Sunday, September 30, 2012

A Slice of Life

It is late at night now, late for me to be up.

Chain Saw Niece and her tinted Islander partner are slumbering away in the spare room and R had just gone to bed too. Reading between the lines, I expect the TIP asked Chainsaw Niece if she would like to stay in town as a birthday present and CSN suggested we can stay at the gay uncles' place.

TIP flaked soon after we returned from a night on the town. Well, not really a night on the town. We had a great meal in China Town and then a walk in the city streets. Riverland was not 'going off', but closing when we arrived there for coffee. I am well aware of the effects of excessive alcohol consumption and TIP has passed our from excessive glasses of water consumption. He is such a nice and soft guy and does not really drink at all, yet CSW says he has anger management issues.

Apparently 'hang' is the modern word for the younguns. CSN asked if they could hang with us at the weekend. Oddly we had nothing planned except the usual Saturday morning shopping and a Sunday night birthday dinner, and I was not working, so we were free to hang.

They arrived halfway through the Aussie Rules football final and got straight into watching it on tv with much hooting and hollering, to use useful American words.  R then accompanied them down to have a swim, spa and sauna.

Once home after dinner out, I rang Mother as Sister was going to stay with her on this Saturday night as ABI Brother could not as he was attending Tradie Brother's football party.

I called Mother to make sure Sister was not suicidal about her football team loosing. 

During the week there had been an assault on the train to Mother's suburb. Mother had called Sister and told her not to come by train. It was too risky.

While Sister was probably relieved at not having to do Mother duty, I was quite surprised for fit and strong Sister to say she would not walk the less than one kilometre from the station to Mother's, but get a taxi.

After calling Mother and a brief chat, I handed the phone over to CSN for a chat with her Nanny Fud. CSN's  job is about public gardens and  Mother does know about plants, so they had a good chat.

Except for me, the Highrise is asleep. Where shall we take Chain Saw Niece and her Tinted Islander Partner tomorrow for breakfast? Probably South Melbourne Market.


  1. Funny, I never thought of Americanisms as being 'useful' before, but I see you are right!! Then again, 'hang' is useful too in that it is ambiguous enough to describe almost anything!

  2. "During the week there had been an assault on the train to Mother's suburb. Mother had called Sister and told her not to come by train. It was too risky."

    No doubt that in a city of 3.9 million people, there really was an assault on a train somewhere. But I wonder if people really do think there is a risk in travelling by public transport.

  3. Red, I'll see if I can slip some more useful American words in. None come to mind though.

    Hels, I would not travel on the Pakenham train alone at night. Even if you are reasonably safe, with young people being loud and mucking around, you just feel very uncomfortable. I had a couple of incidents in the daytime on trains and I don't use them often. Once the VLine train to Sunbury and another time on the Werribee line. You not only need to be safe, you need to feel you are safe too.

  4. A train driver's wife assures me the safest place to sit [he he] in a train is front carriage, close to the driver's door. Carry something heavy with which to knock or bang if necessary, and don't rely on the CCTV.

    After dark on a train is a good time to be with someone who has anger management issues. Not so sure about any other time.

  5. FC, sounds like sensible advice. CCTV is mostly a deterrent and useful afterwards.