Tuesday, September 04, 2012

A neighbourhood walk Part 2

Maybe it the good rain of the past couple of years. Maybe it is the colder winter we have just seemed to have come through, but the magnolias look glorious this year.
This soulangeana is a pretty good example. Toorak Road West.

Imagine what it would be like to have that little tower to sit in on a Sunday morning while you nibble a croissant, sipped your coffee and read a Sunday newspaper.

Nice Deco lines as an expensive renovation goes ahead.

Our traffic light poles used to be painted yellow, with school crossing light poles painted as above. Some years ago one local council queried of Vic Roads why a new set of traffic lighta had not been painted yellow. Vic Roads replied, if you want them painted, paint them yourself. I am not sure if Vic Roads still paint school crossing traffic lights on the  roads they control, but I suspect not. The red and white will disappear.

Whatever this is, it was much taller at some point. It is hollow in the centre. I am pleased to say that I don't think it was a sewer vent. Park Street.

Magnolia denudata. There used to be three within thirty metres years ago. Two have gone. Crime!
A very ugly house was demolished to construct this quite good new house. Who said I did not like modern architecture? The house next door is getting a new roof. The house was in a very poor state.

Not the Kingswood! You're not taking the Kingswood. Note the parking sign with a soft wrap around protector. I guess someone walked into it one day.

Behind these doors are quite normal Victorian period houses. Why the high walls? Society, I vant to be alone. Day Street.

Oh look, there is the Highrise in the background, behind the tennis courts of Melbourne Grammar, who's students travel business class on their international school excursions, with some of their costs being subsidised by Australia's working poor. I haven't ascertained where the school's four swimming pools are located. Domain Street.

He was a friendly chap. We couldn't help but smile as walked past him while he was walking his four Cavalier King Charles Spaniels. He returned a wide smile. I think he might have been, you know, one of those types. A ho...........I can't bring myself to say it. We had a friend who had a King Charles. It was the most stupid and idiotic dogs I have ever come across. Bromby Street.


  1. "A very ugly house was demolished to construct this quite good new house. Who said I did not like modern architecture?"

    There is nothing wrong with modern architecture. There are parts of our city and other cities where modern architecture is positively welcomed. But in my opinion, your part of Toorak should not be one of those places.

    Look at the gorgeous Victorian terraces, then look at the dark grey lump of harsh factory-like surfaces. I fear the new house helps destroy the streetscape.

  2. "You meet the nicest people on a Honda" is bullshit of course but you do meet the nicest people walking a dog. Anyone walking four dogs would be nice multiplied by four. I guarantee it.

  3. Hels, at least it is of a similar height and bulk as its neighbours. It does not smack you in the face when you are in the street. There are so many places being built that absolutely ruin streetscapes and I don't think this is one of them. I prefer the harsh lines to it being mock period.

    RH, I so agree about dog walkers.

  4. Hello Andrew:
    A most interesting and very varied neighbourhood which, since it is all new to us, we have enjoyed seeing.

  5. Fascinating bits and pieces you have seen on your walk, and the magnolias do indeed look magnificent. But the four dogs out on their walk quite steal the scene!

  6. I love the magnolias. I don't think our Adelaide ones have started blooming yet, maybe they are and I just haven't paid attention. Hayfever season started very strongly today. My nose is raw and two tissue boxes have been emptied in a day.The anti-histamines don't seem to be working very well. I may have to double the dose and be a zombie at work.

  7. Love magnolias and NONE should be allowed to be removed.

    Like the new house, too - often entertain idle fantasies about doing something like on our Flemington spot.

  8. Thank you JayLa. We like living in the cheap seats overlooking a very nice area.

    KN, we did quicken our pace to catch up with the dogs to get a better look, and then the bloke paused for a dog to do you know what. I have seen one person walking five dogs, but I have never seen four dogs of the same breed being walked.

    River, as a previous sufferer of hayfever, I grew out of it at the age of forty, you have my sympathy. Adelaide being a little warmer than here, I expect your magnolias have finished their blooms. They don't last long.

    Kath, I agree, especially as the two varieties I mentioned are quite slow growing. Re you old place, do you think bulldozer?

  9. I've never seen a "four in hand".

    Amazing photo. World class.

  10. Rh, well move to the east, across the river from the scungy western burbs and you will see multiple dogs being walked by dog walkers employed by rich (I want to insert a really bad word here) people.

  11. A rough old dear called Dot living a few houses away had a big black dog called Bonzo. It had its own room at the front and when anyone walked past it would thrust its head through the tattered curtain and bark like mad. It was a fierce boy. Every week Dot and her hubby would drive the dog around the block, then walk it up the street and back. Always in that order. Dots daughter wanted Dot to sell up in Newport and buy a new house close to where she herself was living. I asked her why she didn't do it and she said Bonzo would wreck the place.

  12. In spite of apparent failings, people get so very attached to their pets.

  13. a hospital worker?

  14. Dunno Fen, but clearly you know something.