Saturday, August 11, 2012

We are the Laser Sailing champions of the world

No idea what laser sailing is though.

Contrary to expectations, London's public transport system has not collapsed under the weight of the Olympic attendees. I never thought it would. A lot of money and effort was expended in advance to ensure that it functioned well, and so far no disasters. The dire warnings even spooked local Londoners who know about transport there. Smugly from afar I can say, I told you it would be ok on the night.

I have been slightly bemused by two American media outlets pressing the point that London's public transport rail system is very old and often breaks down, but Londoners are used to that. Perhaps these are media outlets who like Mitt Romney and what he said about the risk of the having the Olympics in London.

While returning from the City on the tram the other day, I absently mindedly flicked through some apps on my phone. I read a bit of BBC news and a bit from The Guardian.  Oh look, my London Tube Map app. Lordy, Pants lived here and the next station is Stratford, the station to get to the principal Olympic venues, via a shopping centre. Somehow I am guessing the Javelin to the Olympics does not stop at Hackney Wick. Poor Pants would have probably had to catch a train into St Pancreas and then the Javelin back past her place to get to the Olympics. She was smart to sell up the palatial Pant's Palace when she did and move back to Australia, no matter what a cultural backwater it is.

I can't say I am paying much attention to the Olympics, except for the colour and movement in London itself. Apparently our Channel Nine coverage is full of ads, appalling and very jingoistic. What a surprise. Naughty people have been getting around BBC geo blocking to receive their superior converage.

I have never heard our ABC sports broadcaster Gerard Whateley call a sporting event, but I have often heard him talking about sports on the wireless and I liked him. But after hearing him commentate an Olympic sporting event, maybe swimming, I no longer like him. He called it like an over the top mega important horse race. He was almost hysterical. And Australia lost! God knows what he would have been like if we won.

Fastest sprinter in world Usain Bolt ran 100 metres in just less than ten seconds. If he could keep that up, slightly struggling to adapt metric to a sixty minute clock, that would be one minute and forty seconds per kilometre. Wow, that is faster than my trip home from work along Dandenong Road. But then an Australian lass Sally Pearson won a hurdle race of 100 metres in about twelve seconds. Two seconds longer and she had to jump over hurdles. Try that Bolt.

The  next games are in Rio de Janeiro. I wonder where they will be after that. Please not Melbourne. We've had our turn. The games weren't quite the size they are now.

A scan of my 1956 UBD Street Directory reprint.


  1. Those Lasers look to be little more than Dinghies, but high tech no doubt.

  2. Colin7:52 am

    I couldn't agree more with you on the appalling Ch. 9 coverage and the woeful team that has been sent across - Eddie McGuire and Steve (?), the news presenter with the constant cheesy facade! I refuse to watch Ch 9 news because of his smartie antics! Hopeless!!
    At the present rate, they will make the 1996 " Coca Cola" - oops, Atlanta CNN coverage look brilliant.
    The Yachties are doing very well, another Gold overnight in the 470 dinghy class.
    Two male athletic sprinters are not endearing themselves with their constant whinging. If they were not good enough for individual selection, then that's that. Josh Ross being the latest to let fly.
    Just to be selected to be an Olympian is a privilege, pity some of them can't appreciate that.
    Should be an interesting exercise when team Susie O'Neil and Co. have their analysis of it all in the coming months.

  3. Sorry I didn't know good ole cheese face's name - it is Karl Stefanovic!

  4. Miz Panz is Carmen Miranda up in Gippsland, without the fruit, although sometimes she drags him along too. The hillbillies there got a shock when she landed, they'd never seen culture before, not even in yogurt. Maybe she should drop in on my sister Mad Lynette, call by the tin shed. Lots of giggling going on in there, she's a prospect for The Way of the (fucking Pear.

  5. The fastest sprinter ran 100 metres in just under ten seconds? I came pretty close to that myself one day last week. I turned the corner out of Norwood Mall to see my bus just pulling up to the stop, so I madly dodged people and ran for it. Made it too. Paid for it the next day with aching joints, but what the heck, I was desperate to get home and be away from people. It had been one of those days...

  6. You have seen them Victor. More than I have.

    Colin, it sounds like there might be some very cosseted and spoilt brats representing us. I haven't watched any coverage apart from what is on the news, but I know how commercial tv does things and I am sure it bad. Was Karl the one who turned up drunk on a morning tv programme?

    RH, wherever Pants is, I am sure she not shocking anyone and has blended in nicely.

    River, I have a rule. Never run for public transport, and I haven't. But I moved quickly at times. I envy smokers if I just miss something. At least they have a consolation prize as they can have a ciggie while they wait for the next one.

  7. I can't tolerate hysterical jingoism in the commentary either. Apart from anything else, 26% of Melbournians were born outside the country and will be excited by at least two nations' success.

    My family comes from Russia, I was born in Australia, Joe in Czechoslovakia, the boys in Britain, and most of the family lives in Israel.

  8. Colin6:32 am

    Probably Stefanovic did - the toothpaste was laced with scotch! And the gargle water was gin!
    One would never know with Mr. Cheesey-face.

  9. Hels, I think our coverage needs to be taken out of the hands of commercial interests and the ABC or SBS funded to cover it. You are a very cosmopolitan family. It is a couple of generations since there was any exotica in mine.

    Colin, advice if you don't like a presenter is switch off. But how can you if you want to see the sport.

  10. Miz Panz is a ball of culture. Promoting the arts among those yokels could get her The Way of the Pitchfork: tarred, feathered, and run out of town.

  11. Gippsland Gothic.

  12. Hi Andrew

    No wonder my poor old ears were burning.

    Don't worry - I would have walked across the water to the Olympic stadium.



  13. Pants, I just said to R today, you came back here when the exchange rate was much more favourable than it is now. You won in many ways. Smart.

  14. I've hardly watched any coverage, it made me feel like I had ADHD with all that chopping and changing and break for ads. Not to mention EddiefuckingMcGuire. Yuk.


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