Monday, August 06, 2012

Stop Now!!!

Our Prime Minister possibly does need a stylist.

She may well be barren.

She could be childless and one dimensional.

Looks like a weakling.

Never succumbed to the demands of child rearing, teenagers, and wait for it, servicing the needs of her husband.

Bob Brown's Bitch.

Burn the Witch.

Put her into a chaff bag and throw her into the sea?

Big arsed.

Needs kicking to death.

An old cow.

A liar.

A 'ranger.

A frump.

I can never remember any other Australian Prime Minister receiving so many vicious insults. It is appalling.  Whatever one's political views, no politician should receive treatment like that. Most of those insults did not come from disgruntled voters, but professional public speakers and the media.

I have come to admire Gillard because of the way she ignores the insults and just goes right on doing her job as she sees best, whether you agree with what she is doing or not.

If you insult the Prime Minister of Australia, you are insulting the office of Prime Minister and it follows, Australia itself.


  1. Who called Howard The Rodent? Constantly. People like you. Who insulted their country then?

    Who insulted George W: and the whole of America?

    When it comes to being savage, no crowd beats the genteel. For poison and diatribe, study the latte set.

    You need a strong gut to be a prime minister, Gillard is as unattractive as she looks.

    Fuck australia, it's a flea, if you're proud, wear a flag.

  2. I agree that Julia is admirably tough - Thatcher tough. I also agree that some of the comments made about her bear no relevance to her performance or character. I have to agree because I sometimes make them myself.

    A politician wearing trackies and mokkies to work would be a no-no and disrespectful of Australians, and I believe Julia's dress is more than appropriate. She's not a frump.

    On the other hand, in an effort to mould a favourable public persona some politicians in the higher echelons of government go too far trying to meet their 15 seconds of air-time quota.

    Margaret Thatcher worked with a voice coach to lower her voice an octave - the lower the voice the more seriously it's taken, apparently. The way she spoke sounded false and forced. Where is the line between trying to improve oneself, and downright duplicity?

    I don't doubt our Prime Minister's accent comes naturally to her today, but I believe at some point she made a conscious decision to speak the way she does, and it's an insult. False eyelashes look un-Australian and contradict the accent.

    I'm also sick to death of seeing male politicians emerging from the ocean in budgie smugglers. If they had an ounce of respect for voters they would at least make sure they have a towel handy. Respect is a two-way street.

    Is it disrespectful to refer to Julia as Julia rather than Prime Minister? It depends on the context.

    Where is the line between satire and viciousness? Is there something threatening about a ditty like "The Balls of Bob Menzies"? Was Max Gillies wrong to send up "Little Johnny Howard"?

    Maybe the real tragedy is the shortage of [successful] material about Julia hinting at any kind of warmth or human foible.
    Nothing is funny if it does not contain a seed of truth, and I wonder if anyone knows enough of the real Julia to come up with something affectionate. That might be sad - at least as sad as Tony.

    Servicing the needs of a husband?! Should be on the receiving end of violence? No. From media professionals this is assault.

  3. They're all frauds. Tricksters. Gillard is no more Labor than Abbott.
    She looks like an emu and that's unfortunate, she's also the snitch I remember from schooldays, picked on as a swot, dobber, teacher's pet.
    This is a very serious woman, top shelf lawyer, coached to laugh but when she does it's eerie.

  4. She's against gay marriage, you can blame her upbringing for that one boyo, living de facto ain't half as bad.

  5. FC, I hadn't noticed the eyelashes. Her voice is just odd. Broad Australian perhaps, but different. I have no problem with satire. Satire comes from satirists, not abusers. I agree about the context for calling her Julia, but in most situations, surely Prime Minister initially, then Ms Gillard. Whether true or not, it said in person she is quite warm and affectionate. Well, you nor I will probably never been invited to her dinner table, so we will never no. I think the husband things came from Albrechtsen.

  6. RH, I don't recall calling Howard a rodent.

  7. ' I think the husband things came from Albrechtsen.'

    ... who is currently Michael Kroger's latest squeeze, so are we surprised?

  8. Had to google Albrechtsen. If that's the sort of muck they print, no wonder I haven't looked at the Australian in years.

  9. The standard of political debate and behaviour in Australia is low across the entire spectrum. Listening to Question Time in Parliament is a sickening experience.

  10. Question Time takes me back to the days of Punch and Judy shows of my childhood. Ugly biffo puppet theatre.

  11. Andrew, you are a "Howard the rodent" subscriber. Admit it.
    By the way, an iconic latte cafe has closed down in Yarraville. Wooh!- what a tragedy! It is now an estate agency. How's that for irony, they're the sorcerors behind it all.

  12. Colin6:59 pm

    Holy Hell, Andrew - you have opened up a can of worms!
    Like putting the cat in the pigeon loft or the fox in the chook house!
    So for my one cents worth, Gillard is not worth two cents.
    1.She has blood on her hands – the assassination of Rudd, and helped
    by a certain Nambour schoolboy called Wayne “Goose” Swan.
    2.She has the most incompetent arse lickers as her ministers.
    3.She has a Ludwig, the son of the Union heavyweight here in Qld,
    as Minister for Agriculture! The idiot wouldn’t know the difference of a cow and a bull. He goes to Jarkarta to “sort out” the ABC TV report on the slaughter of the cattle and says in a 5 star Jakarta hotel. Never gets anywhere
    near an abattoir!!! Ask this to the rural cattle people!
    4.She refuses to re-open Nauru as a processing place. She says Malayasia.
    Malayasia is not a signatory to the UN Humans rights convention.
    5. She gets rid of an excellent Speaker, Jenkins, and replaces him with “Slippery Pete” -well we all know what it is now on here.
    6.She retains Craig Thompson to keep the numbers up – has she no morals?
    Thompson should be behind bars. Maybe that still might happen.
    7. She retains “ Midnight Oil” as a Minister, he could be slotted in as Minister for Bloody Complete Incompetence.
    8. She is bloody hopeless, makes even poor old Billy McMahon look brilliant, thanks be to Sonia and that dress at the White House function for some sort of redemption from total ridicule!
    9. As to the next elections, I hope both present leaders are changed. The‘ Mad Monk’ and the Rottweiller with beehived hair, flowered lapel and heaps of red lipstick are even more frightening !
    10. I agree to watch the ABC coverage of Question Time is like watching an unruly kindergarten class.
    That done in 10 is a GOLD medal
    for me! Gotta get them somehow, eh?

