes were odd. What a drongo. He's been declared mad by some very profound people, including Prof Mairead Dolan of Monash, and you can't do better than that.

  4. Emu underpass??????????
    My God what next?
    Do emus read?
    Surely you jest?
    I think you should file this under the heading - "The Sublime and the Ridiculous section" of your blog.
    Emu passes, what next cockroach alleys?
    Cheers as I scratch my head.

  5. I like underpasses, there's a good one between Melbourne Road and Hall Street, another on the Williamstown line. I'm intrigued as to why I like these hidey places so much, it could be to do with my experiences as a Peeping Tom.

  6. 'Emu underpants planned for Australia was the headline. An expert suggests emus are too stupid to use such a facility.'

    Well that was the lead story on both 'A Current Affair' and "Today Too Stupid'.

    OTOH budgies are quite canny regarding their underwear having signed up Tony as their poster jock.

  7. Tune in next week when both 'A Current Unfair' and "Today Too Stupid' will have exposes on school underpass crossing lollipop lady bandicoots rorting the work for the dole scheme.

  8. Emu underpants from lord sedgwick.......hee hee

  9. JayLa, always feel free to contact me if you wish to know what will happen tomorrow.

    FC,I think possums are fairly smart about such things. We are working hard in this country on survival of the fittest species.

    Colin, though it may not work foe emus, it certainly has for some other animals. A road built in one of our snowfields has a animal tunnel under it.

    RH, I dislike such tunnels. They usually stink of piss.

    LS, nice one about the budgies. You really shouldn't watch such shows. Cheer yourself up with SBS World News.

  10. I've heard of stranger things Diane.

  11. 'Cheer yourself up with SBS World News.'

    I do. I do. I am fascinated by Lee Lin Chin's weird enunciation and her equally creative clobber.

  12. It doesn't cheer me up LS, but Lee is great. She learnt English in her native Hong Kong, I believe. My Polish English language students years ago could understand Australian news programmes, but they said LLC goes, bloob, bloob, bloob.

  13. Yes they do. I was with a bloke who went to visit a woman at her flat one night but she didn't appear so he pissed on her door for a joke and it went all the way down the stairs.

  14. Emu underpasses are just one politically correct way to approve developments that encroach on wildlife habitats. Apparently possums know enough to use an overpass, koalas a man-made vegetation corridor and fish a 'water ladder' to get from the bottom of a dam to the top.

  15. Delightful, RH.

    Red, you thought of examples I was trying to recall. The water ladders are quite intriguing.