Friday, August 10, 2012

The pedos are among us

I am not even going to attempt to spell the word. Correctly spelt, doesn't it have one of those merged o's and e's?

I should be distressed about all those abused children who ended up as nothing more than sexually gratifying computer images for sickos to look at. Instead, I feel sorry for admitted viewer of kiddie porn, Andy Muirhead. No, I am not really sorry, but just terribly sad. I liked him on tv. R liked him on tv and radio. I even showed R how he could listen to him via the computer on ABC Hobart radio when R started work. How could Andy have done this to us? I think R liked him for a bit more than just his voice. Terrible, just terrible.

The world is full of pedos. They are well disguised. They could even be sitting on a plane in the seat next to you.

Virgin Airlines thinks so apparently. Should you be a male travelling on your own and seated next to unaccompanied minors, you will be moved, lest you reach across and go the grope on one of the kiddies. To one chaps embarrassment and humiliation, he was moved.

How has society gone so wrong that all men are judged, by an airline at least, as potential pedos? 


  1. I'm the first to admit I can be judgmental when I speak my 'mind' but the truth is it is not our job to judge so much as to face reality and act to protect the innocent.

    I suspect Virgin and other businesses are protecting themselves rather than kiddies.

    As women have long known, the outcome of "he said/she said" court cases are more about who has the best lawyer or worst jury as they are about the truth.

    A very long time ago I was a young girl - neither ugly nor an Elle in the making. My work history was appalling as I never stayed in one job very long. When criticised for this I usually said nothing, for how could I explain the many times I left a job because I was being felt up by heterosexual non-pedo males? The bastards. And a pox on the wives who worked alongside their husbands and said/ did nothing.

    To assume all males are child molesters is as rude and unjustifiable as assuming all poofs are. And yes, the chap who was moved must have felt humiliated.

    What next... children under the age of consent being refused passage if there is no appropriate seating? Or males? Or whites [most likely of all to be serial murderers]? Maybe they should put kiddies with strangers instead of parents and then the kiddies would on balance be safer.

    It's all disproportionate bollocks. There should be Serco cameras above every seat.

    This will spread. Soon, large supermarket chains will have behaviour police in every aisle so feral frangers stop talking to their children like they are worthless crap. But hang on... maybe that would prevent more harm than anything else.

  2. Hello Andrew:
    If this really is a practice of Virgin Airlines, then they should be boycotted by the entire travelling public. It is appalling to apply these prejudices as 'policy'.

  3. I read that about Virgin as well.

    Good grief. That is a social policy with the same ethical validity as "all women who wear short skirts are asking to be raped". If I was the man who was asked to move away from the two children in the plane, I would have been mortally insulted.

  4. Who would have thought that of Muirhead? I still have trouble believing it. Collectors was my favourite show too.

  5. FC, of course Virgin are protecting themselves. They don't want any trouble, real or not. I really hope times have changed and young women don't get harassed like they used to. They are such vulnerable positions at times (Cafe Vamp in Hawthorn comes to mind). Good point about being safer with strangers than family. FC, I know you mean about the supermarket. I wonder if the kids can ever rise above their parents and become good citizens and have happy families.

    JayLa, I think things are changing as I type. The rule is being reviewed.

    Hels, quite right, or to paraphrase an Australian Mullah, pieces of meat for the taking.

    RH, it is interesting that he made a special point of apologising to people like us who struggle to reconcile his on screen persona with what he did. Doesn't make it better though.

  6. On a plane to America I had an aisle seat beside two young women, only wishing now and again that I could swap with the fat one for a turn at the window. When the lights dimmed and everyone settled a hostess came and moved me to seats in the centre row, most were vacant and I could stretch out. But first I looked back at the two women and they were watching me. It made me think that perhaps they'd arranged my relocation. Mind you, I'd said nothing to them, done nothing at all. But maybe that's what spooked them.

  7. I never thought of him as an on-screen persona, it was more like the real him. It's more than sad, i think it's tragic.

  8. When i first seen the virgin airline story on channel ten news my first thought was "where are the parents?", because it sounds to me like the airlines have become babysitters.

  9. What I would have found particularly objectionable if I was in that man's position was that the air steward who asked a woman to swap her seat with his is reported to have said 'he's not allowed to sit next to unaccompanied minors' without explaining this was a policy applying to all males.

    It would have been open to the woman and anyone else within hearing to assume the man was on the sexual offenders list or some such defamatory conclusion.

  10. It seems there's a lot of this "better safe than sorry" stuff going on.

  11. RH, I suspect the lasses were good judges of character :-P Anyway, plenty of room for you then.

    Windsmoke, apparently you are allowed to send unaccompanied minors on flights, but each airline has a different age limit.

    Victor, the matter is normally sorted out discreetly without anyone knowing at check in. The system obviously failed that time, and I agree, some would reach that conclusion, or that he had done something and had to be moved. It really is disgusting.

    River, like there is duty of care, there is dignity of risk. Authorities seem to have forgotten this.

  12. They were. They felt the vibes.

  13. Virgin did it, Qantas has done it, plenty of airlines do it. I think it was the way the whole thing was handled, which that it was not subtle.

    Anyway, I was sad about Muirhead, still am I guess.

  14. I think they all do one way or t'other Fen. But discretion is needed and I still don't think there is any justification for it. Muirhead will get a short sentence and have to reinvent himself. I too am still sad about the business.


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