  13. Ah LS, the former Mr Peacock.

    FC, I am not sure where she wrote it. It may not have been in The Australian, but your point stands.

    Very poor to my mind Victor, but where is it better? England doesn't seem to provide a good example.

    LS, perhaps we should put her and Mr Rabbit into a boxing ring. He might be stronger, but she would know where he is vulnerable.

    RH, Howard was a very poor Prime Minister in most ways I can think of. Getting rid of guns and the Alice to Darwin train are the only good things I can think of that he did. Otherwise, it was all for big business.

    Colin, I agree with some of your points, especially about Ludwig. If your issues with Garrett are because of the insulation debacle, I don't believe he was at fault so much as Rudd was for pushing to get the money out there.

  14. These words were said by professional public speakers and the media?
    Shame on them, stirring up trouble this way. Insults are a very low form of communication.
    I remember well what my mum said, "if you can't say something nice, then don't say anything at all".
    I try to live by this rule, but I admit I sometimes fail.

  15. I'm no fan of our current Prime Minister but would certainly never stoop to insult her private life or appearance.

    It is utterly sad and disgusting that such demeaning insults are constantly flung at her. Criticise the decisions and the policies for sure, but not her as a human. As you said earlier, Andrew, unless we're invited to have dinner at her place, we don't know her well enough to make a judgment.

    RH - I think John Howard was/is a rodent!

  16. Two were from a public protest River, but the rest, yes. I too try to follow that same 'if you can't say anything nice..' rule. People are entitled to their views, even if they are completely wrong.

  17. Kath, I can't help but think if she was a bloke, she might still get insulted, but it would be much less personal. Dunno why I am defending her. Anyone cunning enough to become PM of Aus doesn't need sympathy.

  18. I think Gillard is an amazing woman and fully deserves her role as one of the most successful prime ministers in modern years. The language from men is disgraceful and is only tolerated because the target has been marginalised (female, black, gay or Jewish).

    I disagree with her stance on gay marriage. But hopefully Labour supporters can afford to disagree with her position on one policy issue without bringing down the entire Labour government.

  19. Andrew illegal migrants arriving are welcomed by big business. Howard stopped the boats.

    Successful Miss Hels? the electorate can't wait to vote her out.

    Miss River, take a tip from your most determined suitor: Saying nothing at all gets nowhere. If you can't say something nice say something insulting.
    Attention is always appreciated.

  20. Posturing aside, I was a bit stunned to see Howard described as a rodent and as it caught on I had to scratch my head thinking, "This is their prime minister they're talking about!" I guess I'd just never before known politics in Australia to be treated so personally. Maybe it was just an internet thing where any nutter gets a go (it's where I saw most of it) or maybe it was a deep frustration in this country expressed in terms that mainstream media would never accomodate?
    I don't think it's a step forward, even for a meek nation like this, and when I see that most of the dirt comes from educated people who you'd reckon would have a bit of imagination it's a depressing reminder that creativity among us has not improved one bit in my entire lifetime. I'd never align myself with articulate people who'd call their prime minister a rodent or a witch, and wouldn't even want to know them.

  21. Hels, that is the fine line isn't it. Do you go against your party over a single issue? Rather depends on what it is, and I for one would not want to see her gov brought down over that issue.

    RH, they are not illegal migrants. There is nothing illegal about seeking refuge. You are correct though. All migrants are welcomed by big business. I think Gillard's government has been quite progressive in many areas and history will judge. I am pleased with your fuller explanation above.

  22. Well said. Hear! Hear!

  23. Thanks Adam. I heard another yesterday that compared her to a cane toad.

  24. Anonymous9:22 pm

    I think you will find it was Howard's own party (specifically, George Brandis) who was first pinged for calling Howard the rodent (he denied lying rodent) and apparently it was a Liberal party nickname which went back years - referring in a backhanded way to Howard's tenacity.

    The coupling with "lying" emerged in the context of Children Overboard. I would say that JH ("honest John") was an expert at avoiding lies according to the letter but you had to pay attention to the fine print to avoid being misled. Remember, he constantly said hadn't decided to go into Iraq until right up to the moment we did. Remember that? But does anyone doubt that the message he gave George Bush from the start was more akin to "we're going in with you unless at the last minute we decide not to"?

    As a term of insult it is in any event on a different level to witch/bitch remarks directed at Gillard - for one thing, there is no sexual element. She really has copped it including from people such as Alan Jones who should be under a professional obligation to be politer than that.

  25. Marcellous, I had forgotten about Brandis. It is how I remember it too now. I am not so sure about Howard being an expert at avoiding actual lies, if you remember 'core promises' and 'non core promises'. It is depressing to remember times back then, especially Iraq, Bush and his 'deputy sheriff in the Pacific'. Yes, protests are one thing, but professional media people need to behave much better.


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