Tuesday, August 21, 2012


I was travelling past a park. Some white blobs in the park attracted my attention. They looked like cockatoos from a distance, grazing on grass seed. But then I noticed about a dozen geese wandering towards the cockies. They were white too, but with fawn markings. I was in a vehicle, so I could not stop to take a closer look. A gaggle of geese is not so common in the inner suburbs.

The next day I started to tell R about the sighting and I stopped midway. Which park? What kind of vehicle was I in? What was the time? Cockies only eat on the ground in open land, not under trees. The shade made it hard to spot the geese initially.

I kept running the previous day's happenings through my mind. Why can't I remember the detail?

This is how I remember the goose looking although I can't remember the black head and there was somewhat less fawn. This is a Canadian goose.

I'm thinking I dreamt it. If that is so, it the most vivid dream I have had since I was a  child. I could even describe the geese in detail. Meanwhile, I will still run it through my head to see if I can remember. I'll republish this if I do remember.

Update: I've remembered now. It was Caulfield Park.


  1. You haven't been smoking wacky tobaccy have you?
    Just dreamed it then.

  2. Hehe River. My father used to call it Mary Jane or whacky baccy.

  3. If you had seen them advertised in the Trading Post I might tell you you were dreaming...

  4. Hello Andrew:
    Perhaps you should have remained silent about the geese. Too many questions to be answered!

    We leave for some days in Venice tomorrow. We trust that is so, and not a dream!!

    Most interesting about all those German settlers - thank you.

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  6. FC, have you been looking at livestock ads again?

    Venice JayLa? Do take your galoshes. I believe it can be a little wet underfoot there. Hmmm, now it not the time for that carnival is it? Btw, I have been writing a post today with a specific reference to Budapest. I shall hold it over until you return.

  7. Pilchard suggests they MAY be greylag geese - these are apparently the most common in parks & gardens.

    Canada geese are rare vagrants - if they WERE CGs, every keen birdo in OZ will be racing to Melbourne to add them to their 'lifer' list.

    This is why such folk are often called 'bird nerds'!!!

    Here's a link to a couple of images - note there are different forms & colours!

  8. I'm glad I'm not the only one who gets confused about whether something actually happened in the real world or in my dreams!

  9. I think that maybe you crossed the line into a sort of time warp where you see strange and wonderful creatures but if you manage to pull yourself back, the reality of it all becomes blurred around the edges causing a confused state of mind!! Possible oui?

  10. Hello Andrew [again]:
    Re: Budapest post. Please do wait until our return at some time on Monday, 27th. We should hate to miss it.

  11. Thanks Red. The greylag don't match my memory perfectly but I suspect that is what they were. They seemed pretty tame.

    Jayne, normally I am pretty clear about such things. I guess I suspected it was a dream because I had forgotten where I had been.

    Not now Grace. I have it clear now.

    I shall wait JayLa.

  12. Hi. Brush turkeys strolled among the tourists at Mossman Gorge. As a bit of a traveller yourself you may like to visit there sometime. Mind you, my consort who swam in its crystal-clear waters twenty years ago was shocked to find it handed over to aboriginals who run a restaurant/souvenir/art gallery building nearby from where they operate shuttles to the Gorge along a two kilometre track. Upon discovering the shuttle drivers were abos too she was totally flattened.
    But there is always a positive to be found. "Well," she said, "it keeps them off the booze."

  13. Those brush turkeys are rude, no class, one of them followed me around and wouldn't go away.
    The rainforest there is traditional home of the Kuku Yulanji people. My consort says Kuku is pronounced "Cuckoo". I wonder if she's right (or is she having a joke?).

  14. Fireworks display on our last night in Cairns.

    OH how I love it!- Fireworks!

    Thunder. Lightning. Destruction!

  15. RH, I don't think I've ever seen a brush turkey. Turn back the clock thirty years and you might have heard such an expression about the Kuku. They are fine as guides in the NT. I am over fireworks. I've seen too many.

  16. The only water birds I see are swans at Albert Park Lake. Big buggers they are too! I always look out for Cape Barren Geese, they're a good looking bird.

  17. Fen, I don't know if the APL swans bite or anything, but so far I haven't been. They are intimidating up close.