Sunday, September 02, 2012

A walk in the neighbourhood, Pt 1

Nicely inserted Star of David at the local synagogue. There were a couple more. Arnold Street.

Synagogue gates. I don't mind that they aren't pristine. I suggest that they may well be original, installed when the fence was built.

I don't know what this building is on the northern side of the 'Gog'.

But is it art? A small local gallery in an old motor car works garage. Arnold Street.

City of Melbourne coat of arms in street lamp post.

A fine Deco doorway. Bromby Street.
A fine Deco exterior light shade. My mother had a similar one on her house when she moved into her house. We got rid of it and installed a 'tasteful' mock coach lamp. Why commit such a crime?


  1. Coincidence! I as wandering along a city street yesterday taking photos.
    I don't like the Art Deco door and lamp.

  2. The small building next to the synagogue is a succah. It is a booth where everyone eats on the festival of Succot. There is no fixed roof on a succah... just palm leaves thrown over the ceiling rails.

  3. River, it was....can't remember, not yesterday. A week or so ago. Do you like Art Deco at all? You are not the first to express a dislike of Deco.

    Well, well Hels. How interesting. It is not very big for a mass dining. Now, how can I see the roof. It is hidden in our view.

  4. Andrew,

    Everyone has a small succah in their own yard for family meals. The children of the family decorate their own succah with flowers, fruits and streamers.

    But the synagogue needs a bigger succah so that the congregants have somewhere to go after Succot services. The congregants usually squash in and stand up, if there isn't enough room for individual chairs.

    When Succot starts in October this year, go in and have a look at the beautiful flowers and fruit decorations.

  5. Hels, it is dark now, but I can see the building. I will look at the roof tomorrow. A handkerchief to cover the head will do should I visit?

  6. hehe.. No hanky, but any hat is fine.

  7. Gay man visits synagogue. I need to ask Michael Barnett.