Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Your rioting pussys

Hey girls, nudge nudge.

I know a bit more about Russia than your average world punter, possibly less than many of my readers. Due to the pussy riots in Russia, now the whole world who knows little of Russia,  thinks Russia very bad. Pussy Riot good. Putin, the Russian bloke who likes to show off his muscular but aged body, bad. The world is pretty well disgusted with Russian government.

Kremlin media machine, fail.


  1. Now why does an exhibitionist with a name like Put-in have a problem with pussy. Is that the question? To be honest I've largely ignored it all... and once I heard Madonna's name mixed up in it all that sealed the deal. [There's a lot to admire about la madonna, but lately I think she's gone a bit loopy. Or desperate or something].

    As for who knows the most about the Russians, this is not a competition. We all know something, just different stuff. For example, I know for a fact [because a nun told me] that the kingdom of god will prevail against the gates of hell, which is proof that Russia is evil and Catholics are good.

    Not one nun ever said to me "Pussy is bad".

  2. FC, about ten years ago my young (then) Sydney gay boi friend called Madonna, 'that old scrag'. I don't thing she has cred now. In my teen years my 'girlfriend' told me the nuns told her not to talk to boys through the cyclone wire fence or she would become pregnant. Becoming pregnant through a cyclone fence rather excited me at the time.

  3. No cyclone fence will ever look the same again, I promise you.

  4. Putin is as big a monster as Sadam, as Bush...the girls were very brave...wish they had done it in red Square ...but if the Churches are in with Putin then maybe they needed to do it there

  5. MC, while Russia pretends it is advanced and Western, Putin is no better that as you say.